What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

(LunaticOne) #2284

been piddling around TPS the last couple of nights, waiting for a friend that needs help with the end boss of Claps DLC to log back in,
So I decked out a Level 1 Fragtrap with a few Level 0 Legends (sniper, shotgun, pistol), I was given by another Friend who literally spent days in front of the grinder.
The first night (sunday) it was a friends only game, we got to Concordia, slogged through Red & Belly, took care of the Meriff and saw Springs before calling it a night.
Last night (Monday) I made it a Open Game, we took up where we stopped went a killed Poopdeck (I killed him doors were to slow that time) killed the Bosen and picked up the hot AI, at this point it was time to quit for the night so we FT’ed back to Concordia and just as I was starting to Save and Quit, we had 1 Random finally pop into the game, Oh well.
Also at this point my Fragtrap is level 10 and main mission storyline is Dangerous

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2285

Will start TPS soon!

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2286

Athena just landed on the moon and reached level 4. Now back to my Zer0 melee journey…

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2287

Finished the first boss fight at level 6 and reached Concordia. The boss was not hard to kill, but it took several minutes & FFYL to locate him. :roll_eyes:

Vandergraffen as a guaranteed drop is very great, especially for Athena :yum:

(Black Cloud1412) #2288

Continued my slog towards 70 with Jack, hit level 67, so I could use my lowest Absolute Zero with him, and grinded DSR. Sort of quasi-answered (redundant department of redundancy) my question about how long you (or I) can just rinse and repeat him. Seems that every 3-4 kill, the mobs will respawn in Overlook, other wise it’s just a straight run in without the chance of dying, unless you get launched off his platform, which happened to me, alas. A pretty good fight, at least until I get a Flakker.

(Is this thing on?) #2289

Dropped my level 61.1 Wilhelm into TVHM to get the Wheelie Fast achievement, since that’s where I happened to have it free. After that, back into UVHM to do the run from Pickle’s place through Crisis Scar to Pity’s Fall. Generally had a pretty good run, and certainly killed lots of stuff. Disappointing to finish all that and only have advanced to level 61.2. The good news, however, is that the badass kraggon that pops through the ice during the final leg dropped me a level 62 Four Seasons, so I do have that to look forward to when I finally make it there.

(Black Cloud1412) #2290

Grinded DSR until just below 68, then made it to 68 against Iwajira. Aside from one death from being launched by DSR or a minion, didn’t die. I was semi-concerned against Iwajira, as I had somehow sold or grinded my Alkaline Shield, but he went down pretty quick. No idea which way to go for the last couple levels, but I probably should respect, as I’ve got shock spawning Jacks, along with shock laser which I totally forget to use during most fights. All in all, some pretty fun fights though.

(Black Cloud1412) #2291

repect, I mean.

(Jones) #2292

Got from 67 to 70 with Nisha today killing The Bosun and the mobs leading up to him. Quick runs and around 25k xp. Probably the most efficient way i’ve found to level so far. Now to farm 70’s

(Black Cloud1412) #2293

RESPEC…Jeez. Grinded E&E, DSR until I made it to level 70. Decided I’d go roll the Sentinel, cause I’m so awesome…Talk about a wake up call. Got my butt kicked a couple times by the first phase…well, one of the first phases, got past that, and failed twice on the third phase of the 2nd one. Once I finally beat it, got a sweet grounded Black Hole, which should be some fun, as this Jack has the give the shield thing to the minions. Lots of fun, although I think it might have taken me longer to get to 70 than with anyone other then Clappy, and that was just due to 50 being the level cap for awhile once I hit there with him. Looking forward to getting my gear nice and proper.

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2294

Athena reached Crisis Scar at level 9. Still getting lost all the time, but I found my first red chest without looking at loot maps!

(Jones) #2295

Made a primarily Boomacorn only Nisha build today. Is that weird? Seems weird. Well and melee, using Thunder Crackdown quite a bit. Not sure what Oz kit to use. Have Tranquility right now. I’m kinda drunk so testing is out of the question. Am i right to assume Trickshot and The Unforgiven don’t work with the Boomacorn? At least the Nth degree part of it

Edit: Does anyone else seek out a green or blue drop first from a boss when you see a legendary drop to see if it’s level 70? If it’s 69 that at least lessens the blow when you see a tediore sight on the orange.

Edit #2: Never mind this build is not weird at all. It’s freaking OP. Sorry for all the edits, but this whiskey says right on the bottle “smooth as silk” . And it really is. Can’t stop

Last edit i hope: Thought Chuck was crazy suggesting two fer Lucky Cannon as best gear but even without trickshot, it’s amazing for second winds in this build. Excuse my naivity ( a word?) to this game. Just started playing it. Don’t have gibbed. Is that taboo here? everyone uses it on pc. Wish i could. okay bye.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2296

If it’s got red text, something is up. If it seems plain, just ask - there’s usually some gimmick.

Talking about it is… puts Gearbox in an awkward position, as its use violates the Terms of Service of some (all?) consoles, so that chatter is kept offline.

(Jones) #2297

Yeah i’m sure everyone just happens to easily get perfect parts stuff all the time. I can see that. Did i mention this whiskey is smooth as silk?

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2298

Athena finished A New Direction, met Pickle, and unlocked the Grinder. No decent ingredients for grinding, though…

BTW: I suck at driving Stingray, falling off the cliff several times before I made it :unamused:

(Is this thing on?) #2299

There’s a definite trick to that jump to get to the map transition. You need to boost once your stingray starts rising up, and not before you hit the ramp. If your trajectory is flat when you hit that boost button, you rise higher but stay on the same trajectory, just pass over the lip of the ramp, and hit the cliff on the fare side. If you wait too long, you’re already in the air and the boost doesn’t lift you up enough (or fails to function, as has happened to me a few times - dang controller buttons!)

Time it right and keep your view point up, and you not only sail over the gap, but can lend pretty well inside the “garage” with the map transition.

Edit: too tired to English properly. Curse you, daylight savings!

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #2300

It took me awhile to realize that aiming for the ramp on the opposite side is a slightly shorter path.

(Black Cloud1412) #2301

So continued the grind, and got these over the last few kills of E&E. Now I’m wondering if I can stand the grind one more time to bring another character up to seventy. A melee Athena, I guess.

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2302

Athena got back to Helios and started the R&D mission. Both the environment and mobbing of this map feel so BL2-style.

(Is this thing on?) #2303

It really is Opportunity and Highlands, just indoors and in space. Hub of Heroism and R&D are both fun maps, as you say.