What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

After a nice steak dinner, MayaHelpYou went back out on the TVHM road. She powered up a rundown motel, then scavenged parts for a rad vehicle. She then fought her way into a mighty fortress. Satisfied, she took a step back into NVHM and took revenge on the Warrior for… Well, I’m not sure what exactly, but apparently it was bad enough to warrant killing the beast multiple times and taking the eridium back to trade on the black market.

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Yes: to prevent unaware enemies from spotting you when you snipe them, here’s what I do:

  • Get to a good hiding spot… I prefer rooftops :blserious:
  • Toss the slag Transfusion grenade far enough away from your target where the direct grenade explosion won’t hit him, but the child grenades will choose him as the nearest.
  • Before the child grenades hit him, throw Decepti0n where the enemies can’t see your hologram, including straight into walls. Some walls work for this; some don’t (and sometimes it doesn’t matter). If you’re invisible when the child grenades slag the target (and the main grenade explosion does not hit him), nobody will notice.
  • Draw down on him, and kill him in one shot out of Decepti0n. If it’s not a one-shot kill, everyone will wake up.
  • Rinse and repeat until you’re out of grenades.

The long fuse time gives you more time to get your affairs in order for the shot. I actually prefer the zero fuse longbow delivery grenade I have, but the timing is much tighter: immediately after throwing it, I need to get into Decepti0n. The long fuse takes the edge off in case you need to be in a different position for the shot than the grenade toss.

Failing that, it’s the most reliable slag grenade that I know of: I have a 4x Magic Missile that’s not as reliable as the slag Transfusion (plus you get health back, plus the child grenades don’t fart around getting to the target).


Two Q’s if i may…

1, I asked you (and everyone in a roundabout way) in my post a couple of days ago if they had tried that kind playthrough before, and was interested in your take on it as know body answered you either…( am i missing something?)

2, I’ve noticed your a bit of a Bandit aficionado and was wondering if you knew what sort of RL’s the Goliath Blaster is wielding in that pic, as my son thinks they’re Badaboom’s but i’m not sure myself.

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Maya started out farming for a better Maggie and she finally settled for a bandit grip and boss prefix

Decided that instead of dashfarming for sandhawks I’d go test my current ones out to see if I even needed better ones.

Terra seemed like an easy choice. First try got him down to a sliver of health before Maya was rudely slapped off the map. Second try Maya was angry so she got behind this cool rock and cheeses him. I knew I had him solo from how close the first one was anyway. So my fire sandhawk is good enough.

Testing my shock sandhawk reminded me I still had pistons blimp and piston’s stupid robot left to finish. Finished that up real quick and took on pyro Pete. After a few min he was down easy. I derped and caught a nova dot but I quickly pulled out the fire norfleet I brought and fried some spiderants. Pete’s kind of a raid. I think they put him in just so people could farm seraphs solo with any character.

Voracious comes next. Haven’t tried him with solo Maya at level 72 yet. I beat him back at level 50 with the aid of an Axton. Should be pretty fun solo.

Enough raiding, back to farming.

Bit of butt stallion farming with a few keepers.

One of which was a maliwan sniper with the vlad barell in corrosive element. For sone reason this reminded me I wanted to get the cherre aime from the ore chasm.

First few rounds were pretty standard. I mean, how hard can a few robots be?

Then round four hit and I knew it was going to be fun. Super badass surveyers and it seemed they like to spawn in groups of seventy five thousand.

Finally after a few deaths in round four I took my pants off and got to work.

Then I messed up the sign out farm (save station right there :sob:) and only got a slag one and a corossive one with meh parts/prefixes.

Accepted my fate and took them to wasburn refinery for some testing and found them better than I expected. Looks like the slay variety is fairly good. The healing from the shot is okay but the slag variety combined with corossive cloud performed amazingly well. The corrosive one quickly got marked as trash and will soon be exchanged for the next keeper I find. (My backpack is expanded from mission rewards.)

Finally finished up with some butt stallion farming but I ended up messing up and the game autosaved while I had ten eridium. Sooooo I called it a night. Going to go take on the dragons in the morning for some ridrock.


Could you point out which posts you’re thinking of here? Been a bit swamped with work lately so I’ve only been skimming here :slight_smile:


Are we still using this thread? Or all migrated to the new one? :confused:

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Soz, i had meant to put post #8478 for reference, and no probs if your busy and miss it, completely understandable.

I believe we are continuing here until it gets to the 10k mark, but perhaps HD can make a ruling on that, although i think that would be good. :smiley:

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Since we’re not quite at 10,00 yet (but hey- “It’s over 9,000!” :smile:)
Reverend Pain is still 0 for naught in spawning Vermiverous- an ultimate, a couple of supers and a bunch of badass varkids but not the Big One. Queen Scream passed on several corrosive Sand Hawks as they didn’t have the Flying prefix- and the only one that did was non-elemental with a Bandit stock (it did have a Dahl grip though). Alien Z made it thru the climb to Bunker and the fight afterwards and is now posed to head to Eridium Blights…


I don’t think those are Badabooms: the body looks like it, but it can’t spawn with that Vladof barrel (which makes me think the body is Tediore?)

I got my Anarchy Gaige to hit 62 by running the Arid Badlands a few times. No drops of note, unfortunately.

I also spent some time getting my OP8 Krieg to prestige. I finished off all of the grenade challenges with him (thanks to Blood Bath, only the singularity grenades were a challenge - turns out the initial pull doesn’t proc Blood Bath, so that was the only time I was in danger of running out of grenades), as well as knocking out the last 100 Bullymongs I needed to clear tier 5 of that challenge. Once I finished that off, I knocked out Open Wide so that I could unlock Shotgun Sniper. Next time is gonna see me take to Caustic Caverns as I simultaneously work on killing off Pod Pew Pew, Crystals are a Girl’s Best Friend, Tentacle Obsession, A Squall of Violence, and Quickdraw. Hopefully knocking those out will get me to prestige, although I haven’t done the math yet.


I got a lot of time in with my Sal I’ve been working on. Last time I checked in I was 65 (?). I rushed through the story in UVHM as fast as I could. With Sal, that was pretty easy. I got to the warrior and took him done faster than ever. I stuck around around there and farmed rid rock till I had about 450 and moved on.

Now I’ve been running my level up tour. I get in a game and do all the bosses in the HH packs (except son of crawmerax). I go through dungeons keep and take out the HS. I might run through the forest. I’m almost 71 right now. I’ll try to hit 72 today. We’ll See how much time I’ll be able to get today.

Have a great day!


I believe the same as the Badaboom has the specific Badaboom barrel i think, but i think both Bandit and Tediore have square shaped body’s.

Then there is the shark mouth or teeth you can see on it which has me thinking Bandit also, and the colour seems like a lesser rarity Bandit.

I don’t use RL’s other than trying to rocket jump for sh*t’s and giggles, so i’m not a very good judge tbh.

I must be looking at the wrong picture.

Well … here we go again

Carlton_Slayer kicks us off again with something i’ve become very familiar with in reading so far …

He also queried this word …

Jefe responded …

Handsome_Dad wont get any arguments from me with this …

VaultHunter101 and myself share the same feeling :thumbsup:

We’re hoping to get another cheap pc like our current one to do this again :smile:

Jefe was still at the Peak …

Carlton_Slayer was doing something i’ve become very familiar with in reading so far … wait … didn’t we already do this today? … or was that yesterday? … i know it was the day before that … Do you make a mule every day?

TheRAbbi had whole lota love for Moxxi going on …

redorigin’s post had me thinking of bad memories, and another post from a long way up that came to mind :head_bandage:

From this bloke in fact …

johnrr6 was checking the stats … :thinking:

Don’t reckon it’s dropped any. I mean, why would you stop playing :thumbsup:

Jefe gets a smack on the back for this effort … well done mate :clap::clap::clap:

I started the day with melee Zero getting some practice on a technique kindly offered up by @Nisciunu for those pesky surveyors at the Peak, and also to melee kill OMGWTH instead of the normal BOreing way which is going well so far, and your never too late to learn in this game. Thanks again :thumbsup:

I’m strongly considering calling my Minty Madness Maya playthrough “The life and times of Michael Mamaril”.

The day started by going to "fight Lilith’ as i like to call it, and things started well on the decent into Frostburn Canyon with this as a world drop from a nomad i think …

We also met this little guy who tried to help us out with some gear, but after i explained the situation, things went sour and i just had to kill him unfortunately …

Lilith took her revenge by proving that she was “The most powerful Siren on Pandora” by failing to teleport me the 10 feet she claimed, and left me right in the middle of the gap over the drop below, but we did manage to get back up, so not all bad in the end …

Returning to Sanctuary to check the shops for a shield upgrade i stuck my head down by Marcus, and yep … there he was … He asked me if i Wanton Injector? … sorry … that was bad :rolling_eyes:

With my luck running hot i had to give Boll a run and got the mission from Lilith with hopes of a FB drop for my son but no luck, and i can’t farm, so headed back to Sanctuary and yep …

I’ve never played Lotto or what ever it’s called where you live, but maybe i should take @VaultHunter101 's advice and buy a ticket, as this is just broken.

Off to Tundra Express we went, grabbed the Mighty Morphin’ mission from Hammerlock as i always start with that, and was a little under leveled, and under powered as it was and Maya had her first Re-spawn event, and i expect a few more as we get deeper into this playthrough and on to UVHM. Badonkadonk’s gathered we returned to TT and then took out Wilhelm thanks to our slag Snider and mainly CK, which is a very good combo atm.

Returnig again to Sanctuary and off to hand in the mission to Hammerlock, and you may well have guessed it already, there he was… So after making yet another offering to Maya, she took the time to show him her loadout and explain why it’s a waist of his time doing this as she can’t use anything he offers up.
It would be ok if he carried some green gear :grin:



This ends today’s chapter of “The life and times of Michael Mamaril”, co-staring Maya, who knows what junk he’ll be handing out next time. I think i might give this a break. :neutral_face:


So took L67 Gaige to pay a visit to Captain Flynt in order to get a Thunderball Fists. Going for a Shock build so seems a natural thing to do. Anyway, I’ve stayed so long I fear he’s going to start charging me rent. Just hit L71 and he still hasn’t dropped one!

Been using my L67 Storm in the meantime and she’s been rocking with it. Who knew that gun had a use?! :grinning:


You are seeing Mr. Mamaril about as frequently as 360 players did when the game launched. And then GBX went and “fxed” his spawn rate to be like PC/PS3 :frowning:


Yeah i think it’s bugged or something as i don’t farm him and haven’t seen him on any other VH toons of late, but it seems like every time i travel back to Sanctuary he’s there somewhere as i check each shop once and once only for gear upgrades.

I think i’m up to 17 sightings with this toon now, and 3 of them have been purples. I don’t think i’ve ever got a purple from him before and in fact i thought he only ever gave blues until this started to happen.

It’s kind of silly seeing him this much tbh. :neutral_face:

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Jakobs Assassin, not fond of his new melee-centric build, went and made a new build from scratch that he went and tested in a number of places, one of which was Southpaw Steam and Power, where this dude came at me with a Sandhawk. He doesn’t have the speed prefix, nor any bullet speed-enhancing skills, so they were easy to dodge from range.

edit - if some UBA Marauder with an amp shield gets one, will he be Beehawking me? :laughing:


MAYAnaise took on Motor Mama on OP8 whilst carrying a mule.
Never , ever again!

On the plus side I turned in the wanted mission and got a fire Kitten.


Ah yes, the poor man’s difficulty slider. My commiserations. Love the character name, btw.

Hot! :fire: :cat: