What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?

Yeah I was totally wrong about Nisha. Finished game and Claptastic Voyage and is at level 70.

Just stopped short of Hyperion Hub of Heroism(Home Sweet Home) with Aurelia. I find the game goes pretty quickly from here on in.

Still have my Claptrap. Started an enforcer. Seems like a clumsy Zane :slight_smile:

Playing more BL2 these days. Itching to get back to TPS. I’m going on a limb that the Sheriff in Lynchwood is Nisha?


Yes she is.


I’ve been trying to do a total run through UVHM without getting killed. Athena so far has done the best. She only got killed twice in main story, and only once in CV. Thanks EOS.

I was surprised that Timothy doesn’t do as well. Outside of his skill, he’s not very survivable. At least not to me. And Nisha can’t even get past Deadlift. I have her armed with a kick butt pistol that destroys mobs, but she still struggles with bosses.

I don’t think I’ll try again until I find a level 70 Thunderfire. I had one but Timothy sold it by mistake. I wouldn’t mind finding another Flakker either. I only have a level 42.

As far as the most recent session I finished CV with Wilhelm. I wasn’t originally going to play Wilhelm, but one thing lead to another. Ready to start him in TVHM. Tinkered with Claptrap a bit. I will probably end up playing through with him also.

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Try speccing into Teamwork, Winning, Leadership, and then put one point into Optimism. You should be near unkillable.

And then Jack’s action skill refund is so good, that once it’s about half done, just cancel it. Winning and a turtle shield should keep you alive plenty in the short time it takes to get it back.

Nisha does pretty good with 30 stacks of Order and a turtle/high capacity adaptive shield. But she still revolves around killing enemies fast.


Thanks, I’ll definitely give that a whirl.

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Deadlift is all shield. If your weapon isn’t high shock damage you’re going to struggle with him with any character. Shock homing or longbow grenades are also useful in this fight, along with a decent shield for yourself.

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Finish CV on TVHM with Wilhelm and Athena, not sure yet which one i will bring into UVHM first. Also grinding up some leggos for them - a shame that you cannot grind shields/oz kits with the almighty “2 legendaries + 1 purple + moonstones” :frowning:

Also got Claptrap to 70 (my first) and will farm some quest rewards (like Company Man, Shield of Ages…) on max level - as I am in dire need of them, i am at the end of CV to fight 5h4d0w TP and boyyyyy i got my *ss whooped real bad.

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Corrosive Machine sr and Absolute Zero laser worked well for me, I’m running Ld.Hammerlock.


Have you grabbed the Excalibastard yet?

Not yet, but will it help me on that fight? Shadowtrap is all shield and armor :frowning:

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Yeah, you really need at least one strong shock weapon and a decent corrosive. The other thing when you’re chasing him all over the arena is to get to his new location ASAP as otherwise he’ll regenerate. Longbow/homing shock grenades are a big help. I lucked out and got a couple of decent glitch weapons that nailed that fight.

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Really, no. It’s not a very good gun.

The Heartful Splodger is an easy to get choice for the corrosive option. Just keep reloading til you get loop.


Haven’t played in years, so decided to do a “Let’s Play” playthrough of the game as Nisha. I’m trying to remember if her ability was automatic but it’s been too long.

Only made it to the part about meeting Pickle. I’m so used to BL3, that I’ll try to slide when I’m running. Forget that’s not a thing.


finished the story of Pre-Sequel. Now off to play some BL2. might have to replay it with Maya


I dusted off my fragtrap sapper a few days ago. Realized that I started UVHM over again with him. Even at this difficulty, nothing can really stand up to an 8-shot ravager and a sapper class mod.

One thing I really like about the pre-sequel is the giant set-pieces. You’ve got the giant gun up above, the moon, the Dahl ships,

And Helios itself is majestic. I wonder whose in those rooms and what they’re doing…

So I got down to Elpis and over to Regolith Range. At this point I decided that I had to make a video. claptrap’s playstyle is incredibly flashy, and I wanted to compliment it.


It hit me that I’ve never tried the raid boss after getting to lvl 70. Figured I’d give it a try with Nisha. I used the eredian class mod… just for fun.

I never made it past the first Sentinel. Each time though I lasted longer into the fight. I was down to his final phase, not much health left to go, but alas, I was slain, with no minions around for a second win.

All in all, it was fine. I found the best strategy was running around and around collecting grenades. Then when I hit the max, I would just spam with shock grenades and Showdown. Killing some minions to proc Tombstone. My weapon of choice is double maggies and a shock laser to wear down shield.

The next time I try I’m going to take a Moxxtail hmmmm less damage taken perhaps? My Nisha seems to have the damage to do, just seems a little glassy. Using Shield of Ages.

Anyone have shield suggestions? I’ve usually had luck with the shield of ages, but wondering if I should be using something better with Nisha, maybe something I’m overlooking.

Did a “how far can I get” with an Eridian Athena. Got sloppy on Regolith Range on my way to the digistruct station. Still getting used to keyboard/mouse. Sometimes hitting E and not W and wondering why I’m not moving. Did get the trackball with some programmable buttons. Helps a lot.

So yeah, didn’t get far.

If you’re not out DPSing the damage, then a Haymaker/purple Adaptive with as close to all Anshin parts is best. It allows you to tank with Order (30 stack build) without just relying on health gating. And the shield is big enough that is still helps build Order, plus you get that elemental resistance.

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