What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

(Sheriff Lucas Buck) #2304

Been playing tps mainly Co op with my brother, neither of us had played the handsome collection for a long while.
I’d had problems with the dlc crashing, continuously, on bl2 so rage quit😊
My brothers save game corrupted so he rage quit to :joy:
So we’ve both been on our first run through of tps, just reached lvl 40 with the baroness on true vault hunter and trying to collect some legendary-gear to grind

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2305

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2306

OMG these two took me an hour to finish, even with the loot map:

Jump pads are fun!

(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2307

Considering it’s a small area, the challenges in the Veins of Helios are very absorbing. I like it a lot.

(Jones) #2308

I’m on PS4 so only one Company Man for me. And it’s a non elemental crappy one with torgue grip. And it basically cost $15. Anyway, was farming the crap out of the Grinder for a good shock or fire Thinking for Athena (got zero). But i did get this, the parts made me happy. Then i used it with my hybrid build with Athena. Got happier.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #2309

Dropping a like for that Aesop Rock!

(Jones) #2310

Awesome! Don’t run into too many that even know about him sadly


Just a few E&E runs (he was on fire and also dropped me 2 Cheat Codes and a Luck Cannon that I grinded)

Got one of these which is cool

Then I finally got fed up with having Guardian Hunter open, so I finished it and turned it in for the second reward. I don’t think I’ve ever got this before.

(Is this thing on?) #2312

Decided to take JackTwo2 back out and start up normal mode Claptastic Voyage. Went pretty well - got up to completing the Fyrestone/Pandora cluster main quest but stopped short of heading back to Quarantine. Went from level 33 to 34 along the way, and got a nice glitch shock Tediore shotgun, along with various other non-glitch goodies (blue and green mostly).

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2313

After fighting him twice, I’d say that RK5 is like…alien Handsome Dragon? They share the same kind of annoyance anyway :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2314

Have you tried the RK5 fight while hopping between those two cross-map jump pads? It makes the fight way easier and more fun (I was nervous enough about it that I always lurked in the doorway for this until not too long ago when I first tried this).

First: scramble out the door and to your left: you want to get up to this pad, get the oxygen bubble on, and get in the air (this might be the hardest part, depending on who comes out) quickly.

Take the flight across the map to the other pad and turn that bubble on. Then practice jumping across the map repeatedly. If you control your airborne drift and ignore the enemies, they really can’t hit you, and you’re constantly moving, able to land almost directly on the opposing pad. Once you’re comfortable with this back-and-forth, lay into RK5 whenever he comes close. Got an “airborne” Oz kit? :acmwink:

There will usually be one moment where RK5 does a troop drop near the second pad, which will seem sketchy, but it really lets you lay into him with some close-range fire before flying away again. Also, a random shock attack may disable one of the bubbles, but the flight time is fast enough that the other can keep you going until the disabled one is clear enough to safely re-enable.

Later in the fight, some airborne enemies will start showing up that will still have a nigh impossible time shooting you, but they do pose a threat of mid-air collision, which will abandon you on the ground below. Still - you can see these guys coming, and kill them mid-flight before they jam your airway.

(PC / Steam / UCP) #2315

This sounds fun. Let me try it out in UVHM :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jones) #2316

Farmed the Sponx for skins today. Did it about 15 times with Nisha got 10 Fragtrap skins. Including a double drop. Did probably 20 runs with Athena, got ZERO skins… Is there something i need to know about this supposed drop? I want flowers damnit

Edit: got a drop with Athena. It was Fragtrap. I give up.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #2317

I do believe the Sponx is glitched and only drops Clappy’s skin. Or at least that was the case at one point.

(Jones) #2318

Okay thank you. I will officially retire from the Sponx then.

(Isthiswill) #2319

Running the Patch I came back to the game, took Fr4gTrp & Fake Jack to The Beginning of the End in UVHM. Boom Trap has been fun, especially with the Krieg action skill turned off. Battleship Mode has been so clutch.

Digijacks pretty much play the game for you. Seldom do I have a weapon in hand that puts a hurt on enemies as much as a Badass Jack does.

Then I started Nisha to see just how much I would dislike Showdown. The mechanic feels is so hurky jerky as far as camera movement. If the sensitivity of the targeting was adjustable it would be a lot funner and less spastic.

Once I realized that Nisha’s action skill was not going to be much fun for me, and that I would end up playing her the way I do Krieg & Zer0 (action skill only when absolutely necessary) I switched to Auralia. I was thinking the Diadem would be more like Phaselock, but it’s kind of like Kunia/ Deathblossom + Deathmark too.

With those two and Fr4g Trp I have really focused my gear swapping given their specific skill builds. Fr4g gets the explosive stuff. Nisha gets the fully automatic weapons for Showdown to make the most of the short interval and rapid fire sans mouse clicks. Auralia gets all the precision snipers with low recoil and good cryo weapons. If I get another Omni Cannon she’ll get it, as Fr4g has it now.

After getting so far with Nisha & Auralia, I started the third of the Furies, Athena. I was curious as to how the flow of game play would be using the Aespis, and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The way activating it limits you to hip firing was an adjustment. That said, I took the same approach I use for Gaige, which is to go tediore ( all types) and hyperion (shotguns) to keep up that rate of fire while I have the shield up without having to do much trigger pulling so I can focus on targeting and firing the Aespis. I’m still working on mastering the timing and application of it.

I have been rotating each of the three Furies through normal mode, and they are all at Home Sweet Home at this point. I think I will finish UVHM with Jack and Fr4G, and maybe go back to Wilhelm, who I think I have stuck somewhere near 66 or so, I forget. But with him I approached it like BL2 and skipped all the side missions for sake of getting quest reward unique weapons. I need to try and max him out and go through Claptastic. I respec’d him after the community patch but didn’t play much after.

I burned out on TPS really quick after the first go around because I got into Borderlands the spring before it came out. I spent most of my time working through the two older games, which really put a damper on TPS’s game play in contrast. Once I got the mechanics of the first two games down, the repetitive game play dynamics of TPS, and all the white Lasers from Lost Legion Soldiers just ruined the fun of the game. The Community Patch has helped quite a bit, but there are still some things I would love to see tweaked as far as drop assignments and the what not. Nothing major, but there are some returning weapons that have little to no utility in the game because of the way environments work (most incendiary weapons, of which there are many).

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #2320

I’m seriously considering installing the patch solely for this reason.

My first attempt at TPS was with her (no particular reason other than you have to start somewhere)…I got her as far as needing Moxxie to unlock the back door after the Meriff locks down Sanctuary before realizing that I just don’t like her as a character. At all.

(Isthiswill) #2321

Yeah, identifying with the characters is a bit of a stretch, but they honestly aren’t worse than any of the previous vault hunter characterizations in the side quests in the previous two games.

The mechanic of her action skill can be pretty slick with the right weapon. the Fast Talker and T4zer being key, but also the Company Man.

Today was all about loose missions I left undone with Wilhelm now that I hit level cap. I’ve yet to revisit Claptastic. I played through it on Normal & I think True to make sure I hit 70 on time, at least I think so… Memory is suspect.

The shock drop slaughter pit at 70 was a whole lot less stressful courtesy of a shotgun wilhelm build I cooked up. I’ll post it a little later with screen grabs.

(Jones) #2322

Finally got a good glitched Vlad rifle for my Nisha… Vlad barrel and grip, non ele, swift, 0440. Put on Crapshooter with +6 to Tombstone, +5 Unchained. Found myself laughing most of the time while breezing through enemies. As for her action skill… Don’t use it. Can’t see the beautiful purple crits if you do anyway.

Also, im curious… how is the patch for TPS? i had it on BL2 for less than a week. Made the game much too easy. Wasn’t fun. TPS already seems very easy compared to BL2. Can’t imagine what the patch might do.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2323

Did you disable certain things or take it with all options enabled? If you take the patch as is, it can certainly make the game easier… sort of what its purpose. I left certain options off, added some custom things I wrote, and included some mods that definitely make it harder, so it’s about a wash. I’d probably describe it like a really volatile late TVHM, but you can adjust it however you see fit.

The TPS patch will similarly be what you make it; if you leave everything on by default, it’ll definitely make it easier.