What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

Guess I’ll be a bit under leveled. I have a bad habit of skipping side mission. Thanks btw its hard for me to leave bl2 and come to tps.

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It’s even harder switching between the two! I would go back and pick up all the level 17-19 missions in Hub of Heroism. I found it fairly easy to get through the main story right through the Helios section, but there’s a fight once you head back to Elpis on your way to the finale that you’ll want to be much closer on, and there’s a significant jump in mission level in between.

So just do all the side missions on Helios?

That’s pretty much what I do. My first time through I did what you did and went through most missions 1 or 2 levels under, but it came back to bite me after Helios, and then I wasn’t getting great XP from the side quests any more.

OK thanks. 1 quick question can I grind any 3 greens in hope of a blue or do they have to be 3 of the same general things like smgs or oz kits?

Nope, any 3 weapons; combination of 3 same, 2+1, or three different doesn’t seem to matter for whites, greens, or blues at least.


Thanks again. Your always so helpful

I think I finished NVHM around 30/31, but clappy was my first, so I tooled around quite a bit before TVHM. I never ended up getting him to 70. I had to throw in the towel around 50. Just couldn’t get into his skill trees. His dialogue in the claptastic dlc is by far the best though. Worth it just to play that.

No dlc for me atm sadly. I’m really thinking about a melee build for him. Not sure why I don’t play tps more its a lot of fun.

It’s tons of fun, just not as much content compared to BL2. I get burnt a little faster since there is only so much I can do on a fully leveled toon, and UVHM leveling is a severe grind which keeps me from starting a new one. If the DLC comes up on sale or something on the PS network, I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed it thoroughly and there is some fantastic gear to be had through it, as well as some great dialogue, especially with clappy.

Never tried melee myself. I was running an explosive build, but just wasn’t feeling the same magic I felt playing as jack

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My experience playing Claptrap in melee hasn’t gone well so far, though that might be because I skipped Triple Clocked. Planning to respec for it later. I kill basic enemies well enough, but anything big tends to be too much.

My day gaming in TPS was mostly uneventful. Got a Thingy from Iwajira. Tried to grind an acceptable Tediore Laser, but the Grinder was being extra stubborn. Did knock out another level as Jack. He’s got 2 points in Winning now, which makes Amp shields better on him. Back is 60 now. Probably going to do a little more Aurelia tomorrow.

Knocked out some BAR challenges with Aurelia that I did/found with Claptrap over the past few days; got all the ones in Hyperion Hub and found all the cameras in R&D. Then did a bunch of Holodome rounds with her. I don’t think I had gone there with any of my characters since getting PS4 in May last year lol.

Why do they have to troll you with green mods as rewards? I’ve never seen her High Definition one, it was pretty much the main reason I went there. I got a lv. 70 with max percentages, but it’s a friggin’ green. C’mon game!

On a more positive note, I did get a lv. 70 Tumtum Plunkett drop from one of the enemies. Oh yeah, and found a Black Hole in a chest going to kill Red Belly. But still, I want that mod. A blue or purple one, please.

More glitch farming on EOS, and seemingly never ending grinding sessions. Finally got a glitched, corrosive maliwan blaster. Ended up with not ideal, but definitely decent glitch effects of O4L4 (was hoping for L4M4 for this, but overload wasn’t bad when it came up). Took it for a spin on EOS and Eclipse. The overload glitch procced on Eclipse a couple times and ended up doing quite well on crits so I am pretty happy with this.

Then adjusted the skill distribution a little, moved the 5 points in marginal benefit to incentives. It is easier for me to swap a couple times to get a 40% bonus with 10/5 (CD com), and I wasn’t really utilizing MB as I would just continually chuck grenades to maintain maximum mag size and damage bonus on my gear with splash. This rendered accountability unnecessary so I was able to work in Inspire, which also put a smile on my face.

Took one more run against Eclipse and EOS with the new setup and annihilated them both. I believe I am complete with tooling around with the build and gear, and can turn my sights to finishing off the main story on the reset, with likely breaks to run the holodome, mutator arena, and shock drop (now that I realized that I didn’t run this when I could have earlier in the reset).

I’ll sign your petition, if you make one. :wink:

Wait till you play claptrap arena in lower lvls they will troll you with white rewards if your that unlucky from the chests

Did 5x lvl 9 claptrap arena was hoping to find a purple maximal or hypocritical adaptive shield but freekin hell it just gave me a blue maximal one. Even haymaker is better than that. I was better off farming iwajira

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Finiahed off “Veins” with Wilhelm, and it went much better than the previous night although I have no idea why. Ill take it, though! Ground up a bunch of gear and then went into NVHM just to check some facts, but also picked up a fair amount of moonstone along the way.


It might be worth it. I want to say I got a green mod as one of the options for doing the BA round, which is just plain ridiculous. Definitely got one from one of the earlier rounds, nobody wants that lol.

Yeah I’ve done plenty of Loot Haxorz, I don’t ever go lower than three or five slices, but you will still see plenty of garbage even at those levels.

But yeah, last night I dusted off my 70 Jack and took him for a run. He’s ridiculous, I was using a glitch cryo Hyperion shotty, it got the red glitch and just kept on shooting for like 40 shots. I have a habit of wanting to reload frequently, but he’s just like “nah, you don’t need to do that”.

Also ran around co-oping with the 70 Claptrap for a bit. We did the Can’t Stop the Music sidequest (something like that) in Overlook where you kill Teh Earworm, then decided to stop in and kill the Denial Subroutine. I normally have no issues killing that thing solo, it’s almost laughably easy. But co-oping, he was a brutal monster and we got wrecked several times. Is it just me, or is there something strange about his scaling? We were joking around saying how the only options are 1p or 4p difficulty. Seriously, something was not right about that.

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UVHM Jack: warmed up on shock drop slaughter. I really enjoy this one, granted it is not very difficult at max level fully geared. I’ll always be a little bummed this is the only slaughter arena that isn’t repeatable in TPS (I do know that I can go back and the last round will spawn sans mission, but it just isn’t the same), then turned my sights back on the story. Traversed the veins of helios and took out zarps. Didn’t really feel like continuing on at that point, so I refilled on ammo to erase my MiP progression, and went to see the Bosun just for giggles and to see how the thunderfire did against him without any added damage from the 200 some odd stacks that I had (I tore through him on the story, but had quite a bit of MiP built up at that point). Still tore through him without issue, maybe adding 5-10 seconds to the fight from before. Really digging the mali laser focused spec right now.