What did you do in your last TPS session?

First off, I searched through the forum and didn’t see a topic like this. Also, I blatantly ripped this idea off of @Handsome_Dad 's BL2 post with the same title. I just thought it is a great way to see what people are doing and I also learn alot about the game. Since I’m new to the game, I could use all the help I need…LOL

I will start the topic off by telling you…I started a Nisha a few days ago. So far I really like her. Her showdown skill is pretty cool and has saved me a couple times. I’m at level 10 right now and I just opened the grinder to expierment with. The jumping aspect of this game is not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, kinda reminds me of the Destiny jump. The oz kits seem to be pretty cool. I like the ones that give freeze damage when you butt slam.

I think I might take @VaultHunter101 advice and make a couple other toons early so I can drop off weapons and also to get a feel of the other toons.

Well, hope to see some interesting stories of your last session and hope it’s as popular as @Handsome_Dad post.

He actually made the thread already.

Its not quite as popular as the BL2 one, but less people play TPS so its to be expected.

boy, I looked around and didn’t see it. Is there a way I can delete this post then? I’ll just start using his post and try to get it going again.

I understand. I had to dig a bit to find it.
You could ask a mod to close the thread. @Derch should be able to help.

ok, thank you

Closed at the op’s request