What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?


Sounds pretty boring for me :smiley: You may consider farming RedBelly for xp.

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20 levels of Guardian Hunter sounds even more boring to me! On my resets, rather than just do the first mission I actually run through to at least until Concordia (usually longer). But that’s also because I still have other characters at lower level (usually 5-6 levels apart) and I like to hand down any particularly nice stuff.

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Today, with a massive thanks for the time and patience to @nat_zero_six, Athena reached 70!

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Well, this is a treat for you guys. I’m such a professional, you guys can only dream of being as skilled as me…


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You’re a man of culture as well I see.

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I took my new Wilhelm on through Normal. Final thing I did was deal with RK5, with some difficulty. I had no sniper rifles, and the E-Gun, my main weapon, only reaches it at specific points. In the end I decided to cheese it from inside the elevator using a green rarity Hyperion corrosive SMG I had in my backpack.

Headed to Tycho’s Ribs to kill more enemies to eventually hit level 26, meaning I can now pass down the next batch of gear from Athena. I’ll probably do the end of Normal tomorrow now.

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I remember my playthrough with athena in tvhm, I am spec into melee and the bloodrush dash can’t reach rk5, I just bought a fast firing gun in the vendor and winged it.

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I finished off Normal with Wilhelm, and I must say it’s been a blast so far.

After that I went straight back and did the Raid version.

Oh and the latter dropped this

Also, I always thought the fights were pretty much the same, but having done both back-to-back, I can now see the difference in difficulty.

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Well… I discovered Storm Athena.

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I did some different things today, after the Wilhelm stuff earlier, I decided to get the three characters that haven’t done Normal yet started and at least to level 10. Timothy didn’t exist yet so he was first, followed by Nisha (who was already level 8) and Aurelia (who was level 6). All three are now level 10, and i’m in a position where I think i’m going to carry on with Aurelia or Wilhelm. I really like the Cryo action skill thing, although I expect it’s not so great for later bosses. Still, she’s pretty good if I turn the volume down to avoid hearing that voice acting!

If I do Aurelia, i’ll carry on until Normal is done, if Wilhelm I might do the Clappy DLC story before moving to TVHM, he’s level 28 now so within range of starting it. Not sure yet but i’m really enjoying my time with this game now.

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Psyched that there’s activity in this topic, I went back to Elpis with Claptrap and snagged a couple of missions.


I lucked into freezing a Surgeon and his patient while healing was taking place. I forgot to check in the moment to see if it was active (like the patient was still taking health), but this still let me get a rare close up of the healing gun in action.

Funzerking a pair of shock Hails… much death.

edit - more Claptrap!
Who’s this?! Never noticed this before.

Rare? Loot Bug dropped it.

Of course this subroutine came up.

Marek’s Mouth is firing really fast here.

I think I have the hang of hitting enemies reliably with Pirate Ship mode now… got the firing cadence down with the music and all that. It is so satisfying to actually finish off a big enemy with the final salvo… first time for me here (usually they die early or I can’t make the shot).

Humiliated, sorry, ashamed… :slightly_frowning_face:

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I didn’t even know you could get these in TPS until today…


Well, during last session I was really scared. I had this weird bug of lacking any visual effects in game. Gun’s, grenade’s, slam’s and action skill’s effects even loot details and animation in main menu was missing. Every my character was affected with this, but after restarting the game everything works fine.

It’s pretty common skin drop.

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Reached the Veins of Helios with Aurelia. Got to the trio of vending machines and got both of these!!


That’s a lot of money for a low level character, did you transfer it from other plays?

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Yeah I had Athena give away a couple of 70 weapons, I hate seeing vending machine stuff and having no money :grin:

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I totally did the same thing when I would start a new character… I’d have one of my veterans go out and do a run until they found some Jakobs Grenadier or other expensive item, put it in Claptrap’s locker, and when the new guy gets to Sanctuary/Concordia: instant millionaire.

edit - took all my characters out for a single mission this evening:
Successfully leading the target as it flies around the map while I’m airborne between those jump pads is pretty fun.

I love the Flakker in Nisha’s hands for these fellas - one of its minions will usually die early in the explosions, and the rest will get crazy with Tombstone and Trickshot (plus these floating behemoths really make it easy to catch them in the zone).

I’ve rebuilt Wilhelm a bit… that shoulder cannon is just too fun. This Blitzer is on Saint’s radar, Wolf’s got him in the back, and the Vengence Cannon will finish him off when I freeze him here.

I love throwing a bunch of overkill into her sniper shots… Systems Purge, Rerouter, Custom Loads, Omni Cannon, a few I Never Miss stacks… bam!

Did I mention that I love Pirate Ship mode? Four Kraggons are detonating here.

Laser Surplus has a definite sweet spot.


Finally after few sessions with Guardian Hunter, Nisha has reached max lvl and I can move on to another VH.


Started UVHM with Aurelia and got some gifts.


Vendor in Concodria.

Three purple COMs in Grinder :smiley:

I think this is my highest numbers of I Never Miss stacks.

Some cool visual effects.

Defeated Bosun yesterday but without legendary drop.

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Nice! When I clear 50, I start getting skittish about missing a shot… and then I miss a shot. :laughing:

edit - Claptrap came up on the dice.

With Funzerker on top of Triple Clocked for weapon-relevant stats, I have never in all my years seen two Torguemadas fire this fast.

I love the UCP iteration of Hyperion Punch: makes it better without breaking it. This shot pulverized all these fellas at once (note that I have +11 in Hyperion Punch with this COM, and explosive damage is on deck… would be way weaker without).

Pirate Ship Mode - I barely polished off the last badass of the local mob when I rolled Pirate Ship mode and flew over a big gap into the fray with guns blazing and dodging fire… love that.