What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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Haha, I didn’t notice that until you said :smiley:


800% critical hit damage on all melee attacks :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I pulled up good ol’ MPlayer to single-step through a section of the video. It seems to be recorded at 30 fps, so I started at the frame where the shield drops to 1685 (frame 856, about 28.5 seconds into the video), wrote down the numbers until 30 frames later (36218; no sudden drops in shield charge, so you didn’t take more damage; there were many instances of the shield charge staying the same, so the game was running at less than 30 fps). That’s a difference of 34533 shield points. The shield has a capacity of 61190 (including the capacity buffs from skills), as seen on the HUD when it’s full. The effective recharge rate should be 27935 1.15 * due to Wax Off, Wax On (-> 32125), Safety First’s regeneration rate should be 61190 0.025 * -> 1529.
That’s indeed a big gap between the observed 34533 (may vary slightly due to exact timing, the game probably scales the recharge rate by the fluctuating elapsed time between frames to calculate the refill amount from one frame to the next) and the expected 1529. The shield’s own recharge rate doesn’t make up for the entirety of the observed recharge, but the sum of both (33658) get pretty close.

So you were right, it is bugged. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to check it myself :+1: - I tend to be sceptical about alleged bugs, but just in the scientific sense, not as an attack on someone’s reputation.

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Yes, a lot of people will call something a bug if they don’t understand it, I know what you mean.

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Me and my buddies started a new game yesterday (bad timing with the PSN problems).

I already played it once, it’s their first time. I am playing Claptrap. So funny and so weird…

We are still trying to figure out how to approach the game (pacing, missions, lead, challenges, trophies, etc).


Right, but sometimes it’s more complicated than frustrated or clueless players. Just check the BL2 UCP thread for the discussion about the Blockade’s resistances. It was assumed to be bugged for a long time (even by the math-experienced players around here) due to its 38% resistance when depleted, but they found out it was actually working as described on the card: several hundred percent when completely full (remember, Borderlands math means that n% resistance equate to dividing incoming damage by n% 1 +, i.e. dividing by e.g. 6 if n is 500), 38% otherwise.

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Ok, I need suggestions. I have two through NVHM now on PS4, and i’m thinking maybe i’ll do it with a third one before taking any into TVHM. My two existing ones are Athena and Fragtrap. Who next!?

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Jack 100% jack

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My favorite character is Jack, but Nisha is also really fun to level.

I like Aurelia, but she has too many problems that ruin her experience at times. And Wilhelm is just plain boring, but he’s easy to gear and not particularly bad at anything.

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I did love Jack on Xbox. I was actually thinking about Nisha, so I think whichever one I do now, i’ll do the other of those two next. Aurelia’s voice acting irritates me but I can play with the sound down (I often do anyway), and I never did much with Wilhelm before.

I’ll give it some thought :slight_smile:

Edit: I started a Nisha, but I may just get her to Concordia and decide properly later.

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I’ve always only used the Blue and Green trees never have put 1 point into the red tree. And I breeze through about everything

this is about how mine is set up,

I believe I do have 3 points in Fuzzy Logic in my other L70 Claptrap, But this is about how the main Claptrap is set up

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Those are the only 3 points I have in the right-hand tree myself. Everything else is left and centre. (What you might call a social democrat build!)

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I think i’ll carry on with Nisha and start Jack once she’s finished Normal. I know what skills I should want with her I think, I made a level 30 build here, does this look reasonably sensible? Or does it make more sense to do the middle tree first?

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That looks pretty reasonable to me. Going down the middle tree first, especially if you plan to mainly use pistols, can cause a real ammo shortage early on in the game. The right tree is far more ammo-efficient, which makes it better in the early stages of the game.

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I hadn’t even considered the early game ammo issue, nice catch. Ok, i’ll build what I posted :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s a running joke on here that i’m a terrible driver in these games. I believe @Jefe and @Worblehat are the ones who make these grossly unfair comments. Here’s some proof about how great a driver I am, I completely meant to park where I did anyway so :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gives access to his best action packages without the really bad ones you can unlock

Laser disker
Cyro weapon of choice that isn’t a shotgun

Backpack in case you don’t roll one of your 2 or 3 subroutines for the main load out

Torrent/ivf SMG
Kandeas laser/badaboom/torgue launcher(probably best to spam butt slams to get out of launcher routine asap)
Spitter/hail AR
Slapper/88 fragnum/luck cannon Pistols
Pluncket/magma Sniper

Com/shield/grenade/oz kit of choice

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Which guns you do plan on using and what COM?

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For what it’s worth, I don’t believe I’ve ever made any comments…outwardly :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if it makes you feel any better, I think I failed that jump five times in a row on my first playthrough.

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I’ve played this game off and on for around 2 years. I still regularly die there at least once per playthrough :smiley:

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Sorry, missed this for some reason. I’m not completely sure but I like me some Jakobs, and she seems the best equipped to make use of that. Any advice is welcome though!