What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?


Jack’s double was able to finish TVHM. Starting from HHoH he managed to collect 999 stacks of Money is Power before the raid version of final boss. After this fight he was at level 49, so after one more fight with Invincible Sentinel he is on vacation right now. Nisha steped in and started UVHM, right now she is resting in Concordia.

Also couple days ago, all the Vault Hunters were able to reach nice number of BadAss Rank.

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Currently on Elpis. Playing on xb1, if anyone is interested in co-oping.

a couple days ago, I did some stuff…things happened. items were found…

4th Prestige. :sunglasses:

edit: some days later…
I am currently downloading the Handsome Collection. its currently on sale thru Steam. getting all the heads/skins for BL2 and adding TPS and the DLC’s for it as well. Finally gonna have TPS on PC. Pretty excited about this. if I can just get it to download quicker. lol

Edit: Today is 12/26/2018…keeping the time line perspective here. lol
over the holidays I downloaded TPS for PC and had @FailyFailracer powerlevel me to level 32. Thanks a bunch buddy. greatly appreciated. that started me off nicely, being able to breeze thru most of NVHM. Stopped off at Zarpadon and farmed heads/skins since she’s locked in the story mission only. so had to set the save file to read only during this process. didn’t take too long.

I also spent a grip of time in NVHM after finishing off the first play through farming Iwa for Moonstones to max out my ammo and bank/backpack upgrades. that is now complete. :sweat_smile:
I’m at the Bosun part again in TVHM. parked it there and decided to start the Clappy DLC in Normal(NVHM) to play with glitched weaponry and get a bit more XP before continuing on in TVHM.

I’m also addicted to the gringer…

Also had some fun with easter eggs…

and as I remembered it, the machines are givers in TPS…

unwanted legendaries are grinded into acceptable items. :blush:

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not going to add to my already painfully long post just above. :point_up_2:t2:

I spent most of the weekend on Elpis. Trying to reach level cap and it’s taking a long time. :sweat_smile:
totally my fault, cause I get stuck farming and grinding for specific items to make my journey less painful. My addiction grows… lol I spend way too much time at the grinder. way too much time… :smirk:

stopped off at Zarpadon and didn’t move on till I had both head/skin for my character. ended up with most of the character skins and heads from that.

Spent some time here for BAR crap…crouch potato. I wanted the Dahl skin from that challenge.
These leeches also drop the Flayer.

got a couple Pro Rev drops so far. pretty cool.

I stopped off at Shadow trap hoping to get the head for my character. first kill in UVHM and got it!

from Red Belly

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I’ve been read-only farming Felicity(the story line mission) in hopes of getting the Voodoo Doll head from her. I found it to be more rare than the Quasar. took a while but it finally dropped.

I’ve always been under the impression that Felicity will drop the Voodoo Doll head for Nisha in the story line mission but not otherwise.

Post 1/7/2019:
Welp…I did it! I’m at end game level cap. I power leveled myself from 59 to 70 using the Guardian Hunter mission. Now, I’ll be living at the grinder trying to regear at level 70 as well as farming certain bosses for specific items.

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Claptrap ran a couple of maps and side missions. If BL3 has as many combat elements as TPS with the depth of BL2, I’ll be pleased.

My friend Blightbot and Hyperion Punch harassing the Bosun before the kill.

I love facetanking enemies with Disco Inferno, a Moxxi weapon, and occasional Friendship Nova.

…rolled Funzerker with my Cutie Killer powered up. :metal:

This is such a fantastic skill… funny, weird, strong without being overpowered.

I rolled Pirate Ship mode several times… I’m getting pretty good at managing and aiming the shots. That moment when that song first starts, and you know you’re going to turn the tide of the battle like a boss. :heart:

Funzerking a pair of Hails… :grimacing:

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… gonna double post here. :shushing_face:

Took Nisha out for the fifth round of the Holodome. Failed three times before I got it.
I like the Wanted game mechanic… when it’s one-on-one, I like to let them fill up a full stack and let 'em have it.

Afterwards I wanted to fire up a Flakker against some Shuggurath during Showdown to see what that was like. Definitely killed 'em. :smile:

I love Beam lasers with Nisha because she can lock down their recoil. I gave her the E-Gun because it’s “non-elemental” and the Vandergraffen (because that recoil is pretty rough).

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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the Grinder. trying to regear now that I’m at level cap. I have some good items, nothing to brag about tho. Finally got the zero fuse time Longbow Quasar thats a must for me and my play style with Nisha. its not max stat, but I’m thankful for that. Keeps me playing. Maybe I’ll come across it one of these days. it’s more utility than damage for me. helps with crowd control.

So, I’m going to move from the grinder and start playing. taking on missions and just having fun farming.


You guys are keeping this one alive. lol I haven’t been on TPS in a couple months, but I’ve been getting the urge to run around. Might have to just reset a story or something.

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Farmed E/E most of the weekend. working on getting good gear now that I’m at level cap.
Also farmed a decent Fridgia. that is an undesirable farm. it’s a bit of a hike…

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Do you know about the super fast farming method from the Lunar Launching Station?

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #2494

if you mean coming thru the backway, then yes. Still a bit of a hike having to use the launch pads that have a bit of a hang time. Can’t those things launch faster. lol I get bored and start doing twists and spins just to amuse myself. lol

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #2495

If you kill yourself (it’s especially easy and efficient on flame from the broken pipe) you insta spawn in the building. So no launch pads or opening 2 sets of doors.

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I’ll have to give that a try.


Ugh, it was a while ago but I spent so long trying to get a Bladed one to run melee Athena. Probably somewhere between 50-100 attempts.

I eventually gave up and settled when I got a decent Flying with no sight on it. :expressionless:

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I have an all Dahl part no accessory Freezing Fridgia and a matching grip mal stock flying fridgia that i use. I did some testing with the Dahl stock and non-Dahl stock fridgia’s. ADS burst fire is longer with the Dahl Stock which isn’t desirable for me personally. I like the quicker/shorter bursts. Allows for a couple quick bursts and then coming out of ADS while mobbing. I like that quick transition from ADS to full screen view. So I don’t like the Dahl stock on the fridgia. At least on Nisha.

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Wilhelm went and cleared all the side missions out of Vorago Solitude (and tooled around Triton Flats because Shuggurath).

An Ack Ack with a Party Line makes great fireworks

Turns out Overload won’t heal my neighborhood Loader who took one for me… I was sure it was going to, sorry pal. :slightly_frowning_face:

I live for freezing airborne Shuggurath and shattering them with a skyward Power Fist, where I float through the drifting ice particles. Wilhelm specifically gets the Kala shield for this exact purpose.

I’d like to invite Sterwin to the hunting cabin in Aegris… his commentary would be a welcome addition.

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Something to try if you haven’t…take a Stingray and accelerate into a Shuggarath and watch the insanity. lol You have to use the jump feature on the Stingray to launch yourself up into it.

Credit for the find goes to @BTK420247

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2501

I will :confused:


Nisha is on her slow way to lvl 70.
She doesn’t need new shield yet, but she appreciate every gifts from RNGods.

New shotguns are very welcome too.

She has found new Luck Cannon (lvl 59), but was so exited and didn’t take the screenshot.
Meanwhile, Athena decides to finish last side mission.

And practice some Maelstorm stacking.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #2503

Oh man, the Boganella could be the worst shotgun in the game and I’d still use it… that voice is hilarious!

What witchcraft is this?