What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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With BL3 ahead of us, there has been a lot of discussion about what people want in it. That has caused me to wonder what people are actually doing in game, and which things keep each of us coming back. This thread relates directly to that. Please, share with us what it is you’re doing as you play. It’s fun to hear how differently people enjoy these games, whether they’re repeating the vanilla game in Normal with many characters, running wild in endgame content, building a collection of gear in the bank, or pursuing a different sort of goal.

I very much enjoy the story of the series, but I also love the arenas, boss killing, and being able to fast travel to a zone for some fun mobbing. Despite temporarily keeping myself from being able to fight the end bosses, I went ahead and reset my 70 Jack this week. During a Google look at COMs after that, I noticed the Projection mod. I had never seen it before, and the sight of a COM giving Absolute Advantage and Best Foot Forward bonuses was too much to ignore. So, I dove into the Holodome. I made it through the first 4 rounds a couple of days ago, then through the BA round last night. That got me the specific version of the COM that I wanted. I celebrated by going to Pandora in the Claptrap DLC for some fun mobbing. I really like the density and mixes of the fight right by the zone in. I play a very methodical, work-the-perimeter style in BL2 (Maya and Axton are my favorites), but Jack with +6 AA and +5 BFF simply begs for high octane Jakobs play and stacking.

After a bit of that, I hopped over to my level 20 Aurelia. I’ve been building into cryo stuff, so far. I tend to run her very similarly to how I run Maya. In this game, it seems a bit trickier to work the fringe in solo play. There are so many areas where enemies spawn all around or nearly on top of you! Still, Aurelia has been interesting. I’m sure the situation changes later on, but her cryo tree is ridiculously powerful in Normal. There are times where I pop my AS, shoot a couple of times, and everything around me is dead.

I’ve played each class except Claptrap through around level 20. Not sure who I’ll wind up taking to 70 next. Jack is such a perfect fit for me, it’s weird going away from him.

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Finished Mutator lvl 9 with my most recent Jack build.
Got 2 blue guns and some class mods. Never doing it again.

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What did you not like? Not trying to argue, just curious. I haven’t done the mutator, yet.

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I stopped playing a while ago and play it every once and a while collecting max level legendarys.

I recently did have 3 people friend request me on steam and I’ve been mostly co-oping with people while giving them hints and tricks.

Grinding (weapon maker), cryo, double jumps, and the mutator arena were my absolute favorites in the game though. I also thought the did a excellent job with class creation, best classes yet!

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I’ve been perfecting an all-purpose laser Wilhelm build. I’ve also been farming the Bosun for the Cryophobia but haven’t had any luck yet.

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The reward was not worth the effort. I could’ve gone to any moonstone chest and gotten those rewards, so I see no reason to put myself through that arena for things I could buy out of the shop.

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Understandable. I’m wired such that I’ll keep chasing the toughest content, just to see if I can do it. If it’s just not fun, that’s a roadblock.

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I went through Outfall and Tycho’s Ribs with my corrosive-only Wilhelm. Laser Guided and Overcharge helped a great deal with that.

Still wish corrosive was given the same amount of attention that all the other elements got in TPS though.

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To be honest, I feel like you don’t need anything other than shock, cryo, and explosive this time around. Even non-ele does better in most situations for me than fire or corrosive (then again, the cryo crit bonus with the Jakobs multiplicative crit bonus accounts for that).

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That’s what I’m getting at. The element balance in TPS isn’t good enough to the point where all elements are at least somewhat equally viable, as opposed to in BL2 where only shock in UVHM got hurt because of the increased slagging. And fire still has the advantage as being good for straight impact damage, as opposed to corrosive which is mostly relegated to being that one element you use for special uncommon enemies.

What I’m most salty about though is that there’s no skill tree for corrosive like there is for all the other elements.

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Maybe next game. It would be nice for all the elements to have little secondary effects like stuns or slows and the like. Shooting someone with acid should do more than tickle them for 8 seconds.

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BL1 had that to a degree (eg. the mult. damage bonus against corroding enemies) but I think the introduction of more utility-based elements in the later games took that away.

srsly though why is there no corrosive skill tree in TPS

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I just worked my way through Denial Subroutine on my Jack playthrough. Every time I do this, I find more appreciation for the Claptrap DLC. The visuals and mob density are great, and I like the bosses. Frankly, I even enjoy speed running the zones. They’re very cool to run.

DS coughed up two glitch guns, but neither is especially awesome. Glitch guns are cool, though.

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I maxed a third and fourth character to level 70 recently via powerleveling and decided that since I was over the hump, I’d max them all. Most of my dudes were already in UVHM anyhow. But wilhelm and claptrap were in TVHM.

So I’ve been working on that for the past week or so. I splitscreen in a jack frequently who I also maxed out to level 70.

I go to the guardian hunter mission and put a rubber band around the trigger. It takes maintenance on occasion. It’s usually ammo. Everything else regens, and air cannisters drop a lot. So I have to walk forward and back sometimes or actually loop around the body pile to find ammo. I use the action skill as frequently as I notice. Meanwhile I can pay attention to other things in the house while this is going. Or play with my ipad or Wii U. Do the dishes. Or the side missions on the map.
Once I’m at 70 for all I’ll reset some playthroughs in UVHM, respec and play. Maybe even dropping all gear into a mule first so I can experience a “fresh”, non-leveling playthrough and earn all my gear again. So I think this is very telling for me. I’d like to see Gearbox incorporate this idea next time: if I reach max level and beat all playthroughs, why not let me create a new character at a higher starting level, if not max level? At the very least, let me duplicate my whole character save at any level so I can very easily run multiple types of Jacks.
I’m definitely going to experiment with a variety of builds at 70. And I’ll play around with the grinder. Embarrass the Bosses (I want to get to the point where I can beat the hardest bosses in less than 10 minutes). Stomp the Arena match at Cake 9. Go for a money-is-power-stack marathon one day for a reset playthrough on Jack @ 70.
At some point I was doing the first mission of the game for Lady Hammerlock in UVHM and then resetting my playthrough and repeat to powerlevel. But that’s a lot more hands on. It was interesting that my action skill (middle tree focussed) could kill everything for me on the way to Jack with just about 4 activations. I would walk into each room, throw the action skill, look at something on my iphone/ipad for 30 seconds and then move on again.
Another more hands on powerlevel method I want to try is repeating the arena match at Cake 1. Some downsides to it, but it’s way more fun, plus you get mission Xp + enemy xp.

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Here are some things that may convince you to try it again.

You get higher odds of better results by configuring the arena differently. Look at the chests as you configure.

You don’t always face what’s his name in the third round.

You get to fight enemies in an interesting, repeatable, fast moving arena.

There’s a respec machine and vendors.

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I know how you feel. Sometimes it bothers me more than I realize too. I find that it helps to revisit the problem later and go fight the other stuff in the game, play other dudes, look for better gear, etc…

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I’d like to see corrosive damage CREATE acid crit points on your enemies. So you could then start targeting another crit point on them. Probably seems too close to slag. But it sounds interesting.

(wodny) #18

I finished a campaign with Aurelia and I was farming Odjurymir like crazy. Still no Avalanche for me but I got so many good guns so I will not complain.

(Cobra951) #19

The very last thing I did was the Temple of Boom mission with my Lv-55 Jack in Claptastic, where (as in every other run through this mission) I saved & quit out as I was falling into the void on my way out of it. By then, the objective counted as complete, so I reloaded and went after the shield reward. I need to do something different as I’m running for my life out of the temple. I always get bounced into the ether by that jump pad. Frustrating.

(Matrixneo42) #20

Maybe try jump and boost a lot? Use an acrobatic oz kit to help? I think jumping and boosting moves faster than pure running.