What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

(Rumplebunny) #2364

Shield of Ages acquired! Also, I’m glad I decided to stick around in the Subconscious for a bit to try for a Thunderfire as well. (Dropped on the first attempt even!)

When someone mentioned this gun was practically made for Athena they weren’t kidding.

(Jacob Wickersham) #2365

Did some mobbing with Clappy. Also am practicing some runs through the lvl 9 mutator with him, and holy hell is it stressful.

(Isthiswill) #2366

Fr4ggl3 R0ck hit 69 after beating the Sentinel in three tries cause I goofed off too much, and didn’t think to equip the reogenator I had. I also visited Iwagira & the Darksiders. I also did a few rounds of the Slaughter Pit and traded gear with Wilhelm since 70 is coming up.

I took Not-Jack to the Sentinel, had him wasted on the first run and got trolled. Using the Hyperion loyalty class mod, Mining laser, Heartbreaker, Lady First, and White Feather. Ended up hitting level 66 after doing the same runs as the Fr4ggle and doing the Guardian Hunter mission. Trying to figure out how to get him to 70 sooner rather than later. Next up, I either will revisit the Furies or get them to 70 doing Claptastic.

(Rumplebunny) #2367

Did a bit of Hail farming (hoping for a lvl 70 shock). Got a 69 frozen (better than the 67 frozen I had already) after a couple kills, plus a bonus Boomacorn, yay.

(Rumplebunny) #2368

Heh, this is my day for shift-code uniques! Just did some Felicity farming, trying for a Quasar, and there was a shock Machine in the weapons vendor at the start of the Titan plant. I had plenty of cash so I went ahead and snagged it, why not. :slight_smile: So, I took out Felicity, started opening the chests afterwards, and ANOTHER shock Machine was in one of them! I went ahead and stuffed that one in the stash for someone else to have once they hit 70, heh. (The one I kept for Athena had slightly higher damage and the crit bonus accessory, but a slower fire rate. Which is something Athena can overcome easily enough!)

(Isthiswill) #2369

My dearest Hannah,

Since last I wrote both Jack and Fr4g were bestowed their 70th accolade, and completed the trek through the ethereal inner-realm of Applause & Snares. The affair was relatively uneventful due to the familiarity their guide had after a recent roundabout with a rogue by the name of Wilhelm. Guided with Sherpa-like expertise, Jack & Fr4g acquired a few interesting items and quested about to and fro.

After completing their main endeavors the two chose to forgo the retelling of the tale of utmost magnitude and all seemed calm. Little did I know I would find myself in the cross hairs of the most menacing of bandits. She is as beautiful as she is sadistic, and before I knew it, I was tossed from our transit amidst the tundra.


Reginald Von Bartlesby

Note to self: Nisha is a bad fuddrucker. Ended NVHM at level 29, blasted Iwagira like it was nothing, ran through the Raid Sentinel lickety Split, and finished the session at level 30 or 31, I forget. Post patch I was able to hit 70 with the Doppelganger sans doing the DLC until UVHM but unpatched it took Wilhelm doing it in Normal, and maybe True, I kind of forgot if I did or not. The other Furies will follow, and I’ll put up a screen shot of my final builds with Jack & Fr4g in an edit to this post in a bit. Thought I got them, but looks like I didn’t after all.


(Scridation, Leader of Otters, best in Funk's collection) #2370

I discovered that this skill exists.

I’m glad that this skill exists.

(Has an extensive er-otter-ca collection) #2371

Just doing my job, ma’am :wink:

(self care) #2372

Beat uvhm at 54 with Jack. I really don’t want to run it again. On the other hand, got nishas legendary head from zarpedon as well as Jack’s legendary skin from the sentinal.

(Isthiswill) #2373

Still managed to post those skill trees, my bad.

Over the last week I took the Furies all to level 32, with Auralia & Athena finishing the story nearabouts 29. After that we did the Sterwin quests, and the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit along with Bestest Story Ever Iwagira, and Darksiders to hit 32 and get Heartbreakers for the whole lot of em. At this point I’m on hiatus, but I do want to take the Furies to 70 as a whole because I’ve enjoyed building them up so far.

Oh, and about Mr. Dopps and Fraggle

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #2374

My flakker and nukeum seem to have disappeared. Guess I’ll refarm them

(LunaticOne) #2375

Lets see, the last 3 nights I spent 2 of those nights running around the maps farming/reacquainting myself with the controls as I have been wandering the wasteland in fallout 3, Then last night power leveled several peeps to what levels they wanted

(Isthiswill) #2376

Over the last two days I took the Furies through the last leg of TVHM, running the same mission flow as NVHM with two switches. Rather than doing all the R & E side quests before the Zarpedon fight, I decided to wait until after the Picking Up the Pieces is available so I can do them all and not double back. The only other change to my flow was starting These Are The Bots before doing The Don and turning it in and then going on to do the escorting, which then ditch after I get the bots started with Tobie and go do Return of Captain Chef to pass the time and collect on the way to the Vault Elevator.

I didn’t have any struggles with Nisha. If Sal is Easy Mode, she is Demo Mode.

Auralia sniping was good to go in most situations, but I ran into a weird situation with the Sentinel where I got insta-downed. I could only assume he had some sort of Bullet Reflection I never noticed before? Also, it took me a while to realize the Min Min Lighter is the closest thing to an E-tech Launcher you can get in TPS and it saved my but more than a few times with Auralia. Yvette’s Regret head from Tales is a good look for the Baroness.

Athena really does grow on you, but I have yet to get to a point where I make any use of her sword. That’s where I’ll be headed with her build. Lifted a Thunderfire from another save and Maelstrom Stacks were working their magic.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2377

Loaded up TPS on console to try and gift a Flayer to a forum member in need.

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #2378

Just started my first toon in TPS the other day. Claptrap, because he’s RNG incarnate and RNGSUS has been pretty good to me as of late. My first legendaries came from vendors, a rubberized Pandemic and a lobbed Cryo Bouncing Bazza on my way to Bosun. It really felt like they made me wait for/earn that third weapon equip slot. Did most of the side quests on my way. Gonna rest my wheel back in Concordia for the night before I do some more.

Edit: Found the treasure of Echo Madre and Pickles’ long lost sister, courted some miscreants for Nurse Nina, sent baby Terramorphous to Pandora for Hammerlock, and turned Felicity into a bipedal (and then double amputee) constructor. Going to look for extra sidequests before I try to take back Helios.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2379

I joined @BTK420247 for some Claptastic Voyage. Joined up right around Sub-Subconscious. Helped with Shadow trap and then E/E. I forgot what a muther ■■■■■■ E/E is on Co-op. I think I died 4 or 5 times. and all were from the missile barrage of Eclipse. EOS is seriously laughable compared to Eclipse. :cowboy_hat_face::sweat_smile:

edit: my profanity wasn’t being sensored. so I put a space in there and like magic, i’m sensor’d. :hugs:

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #2380

After I got Jack back into his office, I met Captain Chef and kinda wished I could shoot him for that mustache. Helped a germophobic bot, collected Jack’s musings on his recruitment choices, helped Nakayama get a message to Jack as well as set up a dapper AI and eliminate a mistake he made named after a Family Guy character, helped a couple of my Claptrap brethren make a decision, helped out the AI sounding radio lady, and got Dean to chill out (it’s mathematically hilarious :rofl:). Sitting at 21 and some change pondering the Veins of Helios, probably going to check around for more dangling sidequests before committing ThisClapIsATrap to that path.
Update: This ClapIsATrap cut though the Veins of Helios to reach the Lunar Launching Station, but only after looking into lab 18 (who’s a cute little Vault monster?). On the way he did some stuff for Jack and Tassiter (both ends against the middle anyone?), took out Madame Zarpedon, turned off the laser, was upset that Moxxi, Roland, and Lilith would so something like that, and then doubled back to do some quarantine stuff. We’ll have us a little look-see at what is in the Vault next time.
Update the second: Vorago Solitude, and the associated sidequesting. Retrieved a snickit ball, escorted some bots for which someone may have been looking, and protected Captain Chef while he did the dirty work for some colonialistic despot. All before my first encounter with RK5, which took three respawns using a level 16 Mareks Mouth and a System Purge oz kit while camping in an oxygen dome. My first tour of functioning Eridian equipment coming up soon on How Jack became Handsome, or whatever title I come up with.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #2381

How’d you like this map? This is your 1st time going through it by what i can tell

(Jerk of all toons, master of none.) #2382

Yeah, I recently lost my Pre-Sequel virginity. :wink: Favorite part so far is when the game asked me to confirm Clappy as my toon three times. Still getting used to low gravity. As for the Veins of Helios, I found it less irritating than the Lair of Infinite You Can’t Get There From Here. I’m still learning my way around Elpis in general. I didn’t fall and die as much as I was expecting, and I expect it to be more frustrating with toons that can suffocate. I’ll find out soon, seeing as I plan on starting a new toon before I step up to TVHM.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2383

Ha ha! It’s the little things… I forgot about that.