What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

My COM usage thus far was all Entrepreneur until I managed to grind that Celestial Doppelganger. If there were decent CEOs I don’t remember them; certainly there weren’t any since level 40 so even if they hadn’t been fed to the grinder they’d be obsolete by now anyway. As far as I can tell, the only Maliwan cryo weapon any of my characters has is Aurelia’s level 23 Jericho…

Running around killing stuff in Eleseer got him to 48, point in Just Compensation to bring it to 5/5. Five cycles through the vending machines finally turned up a green adaptive. Not good, but good enough. Naturally the items of the day were heavily biased towards COMs since I was looking for a shield. :roll_eyes:

Jack vs. Sentinel, round 3, fight! The bigger and more appropriate shield, plus the more damaging shotgun, made the difference. I tried circling around to avoid the pools, and I guess partially succeeded. I thought I’d failed again at the end, but instead of the usual yo-yo of death he just bounced back up and stayed up. I thought he was still in FFYL for a while until I noticed everything was in normal color and there was no timer bar anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

Farming a shock Rosie took about 20 tries. At least Athena will have some decent stuff at 48 for her turn at the Sentinel.

With 1.5 levels to go before 50, I guess it’s :man_farmer: time for xp. Are there notably good xp-farming methods in TPS? In BL2 I’d blow away varkid pods, but I don’t recall anything similar here.


Red Belly, RK5, Iwajira, and the Guardian hunter mission. The latter being the closest to the Varkid pod method.

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I use this one for myself and power leveling as I believe it is one of the better XP Farms that he lists. The only drawback is “No, No, No, you supposed to wound them, not kill them” or a similar version over and over.

I’ve farmed a “Glitch” SMG from Claptraps DLC. Grinding XP for yourself, I usually re-farm the Gun I’m using about every 2 or 3 levels


I’m working with Fragtrap to dial in some combat strategies.

  • Previously, I kept a full loadout of four instances of each element and weapon type (for whatever subroutine he rolls from the Fragmented Fragtrap tree). There was a lot of overhead in working around these, but in combat, I found that there were some combinations that I just didn’t use. If, for example, shotguns comes up, freezing an enemy and using an explosive shotgun against the target works quite well. If if assault rifles comes up, I’ll use a Tesla grenade to get shields down, at which point I just need a fire and corrosive instance. I’ll be grooming his loadout accordingly.

  • To take advantage of the healing novas from You’re… GOING TO LOVE ME, I sort of need to freeze the enemy then shatter them from point blank range so I’m sitting in the nova. The effect is apparently pretty instantaneous.

  • I LOVE Repulsive. +11 points knocks enemies hard.

  • I need to remember to keep High Fives Guys up… I keep forgetting that it’s a free buff that just takes a sec to enable (and it’s relatively easy to get an enemy to melee you for the bonus fire rate).

Fragtrap’s combat mechanic animations are wonderful.

I’m not sure anyone ever figured out what this amounted to.


I’m sure that works well during UVHM, but it’s completely useless as a means to reach 50. The mission grenade mod is level 50, and you have to equip it before the guardians come out… Oh well.

Visited Drongo (looking for a Fatale, because why not), Sterwin to discover the flaw in the Guardian Hunter quest, RK5 because it was nearby, then finished with Iwajira, ding 49. The level 44 Pitchfork is in the bank, but it probably wouldn’t have been that great against a level 52 RK5. The Ravager did fine, if less impressive than the Pitchfork was earlier. :slight_smile: Decent moonstone income, no particularly interesting drops from either boss. Maybe the grinder will do something helpful with all this new raw material, though.

That just means that the Bureau of Large Round Numbers has granted you a new BAR-related icon to go under your xp bar.

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Right, but do the new icons mean anything? This thread was a previous investigation into their meaning. They seem to follow a pattern as they increase, but if there’s no meaning to the icons other than being associated with a range of rank values, what’s the point when you can just look at the rank value itself? Some developer went through the steps of drawing those icons and ascribing them to rank value ranges, and it’s still weird to me that it was done… arbitrarily?

If you asked someone what their badass rank was, would, “I’m a two-shell shotgun” make more sense than, “My BAR is 26522”?


I didn’t even realise there were icons associated with BAR in TPS! Investigation is called for…


Check that other thread… it really looks like they progress at a set rate, with a new icon coming up every thousand ranks.

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Wow, I’ve played this game a ton and definitely did not notice those symbols. That is interesting.

I completely agree. Blame it on wacky Australians, I guess. :man_shrugging:

I don’t think there’s any other kind (of Australian, that is) :koala:

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His action skills are great and so over the top.

Yeah … -ish… I found Clappy to be correctly designed, in the sense that it’s a functional character to play, but captures the randomness, absurdity, and mixture of humorous and annoying that we all know and …, well know, about Claptrap. I just didn’t find it worth exploring past Pirate Ship Mode. I started putting points into its other tree (the right-side tree is so random and annoying that as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t exist :neutral_face:) and realized I just didn’t care when I gained a level. Bank mule! But yeah, often funny while it lasted. Except when it was annoying (funzerking :unamused:).

On topic - moved gear around (much of it to the aforementioned mule shaped like a trash can), then Jack did another round of xp/gear farming. No Fatale from Drongo yet. Hit Clap-lek hoping for that Hyperion legendary Oz kit, but no luck. Since he was there, may as well kill Eghood too - level 48 Blowfly. Not what I was looking for, but sure, I’ll take it. Then another Iwajira kill; the level 50 blue adaptive shield should be good in another 2/3 of a level, have to see what the grinder makes of the rest of the drops.

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They’re visible to other players when you co-op, so you can use it as a quick check to see if someone has modified their BAR or something along those lines when you jump into their game.


There’s no legend for the icons to imply meaning though. If a friend and I join your game, and you see me with an assault rifle and a single clip and another guy with a stack of coins, what does that tell you about our ranks? Does it show something else if they’ve been modified?

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Jack’s end-of-TVHM xp farm continues. Drongo dropped a Fatale, so one item is checked off the list. Still no luck with Clap-lek, but Jack did the Cannibal Corpse challenge on Eghood while he was there. Onward to Iwajira, about 15% of a level left to go, yay. Might actually do some grinder-farming next time with these assorted non-useful purples.

I’m seeing one down side to Just Compensation - I wish I could toggle off auto-pickup of grenade ammo. Still, a problem that’s solved by constantly chucking grenades at anyone in sight is not bad as problems go. :slight_smile:


Mostly grinder-farming tonight. A new Celestial Doppleganger was easy; weapon grinding turned up a Flakker. Working on grenades and Oz kits ran into the problem that one can’t moonstone grind three purples to a legendary in those categories. Multiple attempts at getting there by luck failed, and even if they succeeded the odds are against a Quasar or 3DD1E being the result.

One last run at Clap-lek, still no drop. The Marcus machine on the way had a nice purple cryo Snider, though. Aurelia will love that someday. Over to visit Felicity, dinged 50 just before reaching her. Always fun to flak large targets like that, but no drop (surprise!).

I’ll have to spend some time this weekend working on Aurelia to help free up more bank/mule space.


Athena, hopped up on a recently installed UCP, picked up the Nova, No Problem, Follow Your Heart, and Torgue-o! Torgue-o! missions ('sup, Janey?).

  • I like the Rapid Release shield… it’s as close to Backdraft as I’ll get on Elpis. She fires it constantly with a big pile of Conduit on deck, since it’s small enough to crack often.
  • She rolled a shock Probe for the Torgue-o! Torgue-o! mission. Thanks, RNG!
  • I didn’t know the Min Min Lighter orbs would detonate if shot… I always let them float around, randomly zapping people (which worked, but it’s not nearly as fun). Reload-tossing it into a mob also racks up Maelstrom quite well.
  • I think the Boganella might be the best shotgun ever made. Even if it sucked, I’d still use it… so f*cking funny!
  • Badass Bulwarked Kraggon (or one of its children) dropped a Longbow Fire Bee with sub-second fuse. :+1:
  • Athena might be my favorite Vault Hunter of all time.

I concur, although i see strong votes for the Doppelgänger (Timothy aka Jack). I haven’t progressed him much past 50 though, whereas Athena is my first (and currently only) max level TPS VH. She’s an absolute blast.