What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

I took Bandit Sal through WEP to fight the “overgrown parrot” (lol), had no problems there.

Went to see our friends the Slabs. Initiation was pretty easy duel wielding a pair of Sledge’s Shotguns (1 fire, 1 non-element)

Made it to Opportunity and stopped for the night. Thinking I may try to find a better corrosive weapon or slag weapon or even a shock weapon before proceding.
(After typing that last part I realized that my inventory of Bandit weapons is Crap)


If you have Bandit weapons, by definition you have crap! :slight_smile:

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Outrageous! :stuck_out_tongue:
/Throws down gauntlet



love the old simpsons episodes, watchin season 4-18 up and down since a few months. that duel glove fits ^^


OK, the Slagga is pretty useful…

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Honestly, I’ve stopped taking fire weapons to the Peak- unless you plan on using the Hellfire for other areas…


I just found the place where Godfinger truly shines. Airborne enemies. They like to circle around at distances and shooting them down when they back up deals huge damage. Recently fought Piston’s Blimp with the gun, took less than 1 magazine to take care of that cheating bastard. The buzzards in the area aren’t a mess either, they took mostly 6 shots without slag.

Then I traveled to Tundra Express and holy crap, Vermi spawned! It took me 2 deaths but after that the buzzards helped me taking the heat and I started killing off the lesser Varkids. As I can stay from a distance I used my Godfinger to kill them off easy. After several minutes, it’s just me, 3 buzzards, and Vermi. Once again I pot shot the giant bug and got it to half health in no time. The problem is ammo. I lured it to Tiny Tina’s hideout where I can buy some ammo but I’m worried it would disappear. I decided to use other weapon types instead, and as the buzzards flew away, I took off a Goliath’s helmet and let him take the heat. Surprisingly he’s so tanky. When the bug got to 5% health left I started to shoot the Goliath but he was so close to the bug, Vermi always took the shot from me and got close to death. Worried, I took my shredifier out and hope I got the last hit. Nope, the Goliath took the kill and as they were facing a steep cliff, I’m pretty sure my precious Vermi drops has fallen off the map. Killed the Goliath. Nothing but 1000XP.


Ouch! Tundra Express is a dangerous place to evolve varkids… I’ve had several Ultimate Badasses hit by trains or just disappear after I died.

My last session, started a new Maliwan allegiance Gaige! Called her Liquid Lipstick. Now to level up…


Maliwan Mechromancer rolled the Dust and cleared out most of the map. Highlights include:

  • Successfully doing the Teen Wolf - like the movie, it’s cheesy but fun.

  • I heard Gaige say something I’ve never heard before (accelerating right in front of an enemy vehicle), “Your car sucks!”.

  • McNally dropped a Hammer Buster after a shock (and Electrical Burn) DoT kill from the Storm.

  • I got a Hit and Fun rank when I killed a Buzzard by launching into it off some rocks in a Bandit Technical.

  • I also killed a Buzzard with a shock Kiss of Death grenade. The Buzzard was slagged (and slightly damaged), but I really think you need to get it on the pilot for a kill - some shots only got it on the periphery of the Buzzard, and couldn’t finish it off.

  • Then I killed a Buzzard with a Pyrophobia shot: the first detonation in front of the Buzzard consumed Interspersed Outburst and slagged the target, at which point the actual rocket hit and finished it off. I also killed them with shots from the Storm and PBFG, but those are old news for me.

  • Playing King of the Hill in Goose’s Roost on one of the Buzzard containers.



This is some Die Hard 4 stuff right here.


Sorta related, but not really: I have a couple thousand hours on this game and my friend just told me the other day that R1 is an e-brake in vehicles.

None of my characters have ever got a kill by power-sliding over an enemy. lol


I love that one, and Krieg’s “INSURANCE FRAUD!!”

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Well now I’m just determined to get an on level bee! I can’t believe my rng luck the last 2 days. I must have farmed the treeants for over 2+ hours last night and not one bee shield dropped. No doubt in my mind Gearbox tighten this drop. When I was on ps3, I swear to you I would get 2 to drop in one play through. Also would get one on the first try.

Was getting agitated with the Duke of Orc so I moved over to Hunter Hellquist and he was just as stingy.

Then I took a quick run over to see Savage Lee. First visit, drops an intense Harold. Why can’t the bee drop that fast Dammit!! Ugh, hopefully back at It tonight.


Maya: “Moron”


I’ve been trudging Trey Manos through TVHM with so-so gear ( basically under-levelled purples ) until I finally finally finally got the Slap-Happy mission at level 47. Farmed Ol’ Slappy about 30 times to get, yes, dual Strikers.

Now I smell like a gentleman.


I gifted a level 72 Longbow zero fuse time Quasar to someone at their wits end with farming UBA’s in Tundra Express. When i joined the person was actually farming Tundra Express and I saw all the shiny’s all over the ground. put a smile on my face and made me feel much better about gifting such a rare and useful item. If I can see you put in work, I have no problems gifting items. all I do is farm anymore anyways. I need to off some of this gear to keep me going. lol


Re the Bee, I was doing a big data harvest on the exact drop rates (will get back to that, tonight actually) but it’s worth bearing in mind (if you didn’t know it already) the first Treant down from the fast travel, and the second one by the chest as you leave the Old Blacksmith’s Cottage, never drop it.


Took OP8 Maya to bludgeon BNK3R into submission, before going Where Angels Fear to Tread and gifting Jack a new Siren.

Then trundled off to Sawtooth Cauldron, where I think I stumbled on an LLM Convention. I had 7! Trouble was, it seems they’d been told to leave all their gear at home as not one of them gave me anything but cash and ammo :cry:

Did come across a Tubby Bandit, though, who dropped possibly the worst Leg Cat I’ve ever seen: 98% SMG damage and -39% SMG accuracy! Say what? I might keep it just to laugh at and cheer me up when I’m feeling down :stuck_out_tongue:

Hero’s Pass beckons!


What I usually do is spawn in immortal woods and enter the forest the back way. Then I stay in that area of the blood pool. Get 4-5 treeants there.

However, I did not know the others won’t drop it as you mentioned. Let me know what you come up with for drop rates. Right now I’m about 0-20 which is nuts compared to what I was use to.

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