What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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Had some time away from screens lately but have returned to my life of sin and virtuality with TPS! Been working on my ice queen sniper - got her through the final boss while catching up on John Oliver this morning :grin:

I’ve forgotten how much fun her skill trees are. I love I Never Miss, although the pain of getting to 100+ stacks and then inevitably throwing it away… nevertheless she is definitely the most fun headshot character for me.

I must say playing her solo is a very … different experience to playing with a little Claptrap called… what was he called… @FunkJunkie in tow. :laughing:

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needs more funzerking

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Well I love Gaige for BL2. And nearly every change to her made her too OP. Especially the possible 300% weapon swap speed. Then add in all the added passive buffs, the Flayer, the Veruc with basically twice the mag size… I felt like i was cheating tbh. Idk just seems weird to have a different game than everyone else if you start ticking certain things in the patch.

To each his own. It’s fun for awhile imo. And the changes are great, let’s face it there are so many skills in BL2 that are virtually useless. Especially at OP8. But it just feels wrong lol. Probably just me.

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Not just you. :slight_smile:

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I hadn’t reached the end yet. playing catch-up… lol

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@Kurtdawg13 is the new @SomeRandomGuy11 :laughing:

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Those are some good shoes to fill. :blush:

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Finished taking Wilhelm through Claptastic in UVHM sept for the arena mission & got wasted during the Electric Phase of the Raid Sentinal Megazord thanks to a unreloaded Creamer during FFYL. I forgot that it forces you to redo both phases of the fight. Esc , Quit, end scene.

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Just had an incredibly awesome mini TPS session over my lunch break.

Took baby Wilhelm out to stretch his legs, got him up to level 11 and passed down a Wet Week (does it ever rain on Elpis?). I love the Sloth so discovering this rendition of it when I came back to TPS was most pleasurable. Aiming down the scope, lining up the headshot, then backing out and still getting a perfect crit from the hip… ah, Dahl.

Then I melee killed a Stolen Jetfighter.

All in a day’s work. Speaking of which I should really go back to my reading… :sleeping:

(Is this thing on?) #2334

Tried to take my level 61 Wilhammer for a run, but his inventory was choked solid with gear. So, a quick check and a quick run with a very low level Athena to clear out some backlog, then Willhammer was up to take on Pity’s Fall.

I almost got Poop Deck before the door did - the Vladof launcher I had got him to <5%. I think if I’d proactively thrown out a grenade or two first I might have nailed him. On to the Bosun, and I almost had him the first time but I’d forgotten to reload one of my weapons during the fight, so he got me the first time. Second time back in, though, and no contest even though I was initially pinned in the elevator by a veritable horder of Lil Scavs. After that, a quick detour for Zarpedon’s personal armoury, and then turn in to the Picklenator. Level 61.5 more or less at that point.

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I’ve wondered if that was possible.

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It is - even on UVHM - but you do need the right gear, and you have to be anticipating it.

Meanwhile, after a break I went back in for a bit. Willhammer fixed a Grinder, liberated some Cuties, rescued an Aviator, found a map, and scored some “treasure” before finally hitting level 62. Phew!

(Isthiswill) #2337

Been farming gear on normal mode for other characters to use later with Wilhelm at 70. Using Kamikaze Wolf attacks to one shot Sh4dow Trp and Iwogira (sp?) Is just ridiculous.

I went back to UVHM after a respec to a more offensive build with lazer perks (points in lazer focus for instance) but decided to use plan A from moons ago: Shock Hail + tranquility, Fire Hail. That combo made the magic happen. Sadly the Patched rewards were a corrosive Nasty Surprise or a Deadly Bloom. Level 18 Auralia just received a sizable influx of cash as a result of liquidating those assets.

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done it. yes it’s possible. Cryo-badaboom, iirc.

(Is this thing on?) #2339

I think I could have nailed him with a Badaboom - just didn’t have one, and didn’t feel like dash-boarding and going round the long way to get back to him.

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I don’t play console much anymore. Want it? :blush: I have a ton of gear! :acmaffirmative:

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #2341

So he can be cryo’d and be frozen in place? I gotta remember that.

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It was so much dps and with cryo being involved, it was a very quick kill. Damage multiplier with cryo being splash and impact being explossive. If I’m wrong in remembering splash vs impact damage i expect @khimerakiller to correct me. :smile:

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Played a little TPS last night. Level 41 Jack made his way slowly through Tycho’s Ribs, dying a lot of times, but eventually clearing the map (dinging 42 in the process) and getting to Eleseer. From there, I went back to Concordia and knocked out a few side missions in R&D because, even as OP as Jack is, I’m not crazy enough to take on the Sentinel at level 42. So I’m gonna level up a few times and then see if I can’t give ye olde Sentinel the ol’ one-two.