What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

Took a Zero from L16 to L20 with some main story, trying to play more of a melee Zero as I’ve never done that before. Finding it hard because I can’t rush in and bash like Krieg, end up playing more of a hybrid style until I get more skill points and more gear. Hoping I get to a sweet spot, because I could just spec my fully geared OP8 Zero to Ninja, but that’s too hard at the moment for me, so focusing on learning from the ground up. Dying a lot more then when I usually play my pistol, shotgun, or sniper Zero. Had some fun running 3-5 runs on the Wattle Gobbler for the hell of it, got some decent but not overpowered gear from him.

Took a 51 Krieg up a level but was getting bored with bashing, so going to go back through some old gear to find a FotF and I farmed a Leg Psycho and an Orphan Maker for the walking Bomb setup that I’ll try out next session.

For some reason I had never done Eff your couch or the lost car keys challenges with OP8 Maya, so grabbed a Sawbar, a Tediore Plasma Caster I found in a dumpster the other day, a hornet, and a DPUH for second winds and went to work. Leg Binder just smokes trash mobs with Subsequence clearing 2-3 a phase lock and setting up chain reaction kills with the Sawbar.


Sarge Steel finished normal and got a Sublime Volcano from the Warrior on his first moonshot farming attempt- good enough :slight_smile: Will line up another mule shortly. Dee Lightful paused just after entering the second round of Creature Slaughter with exactly 2,000 kills- only 1,200 more to go. Reverend Pain was returning from WEP with upgraded Bones of the Ancients for the O6 VH when he ran into a tubby skag. Hilarity ensued but the payoff at the end was worth it, if only slightly :grinning::


Picked up at Wildlife and finished our allegiance run on normal and, no joke, the LLM’s dropped this as we passed through for the story:

RNGsus favored Jakobs Zer0 that day. One of the best “right drop at the right time” moments I’ve had.


@SomeRandomGuy11 I knew you were just messing about, it’s cool :wink:

But I’m unsure about how much he put into FtR or what else he was spec’d into. Soon as I can get the Psycho pack on 360, I’ll definitely be looking further into this little phenomenon. Seems like it could lead to a really successful co-op setup between the two classes…


Once again I’ve had my hatred of the Lair renewed. However, I’m not above learning and adapting - so rather than speed-running through, I actually killed everything that came my way including the Brother quest.

Repeated dying has forced me to adopt a couple strategies :

  • skeleton mages - throw the decoy into a wall so they don’t disappear. Then kunai & Execute ( or just RL ). With other characters, I’d take them out with a Fastball but I currently only have a fire version.
  • fiery skulls - throw the decoy into the middle of the floor. Kunai if possible but set off Unf0rseen just as it approaches the decoy. That one took me several deaths to figure out, but it works very well.
  • tip to self : change out your damn shield! I kept getting downed by spider venom and dragon fire until I thought maybe I should put on a flippin adaptive.
  • public tip : save the second fumble in Critical Fail for when you fight n00bkiller ( Lost Souls ). Take him down to a sliver of health, run to pick up the Crit , then sprint back to n00bkiller. You’ll have time to slag him before Tina kills you and you can use him for a Second Wind.

In other news, I prefaced the Tina campaign with a trip to the Bunker. B0re could take it out in a couple shots with the Interfacer if I aimed right. It’s so cool hearing it go on and on and on. The fifth run got me this :

Not the worst - I was specifically looking for a non-elemental Proactive, so good enough for now.

And here’s some random weird Zer0 stuff.
This piggybacks @Sun_Tsunami’s post over on Random Info. I killed a skeleton on the way to get some crumpets, and the barren ground was still sporting this several minutes later :

Also, it seems Decepti0n can let you see Treants that are still “planted”.

That’s the one just beyond Ellie’s armour.


@hattieinduni 's Maliwan Gaige gave my Vladof Gaige some company (and more than a little help) through TVHM Bandit Slaughter. Watching DTs doubleup on bandits is quite the treat :smile:

Got a fire severe and resolute corrosive pair of Hails at lvl 43, so I’ll be in lovely shape through the Warrior now

Muchas gracias, I’ll fetch you a Pimp before heading up to UVHM


'Twas much fun! That final round is tough as hell… some seriously good fighting (and not a bad way to get xp either). I don’t think I’ve ever played 2x Gaige before - it’s hilarious! Remind me what spec you’re doing? I would love to see 2 DTs loaded with Make It Sparkle (a skill I got to for the first time today and already love. Having an action skill you have to purposefully work with in battle is great game design).

I actually did the Slaughter myself in solo earlier in the day. DT was being heroic and taking Goliath Blaster barrages for me. I was supposed to be writing stuff, but… it’s Friday. And I did manage to take the recycling out, so it’s not like I wasted the day.

Also worked on Torgue Krieg, got him into the late 50s. Defeated the Bunker with much :boom:. I have Bloodsplosion as well as Release the Beast now which makes things pretty hot. And Light the Fuse is crazy powerful at this level so those poor loaders were trembling (except the darn gate turrets… it’s worth it to hear Brick’s immortal “OPEN UP” but still… feh).

Something I noticed when I was doing the same run with a certain someone recently… I’ve never really looked up at this point, but I guess the loaders you fight here are shot down from above, which really reminded me of the run up to the Dragon in Tina’s DLC.

Is the Handsome Dragon the equivalent of the Bunker? I think someone on the wiki reckoned it was the Warrior but this feels more appropriate…


Well my last sessions involved going to meet Brick and doing the usual …

Just so we could deliver this …

And hopefully score a good one of these … don’t need it, … but need to have it :grin:

Then inspired by some of you fine folks and Sun_Tsunami’s endeavors at the Peak i took this guy …


With this gear …

And this build …

To get this …

Now the fun begins. I’ve put all this in so i can mainly show Sun_Tsunami, (and anybody else if you care) because trying to do this via his stream with quite a bit of lag on my end is a little hard to explain at times, so hopefully you’ll understand what i mean by … dotanuki style. Handsome_Dad knows who he is. No Moxxi weapons or transfusion grenades, only healing from Innervate and Resurgence upon a kill, and a loadout and build that are a little unstable, but quite challenging and fun as it’s been a bit of a mental game also.

Having spent a fair bit of time viewing the OP7 to OP8 run i know it will probably be the most challenging part, but i am quite familiar with most of the spawns now from watching you Sun, so if i make it through i’ll owe you for that and know you will get through it soon also, and that will be one heck of an achievement :+1:


It’s garbage

I’ve leaned very heavily on BSS in the past so wanted to try something a bit different this run, but it plays sooooo nice with the Hail I may get back into it, not least of all because my sessions (read: times between deaths mostly :stuck_out_tongue: ) haven’t been near long enough to justify Preshrunk.

I’ll probably go a 2/2 split with BSS since I’ve been using Calculating Technophiles/Anarchists out of…well frankly they’ve pretty much been the only COMs dropping, but I’ll have good shield coverage all around and will be able to soak the BSS damage with the Hail easily.


Not a fan of Buck Up? I find it’s occasional annoyances (wasting time in ffyl) are compensated by its usefulness, especially in dire need!

The Better Half is pretty fun with Vladof. And BSS is great, works well with absorb shields. I’ve found Gaige kind of tricky to spec while levelling because she has some great early skills in all three trees so it’s not as simple as just picking one. With Maliwan loyalty it makes fairly good sense to focus on LBT so I’ve just put one point in Anarchy and initially some in Close Enough / Cooking up Trouble. Just now able to go a bit further into Sharing is Caring which Deathtrap appreciates.


We’ve talked about this lol
Even at 1 point I find it generally to be redundant to her other shield skills.

I may shuffle some points around, since Fancy Math(s) COMs seem to be what RNGsus wants me using it’ll continue getting touched on but some points in TBH would work…

Once I get my hands on a leggy Anarchist life will get much better overall…


Oh man… if you both wore Legendary Catalyst COMs, you could just melt everything in there… go hit Moxxi for a fresh Good Touch? dayum :smile:


Now that is impressive! Congrats on the unlock and thanks for the good word. :slight_smile:


Apparently we’re re-consolidating over in this thread to finish it off. To any future people trying to read all the way through like SomeRandomGuy11 recently did, good luck figuring out each person’s continuity between the two threads… :stuck_out_tongue:

Krieg found some side quests to do in the Torgue DLC, so he had a calm and rational discussion with some game reviewers, played with a :truck:, and fought some really annoying rakk. I really need to remember not to do Gas Guzzlers. :slightly_frowning_face: At least I did remember not to walk Tina’s :dog2:. Ding 69, finally.

Sal continued his rush toward Jackenstein and did Ardorton Station tonight. One death, because witch doctors are cheating scum. One turned into a :tornado:, blew Sal over a wall, and rushed Sal again. Despite the wall being in the way, the alleged impact knocked him into FFYL and the courtyard below, so no LOS to anything for a second wind. Ding 61 around there, so as anticipated that was time to finally retire the level 50 ROM for the Triquetra. While I haven’t been a big fan of the latter in the past, it’s working well for Sal now. Though I kind of wonder how far the ROM could have gone if I didn’t have a convenient replacement… It was still quite solid at 60.

Woundspike challenge completed; much easier on characters who are not bloodsplosion Kriegs. I apparently don’t know what parts of Woundspike (if any) don’t reflect bullets, so Sal ended up killing it with grenades. Which was oddly fast and effective.


Power disruptions interrupted the planned schedule for yesterday but things still managed to get done- Reverend Pain did 30+ minutes of Doc Mercy farming with only an OP7 Rapid Infinity to show for it so it looks like it’s time to make a final crack at Vora before hitting the reset switch. Selected another mule- a Krieg named DJX- to finish normal and now have him in the Dust to wrangle car parts. With Dee Lightful I said to heck with it:![Dee 1|690x388](upload://3UpazYV3wVODBeyhN4Y7HL1lrBX.PNG 2|690x388](/uploads/default/original/4X/4/5/3/453f270a0ce7da68b9719c7639ee80b8590db675.PNG)
Used Creature and Bandit Slaughter to get close to the end- the ‘Note to Self Person’ mission in the Fridge got her there. Dee now has a handful of level 50 quests to turn in should any future VH ever need some gear to start UVHM with :smiley: Time to shuffle some gear and try a Peak run with her first, then Mike Hammer…


I took my Hellborn Krieg out for a spin yesterday. My next story mission with him is TVHM Wildlife, but he was only at 39, so I decided to knock out some side missions with him. I did Mighty Morphin’ so I could unlock Slap Happy. Even at level 39, the Mutated Varkids still managed to put some pretty serious hurt on me. Got it done, though, and picked up Slap Happy. I also made my way to the Caustic Caverns to recover Marcus’ treasure, find out what got up the crystalisks’ collective bum, and perform some menial labor.

Blue was tougher than I expected. I went in with the Law (I dinged 40 in Sanctuary Hole) but wasn’t able to down Blue fast enough. So after 5 or 6 deaths, I tried popping BXR to get it done. Much to my surprise, that worked out really well, even though I have precisely 0 melee skills. Oh well, whatever works, works. The rest of the Caverns went off without a hitch. Got a regular ol’ Miss Moxxi’s Heartbreaker for my troubles, and dinged 41 thanks to all the Groper Threshers and their multitude of tentacles to kill. Next session will probably start with Old Slappy and then take down Mordy’s bird.


Well fresh off the sucsess noted in my last post :point_up_2::point_up_2: this last session in BL2 i decided to try co-op for the first time in a very long time, and my first time on PC. I had tried some Match Making back on the Xbox but that was just a number of very disappointing ventures with what seemed to be just PimperHabbing Sal’s, or explosive Norfleet Sal’s or ShamFleeting Gaiges and Sal’s and after about four or so of these ventures i just said no thanks and other than couch co-op with my very young son just so he could join in, it’s remained the same up until yesterday when i was feeling brave and thought to myself “What the heck” and joined a game with a couple of guys.

I joined as we were just about to start the Hyperion Slaughter round one. The first guy “Hugg” (might be a fan of the secret bear in the WEP) was ok and the other guy “Striker” (a Flying High fan?) fancied himself as a bit of a melee Zero player also, and things were going ok to start with up until about round three where the wheels started to fall off for young Striker …

With a casual “Whoops” and a “thanks” we had him back up and running … but not for long … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Unfortunately this is what most of my time was spent doing and in the end it was just easier for Hugg and myself to stay close to this guy just in case so this was my view for the rest of it … :roll_eyes:

Let’s just say he’s not going to break any World Records any time soon with that sort of form hey :wink::wink:

So off to the Creature Slaughter Dome we went and things were a little better here on a whole and both Hugg and Striker were doing ok but by the end of the fourth round the pressure had mounted and Striker bailed when things got tough, so myself and Hugg finished round five without Striker in style :sunglasses:

So that ended my first ever co-op experience and … well lets just say it was a day i’ll never forget … like ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So a big thanks to Hugg and this @StrikerZidane dude for their time anyway, and who knows, maybe i’ll try it again some time soon :wink:

To be continued …


Still better at melee than me


Last couple sessions I unlocked OP2 for Zero, played smarter, albeit slower making sure not to leave surveyors by themselves. Assassins were a pushover with my new OP1 roid shield I found on the train.

Attempted the OP2-OP3 run, spent 15 min 1v1 with a BA Shield Surveyor that I eventually killed luckily I had a grounded shield. Then promptly killed myself with my lightning bolt trying to regain some health. Next run went better until I ran into my own Kunai as I killed the last loader in the bonehead area.

Decided to do some OP2 WEP farming with Banshee Maya for some hand me downs. Got an improved shock and corrosive bone, a slagga and the first three Avengers I’ve ever seen. Decided to try for a chain lightning but realized I was still on the rune quest. Ran through with ease and the UBA Sorcerer you get a few rooms before the dragon dropped me a chain lightning :slight_smile:

Respecced to a real build and took Maya online and tried matchmaking for a first time. Went reasonably well except I kept losing connection, but that wasn’t too surprising. Lag wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.


Took an early melee Zero from 20 to 22 in Opportunity. Need some anti constructor and heavy loader gear for Thousand cuts so will have to pick something up first before continuing with the story. I might respect to B0re for Bunk3r as well, as even though I want to do melee for this Zero play through, melee’ing him must suck I’m guessing.

Spent most of the rest of the session playing with @Sun_Tsunami, we rocked a crazy (though ultimately unsuccessful) Peak run with that most syngerstic of combos, melee Krieg and melee Zero… I switched to a reaper Krieg on the spot, though couldn’t respec as we had already started… with Sun carrying me, we made it to the Saturns where he died, and then I screwed it up in the next area against a not too hard spawn of loaders. Made me realise that I need to learn how to play Op8 gun Krieg and base my play around proc’ing Blood Bath. After that amazing synergy with that combo of chars, we rocked Friendship Gulag and then picked up a couple of Maya players for Lynchwood and Sawtooth. Although my Krieg was a bit of a bystander in the last two with the subsequences ripping everything apart before I could close gaps, still a great way to end the session and I still got the occasional huge bloodsplosion chains with the 4 player spawns.