What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

Melee Athena now is Level 14 and she just met Pickles, before that, she has completed every side mission available. It reminded me how I hate the To Arms side mission, I f i can kill papa crust, i will.

She is rocking a Level 9 Excalibastard, Maylay Shield, Blademaster com, cryo grenade and acrobat oz kit. Playstyle is just crit and freeze then stab with the excalibastard, activate the aspis when necessary.

By the way is there something like this in Borderlands The Pre Sequel thread? So i will not miss out on good loot and all.

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Not that I know of. I could start one if it would be helpful. Might take a while though.


heh - even if it was terrible, I’d probably use it. Athena has my Oxidizer, but she may let Nisha borrow it to test. Should be easy? The fire nova should be pretty obvious.


It might boost its DoT chance, and I’m sure it will proc the nova, but it isn’t really that great of an Oz kit. And I think he asked if any COMs boosted Hot Lead, not Oz kits.

But something like a Tranquility will boost your base damage, thus boosting Hot Lead’s damage.


The Zim is my go-to pistol with Nisha when I’m mobbing. All you need is one kill, and then the Zim/Short Fused combo takes care of just about everything else.


Started a new Jack so I can write up a companion guide to my BL2 one. Work in progress here (@nat_zero_six). Killed Deadlift with a grenade toss across the map - wasn’t intending that to finish him off, just keep his shield down. I think I got video, but I’ll need to check and edit it tomorrow.


Nice toss. You’re a regular Joe Montana VH101. :acmaffirmative:


That is great. Good guide for beginners and returnees like me, who completes the mission that gives you probe when i am going melee with athena.


Finally had time to play again. Athena took the next step in TVHM, visiting the Darksiders, Deirdre, Peepot, RedBelly, and the Meriff. Ding 36 partway through, which let her use the Cyber Eagle Jack had left for her. I’m really liking it on her now! I think it didn’t make such an impression in NVHM because she hadn’t started the CS tree then. But now it’s solid damage, very accurate, and pretty good at getting those shock DoTs out there. Good stuff! Might be worth a mention in the guide as a quest reward worth getting (though I’d think few players would skip it anyway, since it’s such quick and easy xp).

I’m also very amused at the Flayer having a mag size of 13 (9 base, 6/5 Gathering Tempest). That is so wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: The Flayer is absurd to begin with, of course.

I wondered about the Probe comment in the guide thread, but that explains it. I don’t do melee in TPS so I either complete that quest for a Torguemada or skip it if I don’t need the gun. Keeping the Probe never crossed my mind. :slight_smile:


Dude… it’s me. I use Spring’s Oz kit. :laughing:

I keep forgetting about Short Fused and the explosive output. It’ll take a while before I have all of Nisha’s game mechanics in the back of my head such that I can juggle them properly, though that may be easier now that I found a build that I think I’m comfortable with, and will probably park here for a while.


I would not have expected anything else, personally! And while it may never be anyone’s “Top Gear”, it is an Oz kit, and better than nothing!


Finished Normal Vault Hunter Mode with melee Athena. Would like to finished every side mission and level up to 30+ before i proceed with claptrap DLC.

Sharing my fight with the Non-raid Boss Sentinel and Empyrean Sentinel. Not bad for a first timer. Have not yet fought the raid boss one thinking it will be a few levels higher than me.


Decided I am going to (painfully) grind Athena up to 70. She was 62 upon revisiting her. Fired her up, decided what the heck and reset UVHM to start ‘fresh’, and had at it. I respecced her for gun/melee hybrid and have finally settled into a nice Blood Rush>Rend/Tear>finish 'em off with gun rhythm. You know, after finally properly learning the mechanics of all that stuff after all this time, heh. :grimacing:

About to go pay a visit to the Bosun now, and dinged 63 during the methane pump fun. Man, this is gonna take a while…

That one exchange between the Bosun and Felicity (“Suck on my best men, Vault Hunter!” / “…I promise you that sounded better in your head…”) always cracks me up. :slight_smile:


Minimal progress today. Shuffled some gear around, then took Athena to get her Stingray and reach Pickle. As usual, a shotgun blast to the face failed to harm him. :frowning: And as usual, hearing the little wanker’s voice sapped my interest in continuing.

I’m semi-seriously considering changing the language to Spanish next time I play to see if he’s less annoying that way (also worth checking Aurelia). I think I see how to do that in the Steam menu… :thinking:


I love part 2 of that quest also, but in part 1 you don’t have to rubber band or tape down the trigger, All that needs done is to farm a decent Claptrap DLC “Glitch” SMG that refills the clip on a kill (Gold Glitch will also fire auto after pressing trigger once), then setup about 6’ from the Guardian and start the Farm/Grind.

On topic, I have been hosting open games on TPS the last couple of nights, mainly on toons between L9 to L22 to push them around a bit and level some, anyone is welcome to join in (does not matter what level the toon is). Ifnobody drops in I tend to farm the Vendors and a few small bosses until someone does and pick up a side mission here and there.


Melee Athena is Level 30 and finish every mission except for the Invincible Sentinel mission, I haven’t tried it yet. I actually finished the game at level 27 but I Level up 3 levels in the Guardian Hunter mission before completing it. Also got a few kills with Iwajira and no drops. Sharing the kill

Got a few questions to experts:
Anybody knows why the shock spadroon isn’t damaging Iwajira? Anyway I just shoot him to proc Gun Kata.

Also the Lunar Launching Station enemies does not scale to 30 after you finished the game? I got a Level 22 shooting star instead of 30.

Also, can you still get the vibra pulse when you enter moxxi’s back door, or has it been patched in PS4? Cannot see the toy box.

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It has an extremely short range, about 3 meters or so.

Almost none of the areas in any Borderlands game scale up in NVHM. That is only a feature in UVHM, and when you complete TVHM.

It was patched 10/29/15, and I’m sure it was included in the Handsome Collection.


Thanks for clarifying it.

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Just cleaned up some side quests on my “TPS Basice” play-through, and did the running around Concordia to find all the features and track down the jamming signal quest. Also finally got a chance to edit and upload my Deadlift kill from the other day. Yes, it’s only NVHM, and I wasted more than a few chances at the beginning of the fight by firing before lining up the crit shot. But I’m really happy with the grenade kill at the end. Too bad that Scav landed in front of me so you couldn’t see it happen.


Yea them patching the Vibrapulse farm was kinda harsh. That was so clutch on my first climb through UVHM, I’d get a new one every 2 levels. lol (and it was nice to always have a decent gun on everyone)