What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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For Jakobs the go to is the Crapshooter COM. With it…

  • Hot Lead becomes amazingly good when Tombstone is up
  • Trick Shot is one of her best skills, and you only need one point since the COM boosts it
  • Eventually you’ll kill thing so fast that Ruthless will cause you to just spend time in your action skill with nothing to kill, causing it to take longer to come off cooldown when you reach the next group of enemies. And Trick Shot allows you to not rely on you AS

So as such I’d suggest this, but feel free to ignore it and experiment on your own.


For you melee fans out there, you can both have fun and support a noble cause :

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I hate it before because i cant get to the jump pad, but when i dedicated myself in trophy hunting in PS4 and one of the achievement missing is the locations trophy, i found out how to get to all the jump pads and concluded that it is not a bad map afterall.

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Um. It is. It’s hell in space. Screw whoever designed it!

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It’s a heck of a lot easier to navigate than Sanders Gorge (BL1), which is hands down my least favourite map of any Borderlands game.

(Jsilvers) #2269

Nice. I went corrosive only Wilhelm too, after I hit 70 and had nothing better to do… It doesn’t do the devastation that corrosive did in bl2 but when you combine it with cold war, and power fist, it makes for some good fun. Its especially good in the claptrap dlc where there seem to be far more enemies that are weak vs corrosive. I use a marketer, shredifier, longnail, and a bad-a-boom to get up if down, all Corrosive and all with luneshine ignore shields and I think it wrecks. What weapons do you use?

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Umm…you’re replying to a post from 2015.

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It’s a continuing thread that started in 2015. There’s a few of them like this that just keep going. Feel free to add your own contributions and enjoy!

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Only reason I pointed it out is that he asked a question…I probably should have mentioned that bit.

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Oh, I see what you mean (followed the links back up thread). Yeah, that happens with these big threads. Anyway, I would be playing either TPS or BL2 right now, but apparenlty XBox Live is having a major meltdown right now.

(Jsilvers) #2274

Yeah, so. I still check the site, why cant I assume he does too? I get notifications on all my posts, so if hes still around he will too. Corrosive kind of sucks in TPS, so I havent found too many people that actually built a corrosive Wilhelm. Ill take the shot in the dark that hes still around to swap ideas.

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In your defence, his information does show he last posted something only 3 days ago.

(also known as brandpanz) #2277

I’m a sucker for element-locked weapons so I go for Blowfly, Globber, Viral Marketer etc. Even Thingy even though it’s hot garbage

(Jsilvers) #2278

I figured corrosive was enough of a hinderance, that I didnt want to compound it by only picking the locked ones. lol But, yeah the blowfly is useful, I dont put it in my 4, but I have it cuz it does a pretty good job. Globber huh? I actually used the Thingy for a while too but when I finally grinded and got the luneshine corrosive badaboom I had to make the switch. Not sure if there is a corrosive berringer, but that might be a good option too.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2279

Really? I think that thing is pretty decent in terms of laying down corrosion if not one-shotting things the way launchers might. It’s like a Pandemic attached to a rocket… I mostly use it against ground-based enemy vehicles, and if I miss or the shot doesn’t finish them off, those orbs will hunt the target down with a vengeance. Frankly this is my favorite part, and sometimes I’ll miss on purpose just to let those things loose to watch them do their thing.

In the context of other launchers for its one-shot ability? Meh (though I suppose it depends on what you’re trying to kill). For being fun to use? I love it.

(also known as brandpanz) #2280

It is indeed a fun gimmick but imo there’s very little it can do better than an actual Pandemic (and the ammo cost… yikes). But then again I’ve never seen a test of it with Afterburner so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Isthiswill) #2281

Been playing without posting, but since last I was in this thread I was probably coming down from cloud nine with Fr4G-TRP in TVHM once I wasn’t able beat enemies four-plus levels higher than me. Since they I have taken a Doppleganger to UVHM, and taken Nisha, Aurelia, and Athena to level 15. Honestly I have to say that I really feel like TVHM is more a waste of time, and maybe NVHM needs to be replaced with a a training gauntlet to get your first few skill points, and just lower the threshold by half for each level to get your through the rest of the skills quickly on the way to level 50.

The one take away so far is the replacement weapons (Penetrator, White Feather) are nice additions, but the man alive the White Feather is OP, which is fun to use regardless and easy to get.

(Black Cloud1412) #2282

I was hoping I’d get another one of these, and perfect timing, upgraded Wilhelm’s from a level 67 to 70. I’m hoping to get some more, but definitely satisfying to got another one. Also still grinding Jack up, currently at level 63, the long UVHM slog to level 70.

(Jsilvers) #2283

The thingy isnt bad, and for what I use a Rocket Launcher for it fit the bill nicely. Using them to get up after being down, the homing corrosive orbs were nice because you cant always see/aim when your in FFYL. But after getting a luneshine, corrosive, Badaboom I had to switch. But I still keep the Thingy handy to switch out for fun.