What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Here we are, again! Unbelievable. The original thread was started in 2015, when this game was already a few years old. As of the time of this post, it is approaching 8,500 replies, and rapidly nearing the dreaded 10k cutoff.

For those seeking to revisit it, the original is here:

It was an odd thing to look back on the passage of time today. Many people have come and gone (often multiple times), and the board has been very much alive and active, thanks in large part to regular participation and warm conversation in these threads.

I want to thank everyone who has helped keep the community strong and positive. This community is amazing.


Wait, does that mean I’m getting the first reply to the new thread? Brutal!

So, more Uncle Salvador goodness tonight. Loot was scarce, but progress was abundant.

Started out vendor-farming a new OP2 DPUH. That took several quits (I do the Beatdown, Moxxxi’s Red Light, and the Forge, each run). Finally got one, and also with Torgue grip. Only difference in parts was the Jakobs sight; not an issue with Sal, since 99% of his shots fired with it will be in gunzerk. “Sights? Where we’re going, we don’t need sights…”

Went and ran the Peak twice. Now at OP4, I felt another UH was in order. Beat on Savage Lee a little, until he coughed up an Explicit UH. Good enough. Moving on.

Ran the Dust a couple times, but nothing dropped. Ran the Lair of Infinite Agony once before the Peak for a new Chain Lightning, and got it. Also had a Necromancer in the octagon-shaped room at the top of the first elevator, spawned a Tubby (or is it Chubby?) Bones that dropped an OP2 Legendary Torch COM (free to a good home). Also went and beat up on Bulwark between OP3 and OP4, and the troll dropped me an OP1 Rough Rider. Still an improvement, though, so I kept it.

After the OP4 run, I took a few swiped at the train in Gingerton. Nothing much happening there. Moved on to the Forest. First run, I got nothing. Second run, I got THREE Bees. MIND YOU, there are only 7 Treants there that can even drop a Bee at all. Got one at OP4, and two at OP3. One of the OP3 ones was Inflammable. Kept that one and the lone OP4, and vendored the other. Back to the Peak…

OP4-5 run? Smooth like butter. DID have to take a knee once, in the area right after the assassins. Working around the area clockwise, I screwed around and let a BA and UBA loader tag-team me, and the fire DoT brought me down in a reload. ALMOST disastrous, since there were two surveyors that picked THAT PRECISE MOMENT to start healing the UBA that was almost down for my second wind. “Oh, I see how it is.” Stationary surveyors are such easy targets. Back on my feet, crushed the two loaders, finished with the surveyor swarm, and moved on. EZPZ. Uncle Salvador is now at OP5.

It is at this point that the lack of a Lady Fist anywhere near that level becomes painful. Dukino’s Mom is due up this weekend, on the final push to OP8. That’s tactic Numero Uno for dealing with her, to just backpedal-kite her around the rock and feed her Lady Fist rounds. And with a Sheriff’s Badge and Renegade COM equipped, it shouldn’t take long. We’ll have to see what I can find among the other toons. Axton MAY have one to lend. Alternatively, Axton’s old LF might be in teh possession of Little Sis right now, from her climb up the Peak. Or I may just have to find another way to go about this. I’m not thrilled at the prospect of resetting UVHM just to finish off the Peak, when perhaps the most important item to have (UH) is easily farmable. Sal doesn’t need Sandhawks and Pimpernels for the Peak (though they could be helpful at times). He can just plow through it with a decent adaptive shield, an on- or near-level UH, a Grog Nozzle, and his natural charm.

Oh, got a nice Thre Dog and fire Fremington’s Edge from the assassins in the 4-5 run. And BEHOLD! Got my first Storm Front for this character from one of the red chests at the end of the 4-5 run. Sadly, it’s probably not gonna see much use before it’s obsolete. But still, after a relatively weak day of loot turnout, that was a fine note to hang it up on.

Weekend goal? OP8, then farm up the right gear, and then go back for Voracidous. Down the road, Vermivorous is on the menu too. I’ve waited far too long to start Salvador, and there’s a lot of catching-up to be done now. Time to get dirty…


Well i’m really glad to hear or read this, and i’ll keep re-capping the previous thread until i’ve caught up as it nears it’s end and as i said i do hope that you @Handsome_Dad get to close out that thread yourself. :thumbsup:


Wow we’re here already!
Plenty more space for my failings.

OT: realised all my mods for MAYAnaise are still 72versions so I ran the dust (no tubby’s).
Picked up the wanted mission from Moxxi so I can farm some OP8 Kittens.
I think I have some but they’re lost amongst my multitude of mules.
One day I will get around to organizing them.


I wonder how many of these you will have to make…i bet 4
Anyway im slowly getting back into tediore axton and it seems i have forgotten how fun he is to play…while im still super rusty its good to be back


Sal met with Rocko, Defended Slab Tower, and went up to visit Angel. The first constructor nearly got him, but he managed to kill it for a second wind at the very end of the timer. The Badass was actually less difficult, and this was the first time I’ve killed it without sniping. That Striker has impressive range on it, landing solid hits at ranges normally reserved for ARs and accurate pistols and SMGs. BNK3R was easy enough, not Maya Chain Reaction Pimpernel fast, but easily the fastest pre-UVHM kill I’ve ever done.

Control Core Angel was actually kind of dull with all the down time. Money shots killed off the loader waves about as fast as they spawned.

Ding 47 in the middle of that fight, now he’s back in Sanctuary pondering whether the level 44 Striker can keep working for another level or if he should dip into Scarlett’s DLC for a ROM. Or respec slightly and do dual pistols until 50? Not sure.


Queen Scream progressed thru the Capt Scarlet dlc to the point where she can now dashboard farm the Sand Hawk, Pimpernel and Jolly Roger. Going for corrosive for the element with the first two with Flying and Barking the preferred prefixes respectively, so she might be at this for a while :grin: Reverend Pain continued trying to summon Vermiverous with no luck so he went LLM farming in WEP instead. Not much to show for it though as the LLM only offered up a L. Berserker and a shock Purging Stinger; however, on one run the ultimate badass loader that come from the enclosure dropped an on level Negenator, which I used to replace the Evolution. Will be visiting friends next week, and while they do have internet access I have NO idea what my password is on this site so while I won’t be posting comments I’ll definitely be reading them :wink:


New thread! So are we gonna rock both until the other reaches 10K?

Anyways, my vacation concluded, my place of work had rewarded me with extra work days! Yay! My favourite! :persevere:

Thus the soft entry for 0tt’s chapter 3 : whipped off in 20 minutes on my lunch break. I’ll spare you guys further tales for now.

Last night I took him through the various Fridge quests. So far, I am absolutely in love with Zer0 and all the possibilities. I can safely say that I’ll likely be running a hybrid of melee and OSOK. I’m trying my best to use guns other than Jakobs, but it’s tough. The Ravager that Badmaw dropped lasted me a very long time though - nice drop.

I’m at level 24 and have gotten to B0re and one point in OSOK ( I have a sniper COM that gives it +2 ). A couple points each in tier one of Cunning ; the rest in Killing Blow ( Ninja COM for +2 ).

I figure I’ll shoot for the game changers in each tree to give me a chance to experiment. I can easily see me creating a dedicated melee clone for this guy down the road.


Are you on xbox one?
Because I’m farming for an OP8 fire sandhawk , and if I get the one your after I can pass it along.

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This is great! There are still soooo many things i want to do and keep getting new ideas here. I’ll definitely get back to this once I’m done with The Pre-Sequel and Tales.

Still haven’t decided between Sal and Axton for my next playtrough, after having spent so much time playing as Gaige (multiple of them actually).


Quick intermission update:

Acton was sitting on some cool gear, as was the sisters’ mule. Uncle Sal therefore inherited (temporarily, as Axton’s gonna need it back) a corrosive Pompernel and Win-Win NE Lady Fist. Also had an assassin drop a nice corrosive Three Dog with the vertical foregrip, so surveyors should be handled. Made the OP5-6 run and crushed WTH without breaking a sweat.

Just farmed up another UH and Badaboom; 'bout to go look for a Chain lightning and maybe another shield, then it’s on to the 6-7 run.


OP6-7 run went almost flawlessly. New UH, then on to the final step in Uncle Sal’s coming-of-age.

And again, this is truly easy mode. Hold three buttons, win.


Probably not as exciting as everyone else’s adventures, but my lvl 36 Cat Maya has entered the Highlands, on her way back to Sanctuary, and is currently scanning that little valley below the vending machines for the first signs of Rabids. I’m not exactly looking forward to the next few maps, tbh…historically for me, the Highlands in TVHM is where life will begin to get ugly ('cept for Overlook…she’ll be fine there), and then there’s the WEP after that which may or may not be any better. I’ll be happier when she’s got all of that behind her.


I feel your pain there, @Ossie . First rabid stalker encounter I had? 'Twas ugly. Like, ugly-cry ugly. Might have cost me a mouse. Even today I dread that bit, and the entrance to WEP. No other Pandoran critter gives me as rough a time as those rabid stalkers do.

Though Florentine helped with it. :wink:


Looks like some of us post here, others post there.

Depends on the character. In general I find threshers and varkids far more annoying than rabid stalkers. Or rabid skags, which unless my memory is playing tricks on me are nastier than rabid stalkers… Krieg finds both rabid types adorably cuddly, totally OK with fighting five at once. I’m sure my Axton would die trying to fight one by itself.

On topic - didn’t have much else to do today, so lots of activity on Pandora. :smiley:

Gaige entered TVHM, and had nice RNG. Level 34 Hornet, level 35 Bonus Package (vendor trash since a previous character passed a better one down to her). She did make a point of using her BP on Flynt; as someone pointed out not that long ago, a lot of legendaries are extremely well-suited to the next thing you do, including both of these.

As you’d expect, getting to Sanctuary was nice and easy. She hit 37 shortly before arrival, so she’s drifting away from the level 35 super-awesome gear and into the levels where I don’t have much good stuff stored. The good skills in LBT are now open though so that will be nice! The power core camp had a purple Dahl NE SMG in a locker (not even the car trunk chest, just a random locker), which will be interesting to try out. Her Zapper Orc has been good, but Dahl guns tend to work nicely with her. The one down side of the Stinger and Orc has been that even when she ADS they’re still pretty wild at 150 stacks.

Then I dusted off Maya for the first time in quite a while. First she did Hyperius and Gee in NVHM to knock off two of my remaining Steam achievements (six left, four of which are potentially doable). Gee was kind of irritating even in NVHM, so I don’t see trying him at 72. It’s a standard mechanic in MMO boss fights, but even for Maya it was hard to yank him around to the spots he needed to be.

Next she tried Hyperius at 72, cheating slightly since she has an OP3 Bee. After a couple attempts, I can see that it’s doable, but with my reflexes I judged it not worth the bother. Her corrosive PBFG is adequate to beat down the clustered RPG-shield loaders into repair mode, but the transition when they bring the shield back up trips me up sooner or later. Either it comes up with a Sandhawk burst inbound that reflects and healthgates me, or I’m too slow getting her moving again as I switch weapons around and the first wave of RPGs knocks me into FFYL. Getting a second wind off those loaders does not seem practical even for Maya. If Hyperius had a drop I wanted, I’d keep at it, but he doesn’t (if Sal wants an Evolution someday, he can get it himself).

Finally, Krieg farmed himself a new Rough Rider. It wasn’t underleveled this time - it was overleveled! I’ll take it. :stuck_out_tongue: Then he took the Godfinger to Opportunity. It wasn’t nearly as awesome as with Maya, since he’s literally a generic Vault Hunter as far as it’s concerned. I got the Blood Bath shot off on that second constructor, but it didn’t accomplish much - I forgot that BB needs stacks to actually accomplish anything, and fastballing a dude in the face got him all of 3 stacks. It was still fun shooting the constructor to death from that range though. Nearly a 100x damage multiplier beyond the card (56k card damage, 5195k on target). Those big constructors have a lot of hit points!

Foreman Rusty dropped a Black Hole (not sure even Gaige will want that…). Possibly-Timothy was a coward and wouldn’t stay in line of sight to be Godfingered to death, even though it was nowhere near max range on him. So Krieg chased him down and killed him with the axe instead. The final constructor was a pain. Just like the one next to Moxxi’s explosives, the confined space makes it hard to deal with, and unlike that one the cover isn’t very good down in that last courtyard. One death because surveyors are annoying little [expletive deleted]s that don’t work well for second winds. He equipped a corrosive Dart from one of the red chests to help deal with them coming back into the fight. I finally got that constructor by using the RtB activation invulnerability to charge past it into the water, then took pogo-stick Ravager shots at its side until it died. Bloodsplosion never did very much to that constructor for some reason, even using the old (57) corrosive Fastball to make the bloodsplosion acid.

Coming back to Sanctuary, Krieg has finally finished his bank upgrades, and is starting to make progress on ammo. Took him long enough!


Uncle Salvador had a setback today…

So, as posted previously, Sal did just fine going from OP 5 to OP 7. Took a knee once each run, but got through it just fine both times. Then came the OP7-8 run…

First go 'round, he got caught by Dukino’s Mom. Got a little too close to or far from her, and it began. After a couple attempts to reestablish the interval, she finally caught him in a reload with one of those shock blasts, and down he went. The midgets hid behind her, and that was a wrap. Bummer.

Right back at it, and down goes Dukino’s Mom pretty easily. Mopped up the midgets and moved on. Twin Black Queens were no problem. Quad Boneheads, too. Twin Doc Mercy died easy. Assassins folded like cheap paper. Saturn took his sweet time, but Sal cheesed him with an underleveled corrosive Pimpernel and a Bee from the vendors, and it was just a nice break in the pace. On through the next area to the LAST AREA before WTH, and he got caught behind one of the buildings by a BA surveyor. Couldn’t get around the corner in time to secure a kill. SO close…

Next go 'round, Uncle Salvador made a goof and got tag-teamed by some surveyors at the double Scorches. Couldn’t hit one of them with PBFG before the HOURS-LONG (seems like) reload, and that was that.

Went and downloaded the community patch, installed it, and tested it out real quick on Big Sis. I like what they’ve done with the Cher-Amie! Should have had a Maliwan barrel all along, IMO. Back to Sal, though.

Did a little more farming for OP7 gear from the Mercenary Day train, but nothing much came out of that. Slightly improved adaptive shield was about all.

Heck with it. Back to the Peak for one more shot. Got past double Scorch. Got past Dukino’s Mom. Got past double Black Queen. Looking good so far. Got to the part with the garden. Crushed all the Boneheads, etc. Down to ONE marauder (or something) left. Went to chase him down. Got in one of those deals where there’s a running two-man firefight, and the target was just apparently weaving between UH impacts taking no damage, and Sal went down. Dude ran to cover. Sal fell out of gunzerk. Swapped to the PBFG anyhow and started laying it out. Dude bailed even further out, and that was it.

So, Uncle Sal is still at OP7. :frowning: Left it there for a bit, and picked up Big Sis after another restart. Thought Sal could use a better Sheriff’s Badge. So, I took her to Lynchwood and checked out the missions there to get to the Sheriff fight. BUT, wound up killing Deputy Winger before the Sheriff, and so only got a Deputy Badge. This was with the patch on, though, so also got a decent longbow Fire Bee outta the deal.

Decided that’s good enough for today, and I’ll pick up the OP8 run for Uncle Sal after Wonder Woman tomorrow. (The Mrs. has been wanting to see it, and I’m not opposed to that, and we don’t get much time to go do stuff together, so BL2 is just gonna have to wait until we return from lunch and a movie.) Getting Sal through to OP8 is priority one. After that, we’re gonna patch him up and go finish the job on Vora. I see the Trespasser has been buffed, so that bodes well. Also have to farm some solid gear after hitting OP8- DPUH with Torgue grip, solid perma-Grog, fresh Chain Lightning and short-fuse Storm Front, etc. The big thing is, that I need to get Sal through the Peak one last time to get him to OP8. Today’s hiccups are only that. Tomorrow, Uncle Salvador becomes the third member of the family (and the first non-siren) to hit OP8. It MUST happen.

Nite all!


Have you used the reload/melee trick to speed it up. I even use it with some snipers if they have a long reload.

Good luck, and have fun :thumbsup:


Nah. I’ll admit, I was in panic mode. Didn’t occur to me. To be honest, I wasn’t anywhere near having that dude down anyway, so getting one more rocket in probably wasn’t going to make the difference.

I deserved that one anyway. All of ‘em, save maybe the Dukino’s Mom one (there’s really no way to practice for that fight, except to do it; her ‘arena’ in Lynchwood is an entirely different environment). Stupid little mistakes. Bad timing on reloads. Like that marauder. I should’ve chilled while that gunzerk elapsed and cooled down, then maybe used a singularity to draw him out. And I’ve dealt with these fast-movers plenty of times. I took Sal’s one skill, with the uppercut that knocks-back enemies. Hehe, one run I killed at least THREE of them (first one that has fights after the assassins’ arena) just punching them off a cliff. “You wanna run? Learn to fly, Puta!” Puts a smile on my face. But you hit that fresh out of a reload, just running him down near a wall or corner, and he’s toast. 2 E Z .

I lost track of something, or got sloppy, or just wasn’t thinking right, and it cost me. I got cocky, too, after two previous runs went smooth as silk, and after Little Sis had a relatively easy time of the OP7-8 run. This was 100% RAbbi, and 0% Salvador. I failed him. (And I owe him twenty-something million bucks, it seems.) Tomorrow, I accept no mistakes. It’s game-face time. One run. End-to-end. No mistakes. GET. IT. DONE.


I am and thanks for the offer but I had a fire Sand Hawk stashed on a mule that Queen Scream now uses to melt giant snowmen :grinning:. Mainly going for the corrosive versions to deal with her OP8 run on the Peak.

@TheRAbbi- do you have a The Transformer shield? Even an OP5-6 one should keep you safe from normal surveyors (super badass ones might overpower the lower level shield and bite into your health, but you’ll still be alive). If it’s on level surveyors will no longer be a problem, and the fact that they are absorb shields as well makes them even better against gun wielding enemies…


I used a shock Sandhawk for my OP6 to OP8 run , it felt like it worked better than the corrosive I’d been using.
Mainly because it stripped shields a bit faster I think.
Anyhow , if I get a flying corrosive sandhawk ill let you know.

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I know your pain! Last time I took Gaige to do The Overlooked: Medicine Man, there were 6 rabid stalkers “protecting” the Hyperion convoy. Thank goodness the company saw fit to manufacture these little grenades called “Quasars”.