What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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I remember if the Blue Screen in Claptastic Voyage is a little bit longer, I might have panic.

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I was worried about that when I first tried TPS and one of the reason I didn’t continued. Went back to it recently and finished Normal mode (With Jack) and played around with other characters. It’s really not much of an issue unless you’re careless. Even then finding oxygen is easy most of the time.

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This. I almost never run out of O2 while playing. And, when I do, there is always a vent/dome/room/lootable/enemy nearby to get a top-up. I never understood people complaining about another layer of micromanaging to do - just go shoot and loot!

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Well, ThisClapIsATrap took the tour of Tycho’s Ribs, and without hesitation headed in to Eleseer. Killed some guardians, respawned a few times getting to know the Sentinel, succeeded, was disappointed by the loot we found in the remains. About to start a new toon, but having a tough time deciding. I’m between Lady Hammerlock and Nisha (I’ll get around to everyone eventually, I swear). I’ll decide before I load up again. (Unless y’all have suggestions/compelling arguments. :wink:)

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Jack becuase reasons! He’s my favorite in tps

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I agree with @Piemanlee. Jack is a powerhouse and is imo the most enjoyable class to play in TPS. Incredibly well designed character

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Well, I would agree that he’s a powerhouse. And for many people he is very nice to play. But I can’t agree that he’s a well designed character in any way. Probably, only for the newcomers to the game.

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How so? I feel like Jack is one of those characters where you can really see some incredible synergies between skills in opposite trees which is always nice. He has very few skills that are often wasted or not very useful save for a few that lie within the Free Enterprise tree. If I had to pick any of his skill trees, his Free Enterprise one would probably take the spot for being the worst, not in terms of functionality but in general character design. I remember hearing I think it was Anthony Burch saying that they create a character’s personality and such then try to tie their skills and skill trees back into that character and for the most part I feel that it applies to both his Hero of this Story and Greater Good trees. There’s a few skills within Free Enterprise that just feel out of place to me. For example “Laser Surplus” and “Marginal Benefits” don’t really make sense to me. They’re cool skills but they feel somewhat out of place. One tree I absolutely adore though is the Greater Good tree. This whole tree is awesome and the cohesive them among all the skills is super cool. The whole idea of sacrificing the weak to benefit the strong is dope as hell and it also ties into Timothy’s character working as a clone/doppleganger to a Hyperion employee so his skills reflect his parent company, that being Hyperion so it’s no wonder his skills would reflect Hyperion’s, more importantly, Jack’s ruthless leadership and morally questionable decisions. The type of decisions that fall under the “Trolley Problem” ethic question. Obviously this is an example but as many may know you have a trolley on a set of tracks and it’s headed down the line. Further ahead of it’s current path are 5 people tied down to the tracks and obviously you don’t want them to die so the obvious answer would be to pull the level to switch the path of the trolley so it doesn’t hit them. However on the alternate path there is one person tied down. Either way somebody won’t make and it’s up to a strong leader or a sociopath to make that decision. With the skills like “Teamwork”, “Commitment”, “Accountability”, “Delegation”, and “Leadership” they all play into this theme of sacrificing your digi jacks or putting your teammates at risk for your own benefit. They all have a very strong, tight knit theme and they work great together. I guess to give an obvious but good example of cross tree skill synergy you could take “Leadership” and “Best Foot Forward”. Both these skills are great and when brought together is when they really start to shine. “Best Foot Forward” extends you Digi Jack duration for every kill you, or the Digi Jacks get. Now when paired with “Leadership” your Digi Jacks death is counted as a kill and thus can activate kill skills as well as extending the duration of your action skill. And chances are if you have “Leadership” you are specced heavily enough into the Greater Good tree that your Digi Jacks will die very often only further allowing you to leech off of them. If you were to say Jack isn’t the best designed character because he is arguably overpowered I would agree but only to an extent. I still think he’s a well designed character and isn’t that OP to where the game becomes trivial. But hey, to each his own :grin:

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  • Timothy’s skills:
  1. Bolster (The Hero of this Story) doesn’t really synergise with anything else. As for healing, you have pretty much better skills from the Free enterprise and Greater good skill trees (such as: Teamwork, Supply and Demand). And when you build him you pretty much want digi-Jacks to be dying, so no synergy with the overall vibe of the character.
  2. Lean on me. The firerate boost is not worth it for a tier 5 skill and the other part being corrosive shots is utter trash (as is the Venom bolts skill, which Lean on me is similar to).
  3. Persistence. Pretty much useless, because you almost always
    have your action skill active and have all the healing and shield regeneration.
  4. Resolute. Damage resistance and damage increase are too small, and it cannot stack, making it bad for a tier 5 skill.
  5. Compound interests. A bit weird mechanic for a not very good boost.
  6. His nova skills. You get a lot of crowd control which is actually out of player’s control, which is sad. And the novas also cause a lot of visual pollution, and that is quite a problem a bit more confined locations, like the indoor parts of Veins of Helios or Hyperion Hub of Heroism.

P.S. I do agree on Laser surplus, however I would argue about Marginal benefits. Although it does break the Bomber Oz kit free grenade chance (by changing the grenade throw animation, just like the Grenade Vent skill does), it synergises excellently with glitch weapons allowing to keep the needed glitch almost forever.

  • Timothy as a character.
    I personally think that he is the worst written character in all of Borderlands. Here is why:
  1. He reflects his company, his employer through his skills and voice lines. But the only one he doesn’t reflect is himself. What we really know about Timothy:
    He is a student who needs to pay for the college. This is already very bad. It creates the dissonance thinking of a simple student being able to fight better than the trained Lost Legion for example. And it’s not the case of like Sal being actually more powerful than Maya, some mexican (truxican XD) midget being more powerful than a Siren, a creature who has powers beyond the human comprehension. The second example is about ludonarrative dissonance, because Sal is only more powerful in terms of game mechanics. The first one is just about poor writing.
    Timothy is afraid of heights. A gimmick doesn’t (and shouldn’t) substitute personality.

  2. About personality. I noticed that many people tend to call Timothy Jack. And it’s true in its own right. People like to project the real Jack’s personality on him, because he literally asks us to do so by his appearance, dialogue lines, etc. And I always call him by his real name not to fall for this bait. This is made even more ironical by the fact that one of his best classmods is called Indistinguishable Projection.

  • Overpowerness
  1. Leadership.
    The biggest problem of his endgame is the fact that you get all your boosts basically by running around. You get all the damage, shield regen, movement speed and health regen by pretty much doing nothing, opposed to Athena where you have to work for your damage output and shield regen and you don’t have some crazy healing skills.
  2. Projectile spam. I was told once that Timothy with blue CEO class mod has like +125% damage , which is approximately the one of the Soldier Axton. But the Doppelganger is able to attach this damage output to the almost infinitely spamming Quad. Absolute advantage might be a fairly OK skill, if it wasn’t coupled (again) with Leadership.
  3. The two points listed above, I think, should make clear that Timothy can make any challenge in the game a walk in a park. If needed, I can go back to TPS to record some illustrations to the points I mentioned.

And of course I apologise for this giant wall of text and criticising @Derch ‘s favorite character. Maybe should have apologised in advance, but whatever.

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This ^, except for a few times on my very first runthough, I’ve never turned a air station on, in fact there is a BAR Challenge in the robot factory for running that length without turning on an Air Station.

I agree the “Money is Power” Perk makes him almost unstoppable, in fact after trying the others I’ve gotton L70 out, He’s the one main one, I’ve settled on to power level with

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Hmm, I do suppose there’s an argument for both and I actually see what you mean now. I think the strongest point you brought was in regards to “Leadership” which is a fantastic skill but now that I think about it, it’s true. You don’t really do much of anything to get your damage or healing. I would still say that his skills are all pretty cool conceptually and he’s a blast to play. I do also think his reflection of Hyperion and Jack himself is a cool gimmick but I agree that it can’t fully substitute for not having a personality at all. There has to be a balance. To put things short, his skills are all really cool thematically but they falter in the sense of player interaction and achievement. Great skills, but the player does nothing to gain those boosts. Excellent argument friendo, this was very interesting @FailyFailracer :+1:

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Thank you very much for the appreciation, I understand your position towards this character and am really glad that you understand mine. :hugs:

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Started my second toon today. Chose Nisha, because cowgirl and bullwhip. I only got as far as getting my first Oz kit and taking some inspirational pictures before hanging up my space spurs for the day, but I now agree wholeheartedly that air supply was needlessly worried about. Even without an Oz kit I could’ve meandered and moseyed my way to the objectives. Level 3.99. I’ll Ding 4 and move towards Deadlift when I get back to Elpis.

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I am the only one who likes the DIgi-Jacks as Pets. They are overpowered also, you know. :wink::wink:

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Forgot to mention, digi-Jacks are still broken. Although it was stated that the ”Roid Jack” has been patched, the damage from roid shields still applies incorrectly to the badass digi-Jacks’ attacks.

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Nisha (clever name pending review/inspiration) delivered and distributed some inspirational posters, dropped Deadlift rather quickly with the help of a shock snider (much easier this time than last), informed Zarpedouche of a soldier’s fate, avenged said soldier’s fate, fixed the moon zoomy stations, and picked a lock with a nova shield. Will help Mister Torgue destroy some sissy light guns and pass through customs at Concordia on our next Elpisian excursion.
Stole another hour. Got myself a Torguemada (feels kinda like a mini Flakker, not hating it so far), cleared Concordian Customs, upgraded some stuff with Crazy Earl, triangulated a signal, helped Deidre get away from her stalker, shed some light on some Darksiders, and then bullied my way into Crisis Scar. Level 8 rockin’ a Cowgirl com, RedBelly is gonna catch a bad one when I get back.
Stomped through Crisis Scar to RedBelly, staged a coup d’etat in Concordia, did all three Zapped quests, Grinders, and All the Little Creatures, Some Iceholes, twinked TheClapIsATrap’s Too Scoops and Razorback, and then blundered through Outland Canyon to meet Pickles. Called it a day at the Spur, level 12 wearing a Sheriff com now, will meet Felicity next time.
Made the trek to Drakenburg to tango with the Bosun and steal his military grade AI girl. Not too hectic. Picked up Felicity, and that sweet weapon equip slot, got the Cyber Eagle, found and dropped Rabid Adams, picked up the quests for the Boganella and the volt Thrower, and then called it a day. Sidequesting and building a robot army, here we come.


Thought I’d share this run with y’all, 3:46 on the Mutator Arena : I’m quite proud of it.

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Been a hot minute since I updated the journey of the Furies. Got them all to level 70 at the start of the Fyrestone Claptastic Quest after working through the main campaign doing all the side missions besides Pop Racing, the Poster timed quest, and the Weapon depository missions. I did do the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit to get those weapons for each play through each time.

So, I went back to my rotations, in order of most difficult to play to easiest, meaning I start with Aurelia. I have a pretty good rhythm with her and a decent load out, but man alive the Denial Sub-Routine was my undoing. So much trolling, particularly with the tentacles retracting when I went into FFYL, hits not registering, or minions never spawning during the fight. That and getting knocked off the map were infuriating at times. I ended up focusing on strafing in a circle around the Denial Sub-Routine while advancing towards him to prevent betting melee’d off the map. I eventually took the jerk down. Took a Shock and Cryo Hail, a shock Company Man, and a Storm front to get the shield down. After that it was just a game of stick and move.

At level 72 Denial felt like a freaking Raid Boss.

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Took Nisha (I feel like I should have a better name by now) to find a long lost sibling, play winglady for our dear friend Springs, smuggle some wildlife, and launch a radio satellite before heading off to get Felicity a new body. Too bad there wasn’t time to make a copy. I used to love her, but I had to kill her, as the song goes. Back to Concordia to have a look inside Moxxi’s toy box. Back to Helios next time.

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LOVE the name!

I really just popped in to say that.

But since I’m here I did take The One True Character out for some Hail and melee action. I thought I might add a vid of her to my Hail thread.

I’m well accustomed to dealing with roid shields but I’m otherwise a bit rusty. It seemed like the FOV was extremely narrow and had trouble finding my next Bloodrush target - so I’ll have to play around with the setting. Didn’t get any footage I liked, so no vid. The Sentinal is the obvious choice for a Hail vid but…obvious. I’ll keep looking.