What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

EeyAurelia reassembled the bridge in Fyrestone, and then started collecting sidequests. MINAC, Chip, and then back to the Nexus. Took Id and Ego trap’s jobs, and collected that stuff on the way to Overlook. Activated the fast travel, and then dipped back into the motherless board to finish those off and corrode Clappy’s dignity. (Has anyone else noticed that if you collect 4 of Ego Traps trophies, activate the Fast travel in Overlook and go back for the 5th you’ve already collected it?) Corroded some dignity, helped Id get ready for the vomitorium, inflated and deflated the ego, and then headed back to Overlook. Gave that suppressed memory a laxative and then forced the Denial Subroutine to admit that it was in denial. Opened up the Subconscious, picked up the Overlook sides, announced the Byte club, ran into Felicity, and stopped just shy of trying to purge Teh Earworm. Next time, on Tripping the light Claptastic.


It kills things without issue? Aurelia can bring some pain with sniper rifles, so if I was using one that was actually bad, she’d probably still rock it.

For this run through Pity’s Fall, I had Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse, the Razorback, the Omni Cannon, and Kaneda’s Laser. Everything was snipe material there: distant targets got the Omni Cannon, and close targets got the Razorback (the Vibra Pulse and Kaneda’s Laser were “oh crap” weapons).


EeyAurelia exterminated Teh Earworm, and then tore through Claptrap’s sub conscious. Got a Laser Disker from Shadow Trap which was promptly used to destroy EOS, who dropped a Skullmasher. Parked at Concordia to think about next steps.


The smoke cleared a bit and, as it’s August, the Leonids are out and lucking into catching a shooting star that crossed the entire sky, I went to Elpis (grabbed Wilhelm for some Power Fist action against the Shuggurath in Triton Flats). He packs a Frigida and Ack Ack (among other things). This combination is brutal against Rathyd, as they’re constantly airborne so they provide Ack Ack bonuses, not the least of which is explosive flak (which gets multiplied in damage if the target freezes).

Sometimes I let the Ack Ack flack kill them, sometimes I give them a shattering uppercut, but sometimes I throw a Party Line reload at them for some fireworks.


I… I don’t know. Went to the pre-sequel to look what stupid names for my saves I made
Then found a Wilhelm save that was created just for mutator arena. Decided to roll him there just for the fun of it… After half an hour got 3:37 time.


Just after that decided that I’d do one more.


P.S. those might be the best spawns ever on this arena.


So I got inspired to fire up TPS again and check my UVHM progression. The obvious candidate to go forward a bit was Claptrap, who had a bunch of missions to complete for the Voice of Hyperion, Nakayama, and Jack. I kept trying to use the controls as though it was Fallout 4, which is awkward - self-immolated with a grenade a couple of times, and kept jumping instead of interacting with things. Other than that, and failing at Meg (anyone know what Meg’s elemental weakness(es) are?), pretty good. Found this along the way:

Also noticed something along the way, but I’ll put that in another thread.

Edit - this one:


I think I killed Iwajira once and then stopped playing.

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Aurelia rolled Stanton’s Liver where she went a-sniping. She cleared 100 I Never Miss stacks, and not wanting to waste them, went on a rampage elsewhere until she did miss (got ~120).

This guy was taking pot shots at me with this rocket launcher, but I only had to hit him once and get out of the way quick. Rerouter damage, 103 stacks of (+5) I Never Miss damage, Long-Range Killer damage, corrosive Custom Load damage, bonus explosive damage from the Omni Cannon, and other passive damage from other skills and gear. It was overkill for most enemies, but I think this guy was close.

edit - more Aurelia.

She’s great with the Razorback: you can still reliably hit from long distance for Long-Range Killer, but it really shines close up where she can take advantage of Whiteout and Winter’s Veil, which then lends itself to Cold Advance, I Never Miss, Silver Lining, and Magic Bullet. Turns out Magic Bullet works on you: I was in FFYL close enough to an enemy with the Razorback up and a critical hit that didn’t kill him still revived me.


Wanted to do something with Borderlands so I tried playing with Athena skill calculator and started the game to realize my Athena is lvl 15… Oh well. Cleared most of the available sidequests before robot factory and took out the factory outerior (forgot what the names of those 2 areas are). Picked up a couple of purple class mods on the way so I farmed for a third one in vendors and now I have a lvl 17 Celestial Gladiator COM.

Yeah, it does that. A good reason to carry a sniper even on a non-sniping build.


Every so often I like to mess around on an alt account, username Z8N-TP, and get to this point just to troll pub lobbies (actually go for the Sentinel rather than complete the side mission)!

Give me your Putti, scrubs!

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Ha ha! That’s great.

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Playing through with Athena for the first time, mostly trying out maelstrom. Never knew how powerful it was. Sitting at Pity’s fall at lv 14 for next time. I found this in a chest

Makes me wish I had bought ammo upgrades for rifles.


So I haven’t played TPS in a while, and I was kinda in the mood. A couple days ago I decided to start a fresh play and I went with Willy because I haven’t really played him much. I have a previous Wilhelm right at the start of the Veins of Helios in NVHM but it’d been so long that I didn’t feel like coming right in at the middle with him.

I’ve had some nice grenade mod drops during this playthrough:

Courtesy of some variety of tork badass:

And holy nutballs, Felicity finally dropped a Quasar for me, my first ever from her (and a pretty nice one too):

And another Bonus Package from a chest in my most hated map in all the Borderlands series:

I’m actually still using that Quasar and I just finished NVHM at level 27. Thanks to the gentler scaling of TPS and the general OP-ness of legendaries in normal mode, it’s still killing things.

Trying to decide if I should start TVHM or go through Claptastic in normal. Probably Claptastic since I’ve yet to take Willy through there for his unique perspective on things. :smiley:

Edit: speaking of perspective, it bugs me how his POV is at the wrong height. He’s a tall guy but it looks like he’s looking at things through his belly, with all the NPCs looking like they’re looking at some spot floating above his head because of that. :slight_smile:


Grinding the luck cannon for Nisha, STILL no luck.

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I’ve gone through Claptastic with Willy, hooray!

I came across a glitch Tediore shock 6x Splitter which made easy swiss cheese out of Eclipse/EOS. In fact I went back for a few more rounds with him for giggles and stuff to grind (as far as legendaries go, got a corrosive Fusillade from the story kill and a Fatale from one of the farmy runs). (That Splitter is probably going to ruin Deadlift’s day when I start TVHM.)

In the Department of Finding Things Out Late, I noticed that if he doesn’t drop a legendary, that second raspberry he does just throws out some more moonstones and other stuff.


Managed to pull a 14:34 off on Holodome with Melee Athena, I’m quite proud of it :


Aurelia did a run through the Titan Robot Production Facility… shame that map doesn’t respawn enemies as thick as it does during the story.

Anyway, I finally found one of these. I had heard about this weapon years ago (in BL2, but no reason it wouldn’t show up in TPS as a basic Dahl thing). It’s Luneshine too. Not that I’m going to use it, but the “Attack Defender” has been something I’ve been hoping to come across for a long time.


This seems rather un-Adabiviak of you :stuck_out_tongue:


It is!

TPS weapons (and more the skill layouts) don’t lend themselves to the same allegiance enhancements that BL2 does (with the singular exception of Jakobs, which Nisha can rock). Jack can rock Hyperion I suppose, but I’d still give him something else. My characters still have a slew of weapon restrictions so I have to use all the things in the game… they just don’t follow a single manufacturer line.

Perhaps even more out of character for me: I don’t use Luneshine weapons (though there may be a red-texted exception that I’m forgetting). I don’t have a problem with them, and if I took the time, I could probably find a way that would make them fit into my rule set, but at the moment… it’s weird (plus, outside of maybe the critical buff), their enhancements seem so insignificant.

Related, I only use a single non-red-texted Glitch weapon.

edit - avoiding a double post here: Wilhelm took the Bunch of Ice Holes mission. The Firestarta (or any laser like this I suppose) with an Ack Ack (plus airborne target) and Suppression? I think I’m in love.

Not to be outdone, the Shredifier is no slouch either. Dropped this guy in two passes from pad to pad (he’ll die before this magazine is empty). :open_mouth:

Classic Wilhelm: an airborne Power Fist through a frozen Shuggurath:

3rd edit - anyone ever do the Vengence Cannon trick where you get a glitched railgun (reloaded to the yellow setting) so when your shield drops, holding down the fire button drops a shot or two (but not the whole thing), but your cannon goes insane? I’ve never actually used that skill, but this looks like a hoot (especially combined with Overcharge and other fire-rate buffs).