What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Queen Scream’s second attempt to unlock OP5 failed at the Black Queens- I had lured them back to the double Scorches area but was running low on pistol ammo for the DPUH so I went with the Infinity instead- killed the first BQ but lost track of the second one, which came up from behind and sent her into FFL. DT was dealing with a BQ spawn in the other area so no help from him. Oh well- think I’ll stop in Frostburn Canyon to pick up a Lascaux, as more variety in weapons might come in handy here :grinning:… As for the BAR discussion, I stopped at 25% but have 693 tokens should I ever decide to use them…


Took Torgue Gaige through most of level 68. Did Lair of Infinite Agony and Dragon Keep. Close Enough with full Anarchy and an inaccurate Torgue shotgun is sweet in those Lair tunnels. Poor skeletons didn’t know what hit 'em. With Claws is a neat skill for those damn Crystal Skeletons too.

Lost all my stacks to some Mages at the foot of Dragon Keep (DT hectoring the dragons didn’t help). Does anyone else get crashes and poor frame rates about there? Made things super difficult. The only worse map for crashes is Opportunity for me.

Finished off the Sorcerers (that was one of the hardest fights ever when I first did the DLC) and then took her through the Thousand Cuts initiation. DT excelled himself by knocking a loot midget into the crevasse :angry:

Definitely liking Torgue with her, though I’m also itching to do a Maliwan allegiance too…

Yeah, I stopped at 20%, after discussion with you and Adabiviak I seem to recall. Don’t want things to get too easy, but I like a bit of reload speed!


Took my Zer0 from Tundra Express (via Boll; Explosive Fastball!, Lee; nada, Rats; Homing Storm Front) and rushed through the area as I generally don’t enjoy it!

Wilhelm screamed with ease but I got the killing blow as a surveyor knocked me into FFYL and decided to run away like normal. Went and plugged in a power core and floated a city into the sky. Lots of dying to bots trying to cross the river because EXPloaders are dicks. The thresher gave me some trouble but fell fairly quickly.

Finally went to Overlook and boy was that a lot of trouble! Still lacking a good tool for slagging whilst in Deception so lots of dying and cursing out the Constructor. Got there in the end though and now ready to run the WEP! :smiley:


Nope, super-smooth on XB1 :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have your PC set to a specific frame rate? Tweaking your settings a bit might help, since there’s a LOT going on as you work up that map - and way more at the top. Lots of the enemies spam attacks with heavy visual effects, so that might be what’s doing it.

Not had any crashes for a long time but since turning on the FPS counter via Steam I’ve noticed I do get regular dips down to 30 in busy scenes but it never seems to cause me any trouble. Maybe I can blame that for more bad melee performance? :stuck_out_tongue:

(running a 970GTX @ 2560*1440/60hz/high everything expect Physx)

Hot tip for the Extraction Plant some may already know:

Take the waterway all the way to the ladder next to the bridge and haul it as soon as you climb the ladder to skip having it trap you on the other side. Make a bee line to the far right to get out of the line of sight of the constructor and hunker down. You’ll have an exploder on your trail and a missile barrage to take cover from behind the crate stacks. If you’re super frisky just run right past the constructor instead of heading due right so you can trigger the new you station and then take cover to take the constructor out our just move on to the thresher fight. I do this will all my vault hunters now. Such a needless bit of tedium.

As far as DLC lately I have skipped it all on NVHM and done all the non-timed missions using the endowment as my relic from the moment I get it and finished PT1 level 33-34, farming the dust once a play session after The Good, The Bad… Is unlocked.


Very quick session last night using my updated patch set, decided to try out the Flayer (Thanks to the UCP porting it!) on Maya, did a quick run through the Bloodshot Stronghold. Man that gun is amazingly fun. Even though I tend to spam it quite a bit I never ran out of ammo the whole way through. Went down quite a few times, but got back up pretty easily. Love that gun :smiley:

Did one run in Scylla’s Grove to see if I could get OOO, 4 badass savages but no OOO. :confused: Better luck next time. (5% is way better than 1%, but still not guaranteed. Vermi is 7.5% in 1-player, 12% in 4-player, so maybe 8% or 10% would work best for OOO. Not sure, requires more playtesting than I have time for right now.)

I haven’t had very much time to play recently so it was great to have a nice short session just blowing stuff up :slight_smile:


Got to level 23 with Sal (OMG I hate the Heart Breaker + Slag Rubi/DPUH). Found a few legendaries at the WEP from the midgets. Nice. Learnt a valuable lesson… Buff Money Shot.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:6396, topic:580674”]Does your Jakobs Zer0 use the Rough Rider?[/quote]Very rarely… he’s usually wearing a Neogenator or Blockade, although I haven’t tried it since he got extra points in Innervate with the Community Patch. That might be the key to making it comfortably tanky enough for me. I do believe I’ll go play with that now.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:6414, topic:580674”]Does anyone else get crashes and poor frame rates about there? Made things super difficult.[/quote]I’ll have to check… I’m not sure that’s come up on the die since I got my new system, but I don’t remember slowdowns there.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:6414, topic:580674”]The only worse map for crashes is Opportunity for me.
[/quote]This map has a positive crash point… I’m not sure what the trigger is, so I make it a point to save often (I just disable/re-enable my BAR for a quick cheap save). Ever notice the random floating bits of building material? Sometimes I think that map wasn’t polished off entirely.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:6414, topic:580674”]Definitely liking Torgue with her, though I’m also itching to do a Maliwan allegiance too…[/quote]That Legendary Catalyst COM, the Little Big Trouble tree, her poor excuse for health regeneration (mitigated by Maliwan’s large set of Moxxi gear), and their wonderfully lethal shields combined with Gaige’s shield skills make this one of my favorite characters.

edit - yeah, even with Innervate able to basically regenerate all my health in a full Decepti0n (with an OP8 Rough Rider and a health bonus from the Slayer of Terramorphous COM), even the dinkiest shots from whatever weak little white-rarity Tediore SMG they were shooting at me would still decimate my health. Not that this shouldn’t be the case (these are the OP levels of UVHM here), but I’m still not comfortable wearing that shield unless I’m not in danger of coming under any fire.

Levelling my salvador to 72 (currently 67) by alternating doing bar room brawl, tinder snowflakes, bunker, running the forest, tubby and saturn farming in arid nexus badlands and loot midgets in doctors orders side mission. Then plan on going to op8 once i reached 72. afterwards will complete the side missions i save for farming quest rewards.


Hmm, I’m fairly confident this is a map rather than a settings or equipment issue (at least for me); I rarely get crashes other than here or Opportunity. I don’t actually pay much attention to framerate, but it can drop spectacularly at the base of Dragon Keep. It doesn’t always crash, but other weird stuff has happened too, like problems with coop, and that weird time all the skeletons I killed stood stock still:

A little eerie. Anyway it’s close to a save point so I rarely lose much. By the time I get up to the altar it’s usually good.

It has multiple places for me. I twitch save continuously, I’ve lost so much progress on that map!

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Farmed a few more seraph crystals with Reverend Pain and found a Krieg mule, MILK DUDZ, that had A Train to Catch open. Finished that off and made it to Overlook with him and ended the night there…


Took my Maya’s OP8 playthrough to Overlook, where she Pimped everything Jack could throw at her. Now off to face the WEP, which I admit I’m a little bit nervous about. Maya’s the only character that blasted bird seems to trouble :cry:


Had a couple hours with solo Maya. Left off farming LLM. Did the run about 3 times, looking for a better shock bone. No deals, one leg bouncing Bonnie (sold it). Got bored with that and moved over to the forest for a bee farm. Spent an hour and a half dealing with that warlord orc ■■■■■■■■ and never got a better bee than I’m wearing and it’s level 71 and I’m at op1.

Question…did they nerf the bee drops in the forest? I remember getting 1-2 bee drops in one run. I also remember it being the quickest farm, now it’s taking a lot of time. Oh well, it is what it is.

Gonna run digi peak to reach op2 soon. Still not going to bring a Harold or grogg yet. Gonna hold off as long as I can. With the shock sandhawk, corrosive pimp, hellfire and hornet…it should go easy if I don’t loose my patience. I’m my own worse enemy I tell ya!!


Number of enemies x (elemental effects + particle effects) + loot on the ground + lots of objects clipping visuals = massive gpu strain. Not only do you have those enemies, but there’s atmospheric effects around the “base” of the map. That’s why I suggested tweaking your settings - less physx is usually more (!) There may be some other things you can turn down a bit that will ease up the load on your GPU enough to smooth things out.

Yes, sadly due to the penchant of loot to fall through the floor, I always have physx low.

I probably won’t bother tweaking game settings as it’s no problem to have them high elsewhere and it would be a shame to miss out on those beautiful Nvidia effects. Thanks though!

So, beat the blasted bird on my second attempt, using the Bee and an Anarchist pistol. Now off to Thousand Cuts to deliver a message to a certain stoney-faced individual.

I went into FFYL and there were no skags around to help me, unfortunately, just me and the overgrown parrot. So in an impotent rage I emptied the magazine of my Anarchist at Bloodwing before I died. Except I didn’t. To my surprise I got a Second Wind off BW, despite me not actually killing him yet. Does he give Second Winds just by hitting his crits?


I think you might get a second wind if you trigger a phase change? I’m also unsure if the health bar actually goes to zero before the script advances to the final stage, which ought to give you a second wind.

Love this :palm_tree:


It’s possible I’m wrong but I don’t think he did phase change. His health had around a quarter left and I still had to finish him off