What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Ran through Pandora a bunch yesterday with @BTK420247 (Maya) and @Kurtdawg13 (Sal) with my Krieg. When I joined in, they had been running the loot train a bit, but we made our way to Dragon Keep to see what the particularly good looking Sorcerer would drop for us and to play around with the altar a bit. Handsome Sorcerer dropped us a Flakker, which was used as a sacrifice. We spent well over an hour playing around with the altar and feeding Butt Stallion (who dropped us a really nice Gatling Gun, BTK posted it in the IFotD thread). One of the Badass Sorcerers that we spawned in dropped a great OP8 Chain Lightning, so that was really awesome.

Then we ran the Beatdown to look for a Cobra (lolyeahright), iced Saturn (who dropped us an OP7 slag Invader), ran the Dust (a tubby Spiderant dropped a maxed out OP8 Legendary Reaper!), and cracked down on half of Lynchwood (we got a Madhous, woo…).

Once that was over, I went back to BAR farming (Krieg must be just a few levels away from a prestige at this point) by killing varkid pods (completed that!), crystalisks (Blue dropped me a level 28 Fabled Tortoise), and threshers. I finished off Quickdraw, so now I’m using the Law to get my bladed melee kills, while shooting the crystalisks to get my critical kills with a pistol challenge done. So, so close!


Did a number of Sawtooth runs since I last posted. Found two more Tubby Midgets.

Then last night we successfully completed the BA round of the Magic Slaughter. First time I ever did that, and we also got this Ogre which marks the end of my loot-hunting journey. I have now had every single gun in the game drop.


Just checking in,

The second run I did in the lair and a chain lightning fell! Thanks for all the tips.

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Yay, more Krieg vs. Peak progress!
You remember how I just told you that Krieg has been stuck at OP4 for a while now? I only needed two more runs after that (1x Saturday, 1x Sunday) - now he’s at OP5.
Most runs have ended at the double Scorches (those + 2 surveyors are nasty with melee Krieg) or at some random chump (my fault). The remainder were a few deaths at the Black Queens or (even rarer) at the Boneheads. Before I reported here, I hadn’t even seen Doc Mercy at the Peak yet - one or two deaths to the clutter in his place, on most runs I didn’t even get there.
After that report though … I made it to the assassins, but died there quickly. Going through my equipment I thought, “I could use a Legendary Sickle here”, so I farmed one (a few Dust runs without tubbies, then a run with one tubby - score! Legendary Sickle dropped).
On the final run I used that class mod all the way, instead of swapping between the Legendary Psycho (main benefits for me: a little bit of health and some gun boosts for when I’m not rampaging) and a blue Scream Sickle. The Scream Sickle isn’t bad, but my version doesn’t have the FtB boost for awesome melee-triggered bloodsplosions, which makes up for the loss of 1 point in StV. The damage reduction from the ToB boost is useful, too.
Anyway, struggled a bit against the Scorches as usual, rampaged with my health just above the RtB threshold, but that was with just a single Scorch left, so I was able to stay alive by bunny-hopping around the rock. Got BXR cooled down and resumed lobbing axes at Scorch.
The Black Queens got shot until they produced babies, then I threw two slag betties and a bunch of Bone Shredder bullets into the group until most were painted purple. I pushed the limits of healthgate there which could have ended badly, but I hit RtB in time and axed one of the babies. The entire group exploded shortly after.
Boneheads were easy. On the previous run I’d practiced how to get the Boneheads into the garden one at a time, so I shot them as they came. Didn’t even bother with melee.
Doc Mercy’s place was a bit rough due to the selection of chumps I got, but in the end I axed him too.
What now? Right, the assassins. The EXP loader ambush is trivial, as is the first set of turrets. Oney is slow, so I took care of Rouf first. On the previous attempt I tried to fight him with just my axe, but his damage output was too high. This time I started with the Bone Shredder as always, then followed up with a few Fastballs until he started jumping too much to aim them properly. RtB, down he went. Took care of the next set of turrets. The part after that was the trickiest as Reeth was trying to burn me down while Oney and Wot were still there. I tried to keep enough distance from Reeth to be able to dodge his fiery axes, lobbing my own axes back at him.
At one point, I was running past Wot with the others out of sight, so I grabbed a quick health refill by beheading him. (Seriously, he is a pushover.) Reeth was injured, so I tracked him down and continued to give him the axe treatment. Finally, Oney got slapped as well because I wasn’t patient enough to whittle him down with the Conference Call, my only effective gun against him.
Missed another RtB in the next area, but a small wall where the path drops down kept me safe enough to recover. My purple adaptive shield tanked a few stray shots every now and then, but even with the delay-prolonging skills at 5/5 it was able to keep my health bar protected. These shots accelerated the cooldown, though.
The rest was mostly smooth sailing. The guaranteed slag skags were a bit unpleasant, but thanks to the guide by @Handsome_Dad I was prepared and used his hint to pull them back to the gate.

Three OP levels remaining. But Handsome_Dad’s comment about the OP4 assassin spawn I survived on the second try is quite reassuring.[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:22, topic:1559696”]If you beat this, you can beat anything in the Peak. Do not give up.[/quote]Maybe I’ll need a new Harold along the way. I’m still running around with that OP1 version. Or an updated Fastball. The rest of my gear should be fine, including those guns at levels 48 and 30 (don’t laugh - slagging and Rapier-stabbing works just as well with horribly outdated guns).


Awesome! I won’t embarrass you by asking how many hours that took… :blembarrass:


Thousand(s), plural. lol

It’s funny, it was never something I really set out to do, I’ve just got crazy lucky over the past few years. When I actually looked up a list of all legendaries and uniques, I already had 90%+ including most of the really rare/hard to obtain ones like the Cobra, Twister, Hive, Snorfleets, etc.

From there, it was on and just a matter of time.


Had a blast with you two @farsight37 @BTK420247


some solo play…


Today i pushed through a good chunk of reading and this is what i found …

TheRAbbi got us started with this perplexing little post …

Handsome_Dad had me thinking WHAT! with this one … :fearful:

This one came back around, and that was good because i was still stumped … :thinking:

And the winner is … :checkered_flag::trophy:

That made me laugh … thanks TheRAbbi :grin:

hattieinduni spent some time in one of my favorite maps, probably humming some tunes :musical_score::notes::notes::notes:

A little while ago i was listening to that music and thought, “I’ll write a Haiku for Jefe about this” …

You don’t have to read that gibberish. I just learned how to link another post and wanted to try it out :nerd:

Carlton_Slayer pressed on in his endeavour to find a fire Redundant Fibber …

Did you ever get one of these mate? I hope so :thumbsup:

Worblehat had been away for a while … Welcome back :airplane_arriving::blhappy:

Psymonkee came back from the Old Kingdom known as Tamriel in need of :boom::boom::boom:

Happy belated Birthday Psymonkee :birthday::gift:

##Today i went absolutely nowhere near Sanctuary at all ever !!! NOPE !!!

I got my Ninjantics on and just farmed all day with runs at Savage Lee, Boll and the dust and had a very productive day, with some rather good drops including 5 FB’s and 4 Harold’s in the first run and then a good bag at the Dust to round things off …




McNally and Mick Zaford didn’t want to join the party so maybe next time, but my Meat Man will like the FB’s that’s for sure. Pity the DPUH wasn’t an upgrade but i can find a home somewhere.

##That’s right … no Michael Mamaril sightings at all today. :four_leaf_clover:


I even wrote a haiku about it.

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Hey there man, how’s ya been … busy i’m guessing as we’ve not seen you much.

Shredifier is a nice world drop, especially where it landed. I’ve only ever got 1 Leg drop over there. :thumbsup:

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Bugger, i could have linked your Haiku in stead of mine to test my learning’s out.

I’ll do that if he finally gets it, which i hope he does. There is a lot of unanswered things in this thread that i wonder about, but might never get an answer for. :thinking:

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Keep reading and all will be revealed! And then you will find the search will arise again like Groundhog Day :laughing:

PS - I also run into MM ridiculously often - often once or twice per session. It’s into the dozens now ( just in the last 6 months ).

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yah, I have a lot going on right now with life. like swimming in the kid pool with my boy. The life of a Vault Hunter when it’s 113 degrees outside.


I was thinking people might be thinking that i “farm” the sightings, but i honestly don’t and it’s really strange that it’s only on this Maya in particular. I actually feel better knowing that someone else see him quite a bit, and it’s a lovely story and i don’t mean to belittle it in any way, but it’s just mad at the moment to the point where i think i’ll give her a break for a bit and see what happens on other toons. :relaxed:

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That’s great man, and i’m jealous of that pic as that’s what i’m used to, but it’s winter here and i love spending time like that with my son also. It’s great being a Dad hey. :smile::thumbsup:

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without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me. :heart_eyes:


The only thing better than being a Dad, is being a Dad twice. :grin:


hey thunder stealer, how ya doing? lmao :



###I have to add this to my day also as @DemoniteBL really made me laugh with this effort :laughing:

Well done mate, you’re not only very talented and knowledgeable in BL2, but a great sense of humor also :thumbsup:

I think @danibuendia99 Dinafay might just struggle with that time … But who knows? :thinking:

What’s next … you kill him before he spawns ?

ps: Please go and give him the likes :ok_hand:


The Slayer makes a good LBT/OC Gaige in the early-mid UVHM, up until 61 actually. I personally like it.