What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

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I was planning on using it as my DLC grinder item to get a Flayer, should I not do that then?


Well the Flayer is really cool too but you don’t want to sacrifice a Laser Disker, it’s too good of a weapon to throw it into the grinder.
You’ll see what I mean when you’ll start reloading it on badasses. :wink:

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Ok then, will it help me with Eclipse and EOS?


Umm … unfortunately ECLIPSE heavily resists Grenade Damage so you won’t do much on him, but you can always shoot it at EOS. If you didn’t know, the Laser Disker does 100% more damage (multiplicative) against airborne targets and since EOS is constantly airborne you can deal some good damage to him with the Laser Disker. However he’s way too far to reload it at him.

But Eclipse and EOS is like the worst case scenario, it shines pretty much everywhere else.

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100% multiplicative sounds broken as hell, I like it :joy:

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You can read only farm the Excalibastard, it counts as a DLC weapon for some reason.

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Oh wow, totally didn’t know that! At the moment, it’s my FFYL backup… never shot it at anything in the air.

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You don’t actually need to shoot it even, because it gives multiplicative 100% boost to ANY damage you do to flying enemies. That is how Jack and Wilhelm EOS one-cycle kills work, for example.

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Wrong game :slight_smile: It would be really nice to play TPS with Siren and the rest of BL2 crew. And of course visit Pandora with Athena and others :smiley:

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/Waves hand…
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Can anyone confirm or deny the possibility of getting a Storm Front from the grinder? I’ve had Four Seasons, Nasty Surprise, Quasar, Fire Bee and Pandemic, all of them multiple times but never a Storm Front. Is it possible before I give up and just accept the next Quasar?

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It is possible, I remember grinding for hours to get a Storm Front for my Athena, but finally got it, and the almost perfect one.

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Heh, shortly after I posted this question, I got my first Storm Front. Ok, Rubberized, but it at least confirmed it was possible! Thanks for the reply.


Wow, that was some of the most intense 13 minutes I’ve ever experienced in a Borderlands game. Thought y’all would like it. :smile:

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Athena finally made her way to the Sentinel in TVHM. It was an interesting fight, I had completely forgotten the fight so it was quite entertaining again. As I struck the killing blow (Laser Disker reload) I was downed and had to bleed out while I watched the Sentinel die. If anything this made the fight all the more fun.

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My favourite moment with that fight was finishing the final form with the final shot from Pirate Ship. Unfortunately, I was so happy about that (and laughing so hard) I forgot to grab the video of it.

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After my fight with the Sentinel, I took Athena to kill Iwajira a few times to reach level 50.

Now i’m trying to figure out if I want to just do the reset thing until level 70, or get to the end of UVHM and do the Guardian Hunters thing. The reset thing sounds simpler and less preparation, but also sounds more boring.


What do you mean by this?

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Rerunning the first mission over and over.