What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

Yea them patching the Vibrapulse farm was kinda harsh. That was so clutch on my first climb through UVHM, I’d get a new one every 2 levels. lol (and it was nice to always have a decent gun on everyone)


I am now able to view some screen shots. Here’s what I’ve been up to on Elpis:



Melee Athena is still at NVHM and haven’t started TVHM since I would like to have a Level 30 Avalanche, so I started Claptrap DLC, finished until I can open Overlook, went back to Motherlessboard to get a Level 30 Morq.

A few minutes later I’m back to Concordia grinding 3 Legendary shields in a hope for an Avalanche. Result of the Shield Grind I got the following:
Supernova - 1
The Cradle - 3 (1 with Fire immunity)
Morq - 4 (You grind 3 Morq and you get another Morq)
Rerouter - 2
Fabled Tortoise - 4
Kala - 1
Reogenator - 1
Cryo Spike Shield - 4

Then I Inadvertently grinded my Level 22 Shooting Star with 2 Level 30 Morq and I got a Level 27 Shooting Star (good thing it’s an upgrade). Still no avalanche, but grinding is so much fun since, unlike farming, you will get a guaranteed Legendary waiting for you after.

And I also, do vendor farm in Concordia during the grinding and Got and Ol’ Painful from the vendor.

Before I called it a day, run a few times to farm a bladed Fridgia and still no luck.


That’s pretty funny.

I haven’t really found a good one outside of the Avalanche… am looking for one, actually.

How are you doing this? Two orange and a purple?

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3 Morq, I cross save my character so I can duplicate the Morq by stashing in Claptraps Locker.

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Three orange is a guaranteed orange. Two oranges and a purple has an ~1/3 chance of giving an orange.


Good guide, should be stickied IMO.

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Both of those should probably be linked (@Kitty_Jo?) in the stickied “Lootology” post for the Loot & Weapons chat, along with a bunch of other good stuff. Too many stickies, and you’d never see new posts!

Edit: On-topic, ran Jack through Triton Flats to Crisis Scar.

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Thanks… maybe I’ll save some high-end gear and play with the grinder.

Nisha rolled Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K. Got the balloons, failed to get Faptrap, and then did round 4 of the Holodome. I found out something new: shooting explosive barrels or volatile bits resets your Order stack, staving off their loss between skirmishes. In Claptrap’s memory, the barrel respawn rate is fast enough to be able to keep an Order stack alive indefinitely. As long as you can see and shoot one, you’re good to go.

Athena went to Serenity’s Waste: I love the Kraggon mobs there and wanted to slug it out with Deadlift. Then she gave her Oxidizer to Nisha to see if it could be abused with Hot Lead. Specifically, with Tombstone turning all damage critical, would this allow Hot Lead to proc from any hit, and would the Oxidizer then fire a nova when igniting something?

Yes, and it’s a little overpowered. Once you get a kill up so Tombstone is going, you can use Trick Shot to just spray the ground and novas will pop up everywhere. If they’re behind cover, just shoot a wall that has line of sight and if even one shot touches them, they’ll light up. You can’t see the nova behind the wall, but you’ll see a bunch of fire DoT start. The novas aren’t constant, I think because once they’re on fire, they’re “already” ignited, but it may be because they die super fast and I can’t tell. I’m definitely trading this to Nisha (who should get a singularity grenade… those novas are fun, but if they don’t hit anything besides the primary target, they just look cool.

In a vacuum, I didn’t see any fire DoT, but the fire damage was still wrecking face. The nova from the Oxidizer wasn’t firing either, which also indicates that they weren’t catching DoT. I’ve also developed an appreciation for Short Fused.


Funnily enough, that’s intentional! If you ever do the the mission on Triton Flats where you pick up parts of a laser weapon, Janey explains this to you. It’s interesting that they worked that into the game, although the implementation is incomplete (for example, being in an oxygen dome apparently does not count as being in an atmosphere for the optional mission objective to set scavs on fire. :frowning_face:)


Additionally, if you’re specced into Rough Rider, slamming the cover off of covered jump pads (like the ones found all over 0V3RL00K and P4ND0R4) will grant you two more stacks of Order.

I’ve never found this to be true. I often complete that additional objective using the dome near where you turn in white gear for To Arms.


Kurt, were you trying for that Pitchfork or was it random? I’ve been trying to get a cryo one for Aurelia (either 10% crit or 30% ignore shields) and the game has been laughing at my face with Invaders, Skullmashers, and non elemental Longnails.

I got one Pitchfork out of like 30 grinds, and it was cryo but it didn’t have luneshine. I’m still pissed at myself for not keeping it. lol


I love that they included this as well (I use it often if an enemy comes at me with a fire weapon and there’s vacuum nearby). It came up elsewhere in the forum where someone was showing fire DoT in a vacuum, stating that it came from Hot Lead. I couldn’t reproduce it, but Hot Lead in a vacuum were the only variables I was controlling.

It’s weird that you’d only get two since the skill states a flat rate of five, but that’s good to know. Slamming other destructible objects should do the same? I wouldn’t recommend a barrel, but what about Skag piles and the like?

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Curses! That’s what I get for relying on the wiki. :laughing:

Still… when traveling around between mobs, this is arguably a better way to maintain one’s Order stack from the previous battle to the next (in case I wasn’t maxed out). In practice, I’ll usually start shooting walls in the distance that are near enemy spawn points hoping Trick Shot will tag one of them and keep my Order stacks up until the engagement actually starts.

edit - I took Claptrap to Pity’s fall, mostly so I don’t forget the “hang” of him. Using a cryo Mining Laser and Load 'n Splode works pretty well defensively: reload, wait behind cover for someone to come walking in, shoot/freeze them, start reloading while let Load 'n Splode kills them.

I still haven’t quite figured out Hyperion Punch’s targeting mechanism though.


I have never been able to get the optional objective to trigger in that same dome, even when the scavs were quite clearly on fire. Indoors at the garage, however, has never been a problem.

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This is an annoyance I was aware of Waaaaay back when? If even 1 Morq is in your recipe, you’ll most likely get a Morq as a result. Same with the Meganades.

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When I grind a purple sniper with 2 vanilla legendaries, I’m always hoping for Pacifying Pitchforks of all elements/matching grip. :blush: ALWAYS! I don’t grind for any other sniper, cause I have them all already. :wink:
The Pitchfork is so much better in TPS than BL2. It’s a damn Boss killer. So yah, that is always in my agenda.

OT: I have been farming Iwa for a good Hail. looking for the blade accessory and all elements, matching grip. Pretty sure I have a fire one done already. But having troubles with matching grip and being on level. Damn 68’s and 69’s dropping… :no_mouth:


Still in NVHM, enjoying it so far. I farmed Iwajira for a good Bladed Hail but to no avail but i got the following instead:

Plus I got a perfect Bloodrush Kill on Iwajira (based on my standards).

I Level up from 32 to 34 just by farming Iwajira, then I pick up every purple I could find, grind it in concordia and got lucky with this.

Decided to complete Claptrap DLC and sharing also the melee kills on DSR and ShadowTrap

I am now on Eclipse and EOS. Now my question is can the 2 of them be melee’d or should I respec to CS Athena? I haven’t seen one do a melee kill on them.


Neither have I. I say give it a shot. Or a melee…as it were. :grin:

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Oh wow… what am I missing there? What game mechanics did you stack?