What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Maliwan Mechromancer in Opportunity: the Constructor was surrounded by a ring of random Physx particles that flew away in a big tidal wave when it died.

This is why Gaige only gets third place at the science fair.

I finally figured out how to jump up here, so I scrambled up here before engaging the mob and played King of the Hill from this post. Sketchy as hell (especially with UCP/UVHM+ enemies throwing heat at me… took a knee once, but pulled it off. Perches like this are made for the WTF shield. That enemy on the far balcony is eating an IED.

Dahl Commando in Southern Shelf: I killed everyone around Flynt and Nuked him all the way over here just to knock him into the water. Turns out he’ll do that weird accelerated walk up the front of the cliff to the edge and not die, but still - into the drink with ye!

Hunkered down between turrets, enemies at mid-range, burst fire softening them up, and WTF IEDs heading downwind. #Dahl4Life


I watched it as well. But sometime i prefer shorter clips like 5-10 mins and 20-30 mins tops.


So this might seem a little slow on the uptake but I’m assuming the legendary drop rates have increased since the original release of the game? I can’t imagine they’re super high, but I’ve had a few drops since starting my new character


Hey questions are questions we all have em so ask away.
Yes they have a little bit which is awesome if your farming for a fastball so…its…


See I’ve played the game for ages but I never really got into farm mechanics or the real stuff under the surface of the game, but having had 3 legendary drops in under 10 hours of standard gameplay it seems the rates had been boosted, as I only had 2 in my original Salvador main run back on the 360.

Farming stuff looks really interesting. I can see myself going back on all the bosses to try and rinse them for legendary loot :sweat_smile:

So are there events and stuff where loads of people from here get together and play? I reckon I might end up slowing people down, but it’d be great to be involved!


Ah! I missed this entirely! Still getting used to the whole forum thing :blush: thanks! That makes a lot of sense


Well…welcome to the forms and enjoy


I see someone already linked to the revised drop rates. There were a ton of other fixes in the update that made those permanent, including changes (buffs) to Maya and Zer0’s skills. For example, Cloud Kill is now actually a killer again! You can check out all the details in the October 2015 update, starting here (same for all platforms).


Thanks so much for the info! I’ll have a good look through this :blush:


One of my favourite skills in the game. I like to conserve ammo by just popping off Cloud Kill and waiting for it to wear off, to pop it off again. Fun times :slight_smile:

Nonsense, if any one of us would do that it would be me, but we’re all here to just have fun right? I mean we’re playing a 5 year old game at this point, what else is there left but just fun? :slight_smile:


Kinda corny but I thought about it this morning and had to do it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


If your crackers break after one topping, you weren’t using a

Sorry for that awful joke. Been having some thoughts on doing a white-gear-only run with a new character, maybe a Siren. Maybe allow myself any class mod but everything else has to be white. If you guys would like to see me do that, let me know :slight_smile:


Make it it’s own thread.:+1:


Ran my Gaige mule Iris Blaze thru Where Angels Fear to Tread. Farmed for an on level Transformer for Ultimate Krieg!!! with Dee Lightful- no luck there but lots of new Bones of the Ancients (and a Tunguska) from the Doctor’s Orders LLM. UK!!! himself farme up a new on level React Hornet with Torgue grip from Knuckledragger- and promptly forgot to use it in his one and only Peak attempt yesterday, where he fell to the constructor in the first area :expressionless: More attempts later…


Ok then, I will :slight_smile: Want to get Kottos through to TVHM and maybe get Zephaniah at least to 72 first, but after that I will start.

Edit: Here we go.


Good luck. You won’t be lacking gear options lmao!


Haha, too true!


No way, that’s funny!

What about using only white-rarity gear appeals to you? The novelty? The difficulty? There’s no wrong answer, I’m just curious. I go to great lengths to throw some variety into the game by way of novelty, and I adjust the difficulty on the fly with the OP system, but that sort of rarity restriction never seemed appealing to me. When I think of using a white-rarity weapon because it’s inherently weaker than my regular loadout, I think I’d rather stick with my red-texted gear and scale the enemies so the gear achieves this same relative weakness, but I still get to play with the odd game mechanics that come with this Unique gear.


Honestly, the fact that i’ve played this game for years and the whole time I have ignored all white gear apart from the first hour of the NVHM. I thought it would be interesting to see what I can do without all my comfort gear, using all that white stuff I generally just ignore, or drop to make space for nicer colours :slight_smile:

Anyway, Kottos had an interesting day. I got him to TVHM eventually, with an irritating sliver of XP required to reach level 31, so I did This Just In, to ding 31 prior to TVHM. Hunter dropped me a level 26 Bee shield. Changed my build to get rid of Fuel the Rampage and swap it for Feed the Meat, since I now have Release the Beast, FtR seems rather redundant now.

Got a few nice weapons from the Warrior to start TVHM with, including a rather beautiful Banbury Snider (Fire).

Here is his battle with Saturn

I’ll upload Hero’s Pass + the bosses a little later.