What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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Think you could use it against Deadlift (just because he was annoying the first time), Felicity (is she splash resistant like the constructors I know and hate?), RK5, or maybe the Bosun to get footage you like or could use? Once you get your FOV sorted, that is.

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Do this @jefe show us why the hail is truly amazing :wink:

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While trying to get the above video done ( and that’s a big NO with RK5 btw - might work with a “Swift” Hail but otherwise it was a lot of missing ), Faily and I were chatting about his and Enderborn’s melee Athena runs in the Shock Drop Slaughter.

I occurred to me that I’ve never done it. Checked my DLC content and sure enough : no have!

Steam super sale 67% off : $1.87! Yes please.

Depending on the status of co-op partners tonight, I’ll be there to see if I can approach their times.

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Took PewNishaN through Hyperion Hub of Heroism in a most thorough manner. Did all of the sidequests in R&D, all of Nakayama’s borderline stalking, plus the AI radio lady, and cooling Dean’s temper before injecting PewNishaN into the Veins of Helios for a rapid ride to the Lunar Launching Station. She’ll clean out some of the plaque in those Veins before starting the trek to the eye.

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I’m going to co-opt this for my Loot Hunt gunslinger and rename her PuNishaR :smiley:

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Aawww… I didn’t know PewNishaN had a long lost twin sister. Teary family reunion, ho!!

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I knew it would be nearly impossible. I made my previous comment in jest

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I figured that when I finally got there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aurelia was the first.of the Furies to complete the Voyage. Ice Cannon status was in fool effect against phase one of the boss fight until I broke out the Chere Amies & Kala and was able to tank some of Shadow tr4ps attacks while getting crits in. EOS went a lot better after i’d figured that out, albeit I got cheaped on the first pass after nearly finishing him off from the bounce tube. When I did get him from an open area in the next try somw random after the fact missle tagged me and all the bugs despawned. A parting troll & an unending proletariat revolution for all my trouble.

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Continued having fun with my favorite thing in the game.

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Forgot to mention that PewNishaN grabbed a fire Machine from a vendor yesterday. Today she experimented with moonshot travel, collected some not so damning evidence for Tassiter, did a little quarantine clean up (got a Jack O Cannon from a Boil in the process), help test EXP loaders, and then picked up a couple of missions in Helios’s circulatory system to save for next time. Those, plus closing a blind eye if time permits, in the upcoming sessions.

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I have literally been trying to grind for the Flayer for the past 4 days about 8 hrs a day… Ive been using the Thunderfire and Luck Cannon with a purple Jakobs shotgun and literally have gotten squat. I am on Xbox one and am about to go insane. Am I doing something wrong??? Ive been grinding at Concordia as well as Nexus and no luck. Someone please save me this is ridiculous… I haven’t even gotten a SINGLE Flayer yet…

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I got my Flayer from Eclipse and EOS, if that’s any help. You might want to try there, I’ve had 3 of them so far

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PewNishaN took a trip through some Veins so full of holes and gaps that they could have come straight out of Trainspotting. Collected some parts to make a dollar store Dalek, detoured to a turret to provide cover for a rather sparse shipment of armaments, and then went to build the aforementioned Dr Who reference. The bot dropped Eghood, who in turn dropped a Blowfly (which I am hoping will help drop RK5). Next time we’re off to poke Helios in the eye.
(Unrelated question: Is the E-gun useful? If so, under what circumstances? Or should I just vendor it as soon as I exit the sublevel?)

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I missed the Dr. Who reference. I really don’t know much about Dr. Who.
So little time… :open_mouth:

I will have to revisit or look at the mission flow around that.

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CL4P-L33K is supposed to be a nod at Daleks according to the wiki, and “Eradicate” a reference to them only saying “Exterminate”. I am only familiar with the good doctor in passing myself.

This morning’s productive procrastination: Gave that naughty moppet Tungsteena a spanking, poked the unseeing eye, tried to Humpty Dumpty it to no avail, got a purple Gritty Sheriff com from a Nurse Nina machine in Concordia, did the trio of Vorago Solitude sidequests, gave RK5 the business end of the Blowfly I found the other day, and then kicked back at the beginning of Tycho’s Ribs. I’ll take a shot at the Sentinel next time I touchdown on Elpis.

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As expected, the Furies relative ease of completion of the Claptastic Voyage by character was dead on:

Aurelia was the toughest challenge. The biggest issue was the load out vs. Eclipse. EOS was a lot easier to deal with in comparison. The Bounce Tube on that Southwest platform/ island, using but slams to duck down whenever the Photons or Missiles were inbound. RNG Irony was in full effect when it comes to the obligatory legendary:

I put it to use on Nisha.

Athena was definitely easier than Aurelia, particularly leaning into the COMs and O2 kits to Boost shock damage. Getting Shadow TP, Eclipse, & EOS’s shields down is the biggest part of getting through those fights. Eclipse again was the biggest headache of the three fights, and it took me a minute to realize the easiest way to deal with him was to just square up against him and use the melee dash attack to dodge his missile and photon attacks. Doing that and then wearing away at him with shock weapons was the ticket. In an counter-intuitive turn the obligatory legendary was: The

In general Athena’s RNG was pretty Bonkers, I got 2 Fusilades, a Longest Yard, a Laser Disker, and an Omni Canon

So obviously a swap was in order, preferably using time-travel to make Aurelia’s go of it easier.

Nisha and a ricochet fibber with the binary barrel, yeah, nothing stood a chance. I used a shock splitter for shields and that was a wrap. Definitely like playing Anarchy Sal. It was breeze, and when the obligatory legendary dropped and it was a Flayer.

Basically each Fury got a great legendary that they didn’t already have for the only remaining challenges left: Raid Boss Sentinel and the Holodome on Aurelia and Athena swap, though I did pass on a Thunderfire from Fr4g Tp to Athena. But then I got a Laser Discer in one of the 9 boss fights with these three that I can pass along to Wilhelm now.

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Took PewNishaN through Tycho’s Ribs, delivered Tungsteena’s last words for her daughter, and then dropped the Sentinel. Nothing too awesome in the lootsplosion, but done is done. Back to TheClapIsATrap to start on a trip through our favorite nuisance’s subconscious. Both of my toons dropped the Sentinel at level 28, and I’m seeing a lot of 30+ dancing over enemies heads. Got him through to Fyrestone, a Fusillade dropped from a bandit, and we stopped there. Thinking I’ll take him back to go, grab a sidequest or two, and then push further. Does that sound like a sound plan?
Dateup: TheClapIsATrap dipped back into what passes for his cognition. The only available sidequest cost 200 moonstones, which he didn’t have, so he pushed into Fyrestone. Built a bridge, met Shadowtrap, opened Overlook, and then went back for every sidequest he could grab. Highlights: a Minac minion dropped an upgrade for his Fusillade, the same skin twice from two loot bugs, and a Rustler’s Flayer from a glitch in Overlook. Stamped Iwajira into kraggon paste four times to get enough moonstones to close out that sidequest, 2 hot Hails in the process, and then closed it out. A glitched Revolver and a glitched corrosive Maliwan SMG from that chest, and then off to meet the Denial Subroutine for the first time. One respawn, operator backed off the edge, but it’s dead now. Unleashed Shadowtrap, went to the Subconscious, and started the Temple of Boom. Game glitched after I escaped the Sponx, and I decided to call it a day there. Level 33 and some change. I’ll finish that, all the other side quests, and try to complete the DLC tomorrow.
Derpdate: TheClapIsATrap finished his round of experiential psychoanalysis, and all of the sidequests he could find there. After giving PewNishaN some goodies (Flayer, Glitched Revolver, Gatling Gun, Data Scrubber) via the customs locker, she whacked Iwajira a few times for moonstones, a level, and lols. She got a shock Hail, a purple Diaub, upgraded some storange and ammo capacity, and then headed to Deck 13 and a half. Tore through that until meeting Shadowtrap, picked up a couple of sidequests for later, and called it a day. Next session will be sidequests and the push to and through Overlook.
Where is PewNishaN? In the sub-Subconscious, that’s where. Did everything on the way. Got a shock Longest Yard from Teh Earworm, and some new glitched goodies (tediore and Hyperion smgs, Shock Aegis, shock Dahl Scout). Gonna go one level deeper and try to inception Clappy tomorrow.
To-heck-with-this-noise-date: a relatively easy trip through the subsubconscious, until EOS. Three times I had the bugger down to 33%health or so, three times it glitched back to full health and shields. Save and quit, same thing. Rinse, repeat, levelled to 37 killing adds, third times the charm and EOS took a pixel nap. A Fusillade for my trouble, I’d have preferred a new Flayer, but whatever. Back to the beginning, started with EeyAurelia. Got to Concordia, ticking off all of the sidequests on the way, got introduced to Moxxi’s back door and stopped there.
I’ve got to be creeping up on the character limit date: EeyAurelia pushed through Crisis Scar, deposed the stupid portmanteau, and called it a day at the beginning of Outland Canyon. She did everything that became available on the way. Level 12, just grabbed the Razorback that was waiting for her in the customs locker. We’ll see about meeting Felicity and getting that 3rd weapon equip slot next time.

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New post, because that last one looks too big for its britches. EeyAurelia went to Outlands Canyon to meet Pickles. On the way she found a basketball, destroyed the hoop it had been destined for, and then met the shifty little bugger known as Pickles. Relaxing tonight at the entrance to the Outlands Spur. The push to Felicity begins in earnest next time.
Update: EeyAurelia ran through the Outlands Spur. Nothing special, other than a corrosive TMP in a vendor that put down stolen Dahl jets rather quickly. Level 13 now, chilling at the entrance to Pity’s Fall. Gonna go to and through the Drakkensburg tomorrow.
DateUp: EeyAurelia tore through the Drakkensburg today, being surprisingly tolerant of Pickles’s prattle. After tearing the Bosun a new 'un she let Pickles edit some audio to get her into a secret chamber, helped a pretensious composer subject Elpis to his composition, wiped away the final traces of the Meriff, got Springs a phone number, and tracked down the treasure of Echo Madre. Next stop, finding Pickles’s long lost sister, and heading to build a robot army.
VerticalBriefing: EeyAurelia found Pickles’s lost sister, courted some denizens of Elpis for Nina, and did a little wildlife smuggling for her brother. She caught a train to Titan Industrial and stopped there for the day. We’ll get into robotics next time.
Point of Personal Curiosity: Am I the only one who uses the Razorback until I find a Diaub with better numbers? It one shots enemies almost all the way through the Hyperion Hub of Heroism and the iron sights make me proud of each kill. Also, does anyone else stay with the Rapid Release shield until they find short delay Tediore shields to get the most mileage out of Bitter Riposte? EeyAurelia is level 17 wearing a level 5 or 6 shield that still feels like a low capacity Antagonist.