What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?

I use orcz for all my shift codes; they even have the ones for skins and such.


^^^ — Here’s the link for it. Somewhere 'round the middle of the giant list are working codes for 20 and 25 keys each. Just takes a bit of scroll.


Got to OP5 with Maya today, as part of a 4-man co-op group.
In OP3’s run, we lost our Salvador to getting stuck inside of a digistructing loot box.
In OP4’s run, we lost our Axton to the Bone Heads but they managed to just walk through the barricading door due to my poor hosting capability and join us again.
Planning on doing OP5’s run soon.


Zero did the Mines of Avarice today. The second Warlord was tougher than the first, since there were more adds creating chaos here than in the Forest. Should have just tried to cart him since I needed the crumpet anyway.

Krieg needs xp, and Scarlett’s DLC is the best remaining source. Sadly he didn’t quite hit 70 even after doing the main quest to Scarlett and all of the Oasis and Wurmwater side-quests that don’t come from a bottle. I noted when Maya did this DLC in UVHM that the pirates are much more damaging and accurate than marauders or other normal bandits. Krieg can add that they don’t bunch up as much either. The bloodsplosions he got were very good ones, but they were rare.

Gaige got moving in TVHM again, running through Opportunity and hitting 44. Some tough fights, but she didn’t quite die. The “loot” midget who surprised her at the very end, just after killing the final constructor, very nearly got her though. I tend to forget the little bastards can spawn on this map. She seems to be settling on rapid fire midrange weapons (purple Anarchist and Bad Touch) as her full-stacks guns at this point. All shotgun all the time is fun, but that’s living really dangerously now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, Sal started working through the Hammerlock DLC side quests and map challenges. Hunter’s Grotto complete, ding 62. Der Monstrositat took three tries, the first because I got excited by the pink borok and killed DM too, the second because I suck at jumping. :expressionless: No interesting loot from Arizona or her red chest.


Created a new mule, a Gaige named Ms. Terri (and let me say now ‘Boo!’ on the XBox One for removing the accented vowels from their typing symbols- instead we got emoticons. Bleah!). This cut into the playing time for Dee Lightful but she still managed to reach OP3 with only a slight scare at the Assassins- went into consecutive FFL but fortunately surveyors were out for the second winds. Since she’s set up for running the Peak she doesn’t have any on level fire weapons and is still using a level 66 L. Binder so now she’s parked at WEP doing LLM farming (she could use some better Bones of the Ancients as well).

@Jefe- I hate to say this but the Rev borrowed Fero Kracjowski’s fire Gentleman’s Pimp and derp Creamer for his attempts at Vora. However, he was using an alkaline turtle shield (as I was taking out the Chief first), fire BotA and his CE Monk mod. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot with the L. Gunzerker and RR or Evolution (he has a Neogenator but I think an Evolution might be better…).


I recorded a Vorac kill if it helps any - sorry if it doesn’t or if I’m saying something you’ve known for years longer than me.

I used a slag Pimp, Creamer ( prefix? ), Rough Rider for Bubblegum, explosive relic , Leg Gunzerker. You used a fire Pimp but I always have a slag one ( initial pellet is the Pimp’s own, but the additional pellets take the element of the launcher - thus the explosive relic ). You probably don’t have one, so sorry for that.


in an attempt to get this:
I purchased Poker Night 2 on my 360 for $4.99. I did it just for the skin/head you get for Sal. But this game is fricking hilarious. I love Brock. He’s so funny in this game. I was cracking up just playing poker and listening to the banter from the UPC’s. I was hoping by purchasing the game I’d be able to unlock the skin. Turns out, I have to unlock it from game play in Poker Night 2. Damn. :sweat_smile: Well, it’s pretty funny. I don’t play card games so I am really horrible and this might take some time to unlock.
@BTK420247 has it and pointed me in the right direction to try and acquire it. Thanks bro! :sunglasses:
For you Gaige fans, you can have this which looks awesome:

Here’s Maya:

and Zero:

and Axton:


I liked the vid on Youtube and dropped you a small recommendation. :wink:


Well I’ve finally lined up all the relevant reward-missions ( for Lady Fist, Heartbreaker, et al. ) in all the DLCs, and the regular game. I stopped just before accepting “Whoops”, then duplicated my save file.

I now have a dedicated OP4 Zer0 ( who for the time being is called V0id until a better name comes along ). Then I started mopping up a few essential missions - most significantly getting Pimp’d.

I got a Barking corrosive first try ( Vladof grip for fire rate - that’s acceptable ; Hyperion stock - that’s great! ; and Dahl scope - well at least it’s not Maliwan ).
Well what do you do with an OP4 corrosive Pimpernel?
Go to the Peak of course!!

That’s the turret round if you didn’t remember.

Much of the fight involved the Slagga and Pimpernel for a pretty boring run. The dual Black Queens are a bit of a different story - I kited the lot of them back to the archway and let loose with the iFacer ( and then Pimp when I ran out of ammo ).

The only challenging part afterwards was the Assassin arena : figuring out my approach ahead of time helped some, knowing that turrets spawn alone first and knowing their rough layout.
But when turrets and Assassins spawn, I just went into Many Must Fall mode. It’s a very good challenge that one, figuring out which ones to prioritize and how best to slag.

I did the whole thing with the L Hunter COM - for cooldown.


Update : OP6!

I killed OMG with my…Slagga :open_mouth: - I think I’ve said before, it B0res like a mofo.
It gifted me this :



Thank you very much I’ll give it a try😀


Not trying to make us mad. Just kinda bummed that linked site didn’t work


He’s a legend, he’s chaining MMF like it as easy as eating a pie. He’s even using a rubi and not a grog.

OT. Started a new melee zero, and this time i told myself that i will not branch out to sniper zero after a while.

Finished Normal and am now in True level 34 and i can say is wow, i never felt zero to be this strong, and the feeling of satisfaction in killing an enemy in one execute, chaining MMF. clearing a map so swift. I regret I have powerleveled my zero before.

I farmed for hours for a slag rubi, a slag rapier (both are level 20, im gonna keep them and use them until uvhm). got a badaboom for second winds (farming now for a unkempt harold). Fourth slot i leave open so it is easy for me to swap back to rubi (had difficulty of swapping back to rubi after an execute).

Shield is a maylay shield 3,900 capacity around 6 seconds delay, 1,500 roid damage (previously i use a love thumper and fastball combo and a law and order) until i found a good tesla 3,000 damage o fuse time i use a shock damage relic to boost the tesla damage to 1 hit the shield. a ninja com with bonuses on KB and resurgence (haven’t found 1 that boost backstab and KB).

currently farming for a unkempt harold, fastball, and planning also to farm shock bone in normal.


like @nat_zero_six, also working on a melee Zero play through… ran through Sawtooth better than I expected, then played with a friend online in their game for a few levels eventually getting to 27. I should have farmed for a slag rubi, probably should go and do that before I finish NVHM, but I dunno if I have the patience to farm for a bladed version. Rocked the Law & Order combo for most of the run, which functions like a Moxxi weapon. It’s really fun to setup Execute kills and I’m soooo close to MMF and being able to chain kills.


what i did on ps4 is i splitscreen with a second controller to get twice the rewards. For slag bladed rubi, took me about 40 tries (times 2, that’s 80 rubis), got around 3 corrosive bladed on that run, but did not settled for it. For slag rapier took me about 10 tries.


I’ve been lurking here for awhile, and decided to make my first post.
Just would like to say it’s very entertaining reading about what everybody has going on in their game.


Farmed for a few hours for a Rustlers Orphan Maker. Got one the first try then realized it’s the same damage as my current one… DOH! Forgot to change from 72 to op5! :rage:
Eventually got one then decided it wasn’t quite worth it yet to go for a new slag lady fist in the new reset (old one level 70), and so said screw it and went for the next OP level. OP 6 unlocked!

Took a break from sal for awhile and made some more progress in my NVHM no red-text maya run. First time playing maya and wanting to challenge myself with not using red text guns. Around level 21ish, got down to cloud kill the. Specced into sweet release to get some healing in my kit without moxxi weapons. I have to say so far maya is a blast. Using Jakob’s snipers to just pop heads off of phase locked enemies is very satisfying.

That’s it for my first post, I look forward to continuing to share my stories here!


I see some PS4 Co-op Melee Zer0 sessions in my future (hopefully).:crossed_fingers:


@Sun_Tsunami is there a community of Borderlands Forumers in the PS4? You mind creating a community in the PS4 and add forum members in.


That’s weird that there isn’t : there’s one that @Tokesy97 started for PC. But none for XB nor PS that I can find :thinking:

This from the guy who doesn’t co-op , lol