What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

I’ve been working on a Nisha “ricochet build”, using a Steam guide for the major beats. Finally got the specific blue Crapshooter class mod that boosts the ricochet skill and shotguns are all monsters now.

Just found out about Excalibastard and that thing is sweet with Nisha’s freeze-on-crit skill.

Farmed a Flakker a while ago, and once I could estimate the effective range of it it got damn fun to use.


What skill is that?

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That’s Tombstone combined with the Excalibastard’s special effect of 100% freeze chance on crit.


Oops, I mean the guaranteed crit skill that guarantees grenades and Excal can freeze enemies

There’s a came mechanic I’m missing here. If you wield the Excalibastard while Tombstone is active, all those extra crit shots take the auto-freeze from the Excalibastard? That sounds insanely overpowered. I mean, once you get a kill up, the mob is as good as dead, no?

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Oh weird!

I did some co-op today with @hattieinduni, @FunkJunkie, and @Semberas to get the “Who You Gonna Call?” achievement. That might be the first time I’ve ever done co op in TPS? Super fun.

  • Medbot is weird… I didn’t realize that laser could heal (thought it was just a quicker revive or something). During combat, it’s super hard to keep it actually on someone… needs to be set up like the medigun in TF2 (where once you tag someone with it and stay within range, it’s locked on). Still, if you’re about to revive someone, you can certainly tap their health up.

  • Badass ranks show up in co-op in a few places. When they join, it’ll say, “so-and-so joined your struggle! They have xxx rank(s) of pure badassitude!”. If you inspect them, you can see their rank count and icon. If you look at them from a distance, you’ll see their badass rank icon next to their health and shield bars. That’s the only place I know of where the icon is used without the actual rank count available.

  • Senseless Sacrifice involves spawning a boxing glove that flies out in front of you and comes back to hit you in the face. This subroutine would be good if you’re in a full squad and you’re the only one standing (it revives them all, I believe). I finally got the “That Helped, Right?” achievement too.

  • I can’t even imagine what four Claptraps would be like, all throwing their subroutines constantly. :open_mouth: In the shot below, I’ve got High Fives Guys active, and Hattie rolled Gun Wizard. It was pretty funny watching us all try to hit the ghost; I imagine actual mob combat with four heads would be insane.


OH MY GOD. TPS coop is so much fun!

We have to do more. With Claptrap, preferably.

What level characters do you have? Are they all 70?

There are so many good coop skills across the board, and dialogue lines that only trigger in coop.

I have tried this, for about 10 minutes. It was glorious. I’ve tried to rustle it up since but it’s hard getting hold of people.


Im skeptical, given the less than kind language I heard from you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But yeah @Adabiviak , coop is where the game really shines. 4 Clappys sounds like a blast to me


This was long before you came on the scene Funk. I think I’d still be able to draft you in now, however. :grin:


I meant Funzerker time :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time Im off Im harassing you about starting TVHM with those characters

Edit: Corrected a punctuation error


Thought you’d never ask :roll_eyes: :grin:


I’d rank it second-worst in the game, just above Nisha (auto-aiming? why would I play that character?). Occasionally Clappy’s action skill is very good (pirate ship, gun wizard), usually it’s meh-but-not-harmful (Gaige, Axton, Maya, rubber ducky), occasionally it’s harmful and you have to run for cover and melee against the wall until it runs out (funzerking, Krieg). :-1:

On topic:

Aurelia pushed forward a bit. Remembering that she had the Systems Purge made the last fight to take down Zarpedon’s barrier really easy. :acmembarrass: It also made the Zarpedon fight a can’t-fail experience, which is good since Lady Squishy would have a really tough time there otherwise. She still died between phases - Frigid Touch isn’t much of a healing skill, and the last Legion goon dropped her and hid. :unamused:

Anyway, Eye blown up, off to Quarantine as is traditional, ding 24, ran through hitting the surveyors and blue pads for the map challenges, and came back to Concordia. After Jack’s Clap-lek/Eghood farming I didn’t feel like doing the full Quarantine sequence with her. Not much progress, really, but that’s typical of her - annoying voice acting, annoying squishiness, meh… Hard to keep playing for any length of time.

Unlike Jack! :smiley: He did a last grinder session in TVHM, and got lucky - 3DD1E! :star_struck: Then off to UVHM. I see why people complain about it, the ratio of xp earned to xp required to level is significantly out of whack. Question for @hattieinduni or others who may have looked into this - how painful is it to do all the shenanigans to set up the UCP, and then disable everything but the UVHM xp boost? From looking at the UCP thread, my sense is that it would be pretty complicated both to enable and to edit, but I know almost nothing about this kind of modding…

Jack cruised to Concordia, ending his final combat with 285 Money Is Power stacks :open_mouth:. That seems almost as broken as Leadership… Currently a bit below 51 thanks to the bogus xp progression.


I have one of each, all at level 70.

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Ok. I’ll work on getting a character to 70 (it’ll probably be Claptrap) and we can team up for glory.

I’m surprised you don’t have one maxed out yet.

I haven’t actually played TPS that much, or at least not in any dedicated way. It came out just a few weeks after I started playing Bl2, so I had a lot of fun messing about with it but didn’t get into mechanics or work on levelling up, I don’t think I even knew what a Legendary was. Then I went back to 2 and got addicted to it and actually figured out how stuff works. It’s great playing TPS now, like rediscovering it.


It occurs to me that I prefer the increased count of game mechanics in TPS but prefer the supporting content of BL2.


My thoughts exactly. Thus the various BL3 wishlist type threads where many of the posts boil down to “game mechanics like TPS, with as much content as BL2”. :slight_smile:

On topic:

More Jack leveling. Did the Darksiders thing, retrieved the jumbuck (ding 51), fought RedBelly, dealt with the Meriff. Then concluded with an Iwajira run, though sadly Iwajira gives half the xp in UVHM that it did in TVHM. :frowning: It was amusing trading beam attacks with it using Ol’ Rosie. No notable loot; Belly dropped a Striker, but it was very close to being the worst possible Striker: level 49, blade attachment, Torgue grip. Stock was Tediore, so that part’s OK.


Claptrap was on deck, but had to re-spec after recent co-op missions, so he went to Serenity’s Waste for a quick fight with the Kraggons. So this one Kraggon comes up and hits me, which triggers a wonderful cascade of glorious game mechanics:

  1. He’s got Repulsive at +11, and that Kraggon gets launched out to left field with some explosive damage to go.
  2. 3DD1.e fires a zap at the Kraggon as it’s sailing away from me.
  3. Hyperon Punch fires… that thing takes its sweet time.
  4. The Asteroid Belt fires an Asteroid at the still airborne Kraggon. The asteroid passes the boxing glove and nails the Kraggon while it’s still airborne.
  5. The boxing glove from Hyperion Punch makes contact.

Vexed because I didn’t catch it on video, I’ve been trying without success to get that series of events to go off as smoothly as before. Here’s a shot of a little guy getting some of the treatment anyway.