What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

So it turns out those Eridian folks really don’t like Jack. I’m not sure why, but I helped him move into their apartment. He seemed to go a little crazy after that. What a funny guy!

After that, I helped a space traveler claim the moon for King Greg! King Greg sounds like a big fan of flags. The things he and Jack could do together!

Anyways, I decided playing through the game a third time was a fun idea. I reached Mr. Deadlift a little too early though (I was only level 48) and couldn’t use any of the shock gear I’d gotten to take down his shield. So I farmed the first mission a few times til I hit 50 and played on from there. As of right now, I’m on my way to meet our hero in Concordia! He’s gonna talk with the Meriff, who I’m certain will be a powerful and loyal ally. Oh boy!


So. My Golden Girl has finally hit UVHM. I mansged to grab a couple Thunderfires and a cryo (!!!) Meganade in TVHM, and used the TFs to grind myself an Omni-cannon, which I’m enjoying. With the explosion did more damage, though.

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Thunderfire rocks. I’ve only managed to find one, at a lowly Lv 34. Ugh!

Yesterday, I created a new Jack under my second profile, to use as a courier. While not as good as a mule, he will still be far more efficient than the stash to distribute a lot of gear among my primary-profile toons, which include 4 seriously overstuffed mules. I played him to Lv 9, got to Concordia, then splitscreened in a Lv 61 Wilhelm to grab him some moonstones (and level Jack up like 8 times in the process). That allowed expansion of the courier’s backpack to 30.

Earlier, I had looked on my 360 for pre-made characters on this second profile. Unfortunately, I had none. I was remembering stuff I did in BL1 and BL2, apparently.


Continued on with claptastic story. Found a glitched shotgun while killing that big thresher looking dude ( I swear, I’m terrible with names of things the first time through). I died a couple times but not because he was too tough, he just keep making fall off the edge. Anyways that was all the time I had. I killed him and picked up the loot. Can’t wait to see what the shotty does!

Later today, off to my sons house to play some split screen borderlands 2. Don’t get no better than that friends!

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That would be the Denial Subroutine (which I always read as “Dental Subroutine” because of the all-caps and font used in the game–haha!).

Remember your slam button. Stay away from ledges, and whenever something launches you, plant yourself with a slam. The only caveat are the damn exploding barrels, which respawn quickly in Clappie’s mind.


I finally managed to get the 999999k damage cap after many hours of testing and 3 different failed set ups. :grin:


I found out that it’s completely pointless to play the Claptastic Voyage in TVHM. For some reason, it doesn’t scale to 50 like the rest of the game after completing the main story, like every other DLC in the franchise. So there is no point running Wilhelm or Athena through it. May as well jump them into UVHM. Well, Athena I might do at least the rest of the vanilla game, take on the Invincible Sentinel, etc.

Got Aurelia a slightly better Celestial Baroness out of the Grinder. +3 to skills instead of +2. And forced it to make the stats slightly better before I accepted the new one. Then after all the work gathering purple COMs and Moonstones, I found a slightly better one in a Nurse Nina machine while playing as Jack.

Best the Invincible Sentinel in Normal mode as Jack. Working on the Holodome with him.

And happened upon a power leveling lobby. I had planned to play a bit as Nisha, but when I saw the active mission, I switched to Claptrap. The lobby crashed just a bar away from me hitting 50, but with a few hand-me-down weapons, I was able to kill Iwajira once to get that last bit I needed. So now I get to find out how the Subroutines will effect my play style with him.

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The 2 biggest things i want from 3 are the ability to use armor instead of shields, so that you can more fully customize what your character is weak against. For instance, it bothered me that Claptrap is weak to fire and not corrosive (i know that they explain it in the narrative that he really thinks he has flesh, and thats why) same with wilhelm. i want the option the play as a robotic character with a shield, so they are weak to electric and acid, and i also want to play as a character who is organic and wearing armor so that they are weak to fire and acid.

my second is the return of the sirens, as the lack of a siren class is probably the thing that dissapointed me most about PS

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Had a little time early in the evening. Pick up with Aurelia facing shadow trap. Died several times by him and another several times by falling. Had him down to a sliver and backed off something and fell. Got pissed, save quit and went back in on tvhm. Starting to speedrun through the story.

I’ll go back for shadow trap tonight if I get a chance. I just turned to level 36 when I called it a night.


Finally gave up and pushed Athena through “Eye to Eye” and the “Rocket Science” missions last night. The two combined got me from 61.5 to 62 - ugh! Debating doing a round or two of the Holodome, or starting CV, just for some variety.

Hmm. Yes it does. Did you remember to turn in the final vanilla story mission into Jack at his office (and get a nifty unique purple in return)? I just went into Deck 13 after finishing Vanilla completely. Everything is Lv 50.

If you go to Deck 13 and start playing in CV before you finish Vanilla (and turn in the last mission to Jack), then you can freeze CV at a lower level. So don’t do that.

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Having fun farming and mobbing. Captured this little gem :blush:
Not sure why I find this so funny…


Well well well, finally navigated my way through Veins of Helios with Aurelia. Just about got the layout straight in my head, then on to the Lunar Launching Station. If anything this place seems even more difficult to navigate. Quick question btw, according to what I’ve read the challenge Tread carefully should be disabled by a hotfix, however it’s still showing up on my list annoyingly enough. Is this the same for everyone? Finished off with Aurelia just less than one segment away from lvl 27. No new gear though.

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Dang it! Why can’t I like this more than once?


Farmed for multiple weapons with my nisha. Then i finished the main quest line in the claptrap dlc and then did a whole bunch of sidequests. Then i mobbed around different maps for awhile using different builds and weapons. Then i did quite a few rounds in the mutator arena with her as well. Had a pretty long and fun time with my nisha the other day


I’ve played and turned in every other mission in the game in TVHM as Wilhelm, and even advanced to UVHM. Even beat the Raid Sentinel. And I never visited any of the CV areas before with him. All of the maps were shrouded until I walked over them. The opening cutscene for the CV even played when I entered. Everything was level 40. 41 after I turned in a couple story quests.

Maybe this is a glitch I’m just getting, but it’s an annoying one.

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for what it’s worth, i recently tried going into the claptastic voyage in tvhm with a level 50 character of mine and everything started out level 40 for me as well. i ended up quitting and starting uvhm.

Currently taking Jack through NVHM. I’m currently in Tycho’s ribs, having blown RK5 away, and Zarpedon’s head off. I levelled up to 25 along the way. Got a ZX-1 from Zarp, and nothing from RK5.

Gotta say, I’m loving Jack. I just took a lvl30 Iwa out, with a lvl16 Loaded Maggie and a lvl18 Machine, at lvl25. Incredible.

Edit: Did it again to see if it was fluke. I died. Managed to get him down to a couple of shots worth and he would have been dead, though.

Edit 2: Went back. It wasn’t a fluke.


Last night, Willhelm was a cat in a birthday hat…
No wait, a rascist hotdog…
No wait, a liberator of scientists…
And… they all died.

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