What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Interesting. I usually go via the main entrance FT, through the first wave, and then over to the left (where the teenage treeant mission is). After that, I do the Orc lumber camp if I’m feeling up to it. I think we’d discussed before that the number of treeants does vary from run to run in the first couple of areas at least. I’m guessing that each Stumpy has some probability of being a treeant instead?


this is my approach as well. The first Treant that spawns I usually run pass cause it never drops a Bee shield. the two other Treants off to the left as you run down the path both can drop the Bee and have for me. Then I carry back down the main path and branch off to the right. 2 Treants spawn in this area, one of which never drops the Bee shield(the one by the chest).

And like VH mentioned, if i’m up for it, I’ll carry on down the path to the last area where 4 treants can spawn. 2 in the blood pool and 2 others that spawn where the orcs are. they come out right about when Duke of Orcs comes out. that guy is an S O B if there ever was one. lol so hard to kill in multiplayer. solo not as tough.


No, it doesn’t vary as far as I remember (the exact location of some of the treants does but there’s always the same number). The only exception is if you have the mission Critical Fail active, and if so the two Treants in the teenager area don’t spawn (presumably because of the boss fight there).


I concur for the most part. I have had a scenario where only 1 Treant spawned for me, but I think that I just didn’t hang out long enough. for whatever reason, it was lagging on spawning so I just carried on. if I had a bit more patience, I think it would have spawned eventually.

Yeah, some you have to kill Stumpies to get to as well. I’ve done a significant number of runs so far with no variation in numbers.

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Say no more Hatti, unless you want to of course. :wink:
I trust your Borderlands knowledge. :acmaffirmative:

I do the same with the only slight variation that after going over the small bridge after the first treant, I usually veer off to the right up the hill to where the fairy spawns. If I time it right I don’t even have to slow down and I’ve got myself an ally in the fight.

Took Queen Scream on a legendary farming run and got a Tactical Hornet from Knuckledragger, a L. Berserker form the loot train and a corrosive Skorry Lyudmila from Gettle (all items were on level). Finished off Overlook with MILK DUDZ and parked him at the beginning of WEP and called it a night…


Decided to farm the treants in the forest and got 4 Bees in 1 run


Oh your just busting my chops!


Indeed Tundra Express is kinda messy for varkids. But I like Caustic Caverns less lol


I have reached my Salvador to 72 yesterday. Have started running the peak and found out that i need 72 gears, mine have was like 67-68. So i run marcus dlc for some jacobs shotgun and better adaptive shield. Then i have found a Deadly Bloom (blue rarity red text in the chest). Not the one that i need but ill take it. Will farm some more for then run op1 to op8.


Queen Scream is now OP5 :grin: Started with 186 stacks and finished with 300. Conserved ammo by going full LBT and using my level 72 shock Redundant Fibber against the twin Scorches and Black Queens- very efficient while dealing large chunks of damage. Used the drain pipe to hide behind during the turrets/Assassins fight while waiting for DT to recharge.

The last few areas made good use of the recently acquired Longbow Storm Front and the corrosive Social Plasma Castor I had stashed on a mule. Only went into FFL twice- once against an ultimate badass loader in the area after the Assassins and again in the next area against an ultimate slag skag. In the final area the Social Plasma Castor killed the enemy spawns so fast I was surprised when I heard Doc Tannis give me her congratulatory speech :smile: Will take a look at the mules to see what’s available and then gear up for OP6…


Had a quick run as Zer0 whilst waiting for a friend and hit up The Good, The Bad and The Mordecai mission. Since I was short on time I did it in much more of a speedrun fashion which was crazy fun!

Grabbed the echo from the Buzzard camp and dropped my hologram and legged it. Used Deception, corrosive fastballs and abusing execute to cover lots of ground in the Friendship Gulag and got out of there with barely a scratch.

The fight with Gettle and Mobley didn’t go so well as I kept missing with my grenades! Even though they downed me they were both kind enough to do melee attacks in my face and of course Rapier in hand means they died in short order! :smiley:


Decided to try and get a Bee from the radio-dude as farming the treants in the forest is too easy, and this happened :stuck_out_tongue: made me lol


Had very little time last night, so I continued with the bee farm. Well holy moley, finally after the 18th run (that’s a conservative #) I had 2 bee’s fall! They both sucked for capacity but was better in amp damage. Think I’ll be done with the bee farm for now. Next chance I get I’m gonna hit digi peak to get to op2. I’m all set for sure…I have:
On level bee
Sandhawk (shock version)
Pimp (corrosive, barking)
Harold (intense)
My 4th weapon will be a mix of…

I have on level leg siren mod and for the relics I’m a bit torn. I was looking at a max health + smg ammo + sniper ammo for the run or mix between shock bone or corrosive bone. Maybe all 3.

Plenty enough to get me to op4 I figure. Now I need to learn to be patient and a bit more proactive and should be a cake walk.


Haha…awesome! I did him a few times too…lol

I got lucky last night after you posted you found 4 . however, I didn’t like the capacity of them. I did keep one, it was 25k less in cap, but over 200k amp damage. Oh yea, 2 seconds faster on delay.

Shouldn’t that be _anti-_Social Plasma Castor? :grin:


I would definitely recommend the hornet for your fourth slot.
I used hornets to get to OP8 probably more than the harold.


I could stand to be corrected here but I’m not sure the Hellfire is best for the peak: unless I’m much mistaken - which is more likely than not - the flesh enemies aren’t actually flesh, but digistructed, so Corrosive is better against them. In which case I’d o for the Hornet, which is great against e.g. the Spider tanks etc.

Can anyone confirm?