What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I’ll just say Immolate is a great skill :wink:

Actually it’s pretty awesome - it’s only OP0, so a sub-optimal build works just fine.


It’s amazing how effective a level 33 Explicit Unkempt Harold (Tediore grip) still is at level 45…


I think you’re in for a treat. Are you using the UCP? I liked them before, but the UCP changes them from Life-Tap feeders to low-level killers.

  • Life Tap is incredibly good. It’s weird to be able to tank your health bar in UVHM like that.
  • Backdraft is fun… it’ll restore most (all?) of your health if you hit an enemy with it with Life Tap up. It’ll probably be more of a novelty if you’re using a roid shield though, only because it won’t proc very often?
  • Blight Phoenix, as a kill skill, will always feed Life Tap (as another kill skill), so if you’re in melee range, you’re healing. I’m still not sure about the stun effect myself, but apparently it’s a thing. Even without the UCP, it’ll feed Life Tap pretty well.
  • Kinetic Reflection, for me, is mostly a way to take the edge off an armed fight. When I want to build around that, I max it out with +11 points (so incoming damage actually heals you a little). I also grab a Gemstone weapon (and an Antagonist shield if I’m breaking allegiance). You’re not bulletproof (splash and elemental damage gets through); a run into Lynchwood is pretty entertaining, but a run into The Beatdown will still get you killed.
  • Unless you’re using the UCP (with a buff to Recompense), I personally would stick to Elated. While Recompense makes more sense as a melee skill, it suffers severely in UVHM (and I don’t say that lightly). You really have to build around it to try to win that health race with an enemy (in which case, it can be an interesting combat strategy, which is worth a try if you’re trying new stuff).
  • Restoration should be something you’ve used before if you play co-op. If not, you can seriously tank a friend, Axton’s turret, or Deathtrap (if you can hit him); highly recommended. Otherwise it’s just a passive health buff?
  • On the topic of trying out unused skills, if you haven’t tried Thoughtlock with full Sub Sequence, I would highly recommend it.

In the spirit of this, I’m going to re-spec Aurelia to get A Backhand to Remember just to see what that’s like. I think I can get down that tree without “wasting” any points in the master/servant-based skills (which I can’t use solo). I love knockback in these games.

edit - besides the three points I need to get into that tree. :blush:


Quick question for my fellow Borderlandsaholics. I’m just about to get a level 50 Deputy’s Badge for when Samael gets to 50, are the stats variable or fixed, and if variable, what are the maximum stats at level 50?

Edit: I checked the wiki, and I know it isn’t always right but it suggests that this is perfect for level 50 :slight_smile:


That’s another person who got a Kerblaster from Handsome Sorcerer. That and the Tubby Bones - Infinity phenomena. It’s like they reach into the world drop pool and keep drawing the same card over and over.


The wiki is correct. If you need any other max stats, the links to all the google docs spreadsheets are in this post:


That’s great, thanks.


Nope - I’m one of the UCP party shitters ( not that I have an issue with people using it, especially folks like you who know how to balance combat )

Yep - I was vaguely thinking of treating this like a melee Zer0 would : actually stripping the shield, preferably one with a shorter delay & smaller capacity so it can be ready to go again. Inertia would be the ticket but I’m not willing to spare the points atm. If I’m going melee, I want a roid shield if for the simple fact that I like the sound ( and dislike the absence of sound ). I’m not likely going to do Backdraft spamming, but I’ll be trying out nova shields at some point.

I’m starting to wonder since I spec’d it. I’ll play around with it more. Since I’ve never used it before, it’s worth giving it a fair shake.

My co-op-ing is pretty limited these days, and I still don’t see the point beyond the very few escort quests. It’ll stay barren for now.

Before bew’s current challenge ( most SS chains ), I always treated them as mutually exclusive. Now at the very least it’s 4 extra seconds for 1 point - and seems silly not to combine them.


I’ve been off Pandora too long but I made a quick return to drunkenly play Krieg a couple of weeks ago. A couple of days ago I started a new character :smiley:

SiiiiickBurn has entered the game. Gaige with a focus on LBT tree but also playing with Anarchy. I never did ‘get’ Gaige (I play more of a brawler style, Krieg is king!) and I don’t do well with ‘pet’ classes due to forgetfulness.

Already comfortably maxing out my anarchy (150 cap for now) and doing OK but obviously accuracy is a problem. I totally discovered that when I had to shoot some Bonerfart projectiles out of the air! Got myself as far as Sanctuary and rescuing Lilith and playing with a mix of shotguns and SMG’s for now.

Still forgetting to throw DT out on the field until I get swarmed by Rakks and can’t easily defend myself!

Only level 11 so far but I’ll keep grinding around some stupid Christmas hours at work!


Did you put any points in Close Enough? Most anarchy-centric builds do that, at least.


Yeah - the first 6 points have gone into the important skills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hitting enemies is fine but shooting rocks that get thrown at you? Yeeeesh! :open_mouth:


heh - just did some co op in Sawtooth Cauldron - here’s some video.



God i love sniper Zer0…


Dragged Axton through uvhm bloodshot. Dinged 52 at some point. Some of it is I’m used to rarely going down with my fully geared characters, but it just seems like I’m spending too much time in ffyl, backpedaling and running for cover. Really only able to kill stuff with my turrets out due to the aggro relief since it takes so long to get kills. Basically have to slag them one at a time or the second will lose slag before I get it killed.

Then joined some friends and took down the dragons, Terry and tried spawning Vermi with no luck. A tubby varkid dropped a much better L Nurse com than I had, went from 9k to 11k regen a second. Only uses the com on a healthgate abuse build so that extra regen may not matter, but better gear is better gear


It’s been a big day for Hattie’s Scorn. She just finished Wildlife Preservation, so about to hit 1000 Cuts.

I’ve kept the same build as I last posted and have done an admirable job of dying extremely infrequently. I don’t seem to have a particular approach other than the Law stays in the first slot, roid shield on full-time and I’m using only never- or rarely-used guns.

At the moment she’s sporting

  • Fire RokSalt ( ok - I always use it for levelling, but this one she’s keeping )
  • corrosive Octo ( my other Maya is big on Omens, so maybe this is a bit of a cheat too )
  • corrosive Bandit Dart ( this is embarrassing for me - I actually really like it )
  • green corrosive Banbury Snider
  • Redundant Logan’s Gun ( a favourite that always gets stuck into the locker once OP levels start )
  • blue Sniper Bombabarbardeer
  • slag Topneaa
  • shock Tediore SMG
  • purple Banshee COM that gives me Backdraft, Immolate and Fleet - very nice.
  • one of Sal’s old Rough Riders ( for Fleet )
  • lobbed Storm Front from the TMNT’s ( what was going to do? NOT take it?? Besides it’s a great shield stripper )
  • Rubberized Pandemic ( favouritest ever - dropped from a LLM - also good for keeping a shield down )
  • I also got Zer0 to buy her a Might of the Seraphs. I decided to stay away from the obvious BoA relic and have been annoyed by Scorn’s cooldown, so this has been extremely nice. I’ve also gotten adept at seeing when Scorn is ready and quickly jerking it to the side if I’m about to melee a target.

None of that is particularly strange I know but w/e.
I’m starting to wonder if I should bump her up to OP1 or OP2 - her DoT’s are pretty damn powerful but I’m not prepared to take Cloud Kill away. Anyways, loads of fun. Nice to be able to do something completely different with a character.


Samael triumphed over Sawtooth. Now i’m being smart, because of the Slag Licked challenge bug, i’m going to get Challenge Accepted trophy on him before he goes into UVHM, since i’ve not slagged anything really in TVHM, it won’t bug out until it reaches level 5 for the first time. So i’m on the hunt for a maylay shield now, and then various grenades. After that I need to visit Southpaw and shotgun loads of enemies at point blank range… Fun!


What’s the prefix on it? For Darts, I almost always prefer the double-shot one, since accuracy loss doesn’t matter with them, and I’m trying to get as many rounds downwind as possible. With Maya, when/if you take Cloud Kill, they make convenient delivery systems. If you find a slag one, you’ve got a cheap remote Loader (well, probably anything) killer.

You’re rocking Thoughtlock with Sub Sequence, no (and I’m sure you have Converge)? When you get that party started, just fire that gun at the feet of the enemy at the center of the mob. He’ll take some (weak) direct damage, but everyone will take the subsequent splash and detonation damage from the ground shot, and it’ll destroy. With the constant detonations, Ruin/Converge will constantly fire, drawing the crowd onto those detonations repeatedly.

Heck yeah. I’m also a fan of the Might of the Seraphs with her, but I’ll generally be using a Binder COM for at least some cooldown buff.

I took my Bandit Mechromancer through round 3 of the Magic Slaughter with a Slagga, Teeth of Terramorphous, Chopper (corrosive) and Badaboom (fire). The Teeth were for anything fleshy (which basically amounted to just a few Spectral Skeleton Archers), Chopper for most everything else, and the Badaboom for emergencies and ganking the Skeleton Mages. There were two ammo relics there, so I could really lean on the Chopper without sweating ammo (though I definitely tag teamed those relics throughout the entire match). Heck, I even laid into two Ultimate Badass Skeletons coming at me with their shields up just because I wanted to see the bullet show and see if Close Enough could sneak some shots in the tiny gap between them.

I am using the UCP (and BAR is on at 20% across the board), so the Chopper has 10% more damage and it consumes even ammo (four rounds per four shots instead of six rounds per four shots). I am disabling the the 10% damage buff… Gaige is the only character I use with this gun, and she’ll just have to pile on a little more Anarchy (6 stacks?).


To my relief, I managed to get it.

Glad because I thought the glitch would prevent it.


In the first of a new series I will call “Farming Stuff I Won’t Need for Ages”, I got this for my Mechromancer (who is still only level 9…)