What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I vote Gaige. Partly just to be contrary, but partly because there’s been a fair bit of Gaige posting lately and she’s the other VH trying to call me back to Pandora (my Gaige is in the sweet spot at the start of UVHM where all the level 50 shinies are still good - shock Fibber :rofl:!).

Congrats on OP8 Sal!

Use the Legendary Soldier. :stuck_out_tongue: Of the two you actually have, I’d probably go with the purple.


Just completed TVHM :grin::grin::grin:
Got this sick drop as well!

Also big thanks to the Gunzerker that jumped in to finish off the Warrior!


A somewhat funny clip, the title combined with the footage says everything I need to say :slight_smile:


^^^^Seriously, get a room! ^^^^


Long, tall, and quiet took me on his morning stretch today. I guess that slaughtering my cousins with interspersed snowmen and bandits is just how he gets his juices flowing. Looking down at piles of bloody yeti fur and puddles of bandit blood swirled with snowman drippings (Im)Patient Zer0 told me where we were headed next. Ahem…
To Frostburn Canyon
Rescuing Roland we go
The Firehawk calls
We got to Frostburn and watched some Bloodshots run off with guns blazing. We followed. He cleared a bandit camp by letting his actions announce his intentions. A LLM popped up from an ammo crate and dropped a Blood of the ancients for two ammo pools that are already plenty deep for his purposes. He went spelunking through Blacktoe Cavern; splatting spiderants left, right, and sideways; and then proceeded to clear a bandit infestation as he barreled through to the Lair of the Firehawk. The Firehawk, apparently Lilith, told him of Roland’s plight before her inner sanctum was breached. Lilith and (Im)Patient Zer0 redecorated her living room with blood and scorch marks, and then pointed us in the direction of Roland’s temporary residence. ? (Im)Patient Zer0 felt that a certain snitch needed the stitches that he deserved and went to put a pin in him and collect his eveidence. During that little detour he pick up his first Unkempt Harold from a savage in the Marrowfields and dinged 58. Back at Sanctuary he recited me a lullaby.
Get some rest, Roland
You will not languish for long
I come, brave leader

Drama queen.




Fixed. Thank you, @Jefe. All I really wanted for Christmas was a proofreader. :wink:
The funny thing about that is that I beat myself up over

I kept writing “fearless leader”, counting the syllables and yelling at myself. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay a respawn fee every time I started that line over again.


If anyone has a Legendary Hunter COM at level 55 or lower (preferably at least 50) on PS4, let me know please, I would like it :slight_smile:


Took SiiiiickBurn out for more levelling and dealt with a rogue AI which got turned into a gun and helped a little girl get her toys back in exchange for a toy of my own.

Went to end of the line and tested the burst fire count of the Teapot and then accidentally hit reload. Bye bye stacks of Anarchy! :frowning:

Wilhelm still fell easily enough though. Plugged in a dodgy power core and went for a wander through The Fridge. Got caught in an exploding barrel’s radius as the last enemies died. Lost stacks again! :frowning:

Blah blah stalkers, blah blah Thresher, blah blah Outlook aaaaaaaaaaaand home safe.

Did notice something interesting with Close Enough - it does appear to be able to target cloaked stalkers which is handy!


I may have one. I’ll let you know next time I’m on.


Gradr and Wirtsen, the 'Zerker pair ran from the Southern Shelf, through Frostbun Canyon, to killing Boll and picking up recordings in TVHM. A Loot Midget dropped a Maggie just before the Firehawk’s trapped tunnel. They were 38 at start, so going to stick to the main quest line until on level to avoid being overleveled starting UVHM. It was weird not going after MidgeMong.


Last few sessions were productive. Zer0 killed the leviathan and found a perfect stormfront in the chests
Borderlands_ The Handsome Collection_20171227171137

Killed the dragons with some help. Went back and tried them solo but found out that my ability to stack CA in this fight was only because I had others distracting the dragons and somehow keeping them still. But, saw the first two legendaries I’ve ever seen in a die chest
Borderlands_ The Handsome Collection_20171227195938Borderlands_ The Handsome Collection_20171227195827

Went back to Axton, farmed the snowman a little and was unsuccessful in finding a L Soldier com, but thanks to @Kuolemanlaakso I ended up with one. Also got a nice vladof barreled maliwan pistol ( can’t remember the name for that at the moment) and a nice corrosive snider. Also saw a perfect parts corinthian (well, perfect outside of the fact that it’s a corinthian). Picked up an improved torgue AR as well. Went into the WEP and it looks like they celebrated some holidays too since there were a lot of tubbys, but they weren’t very kind. Three tubby stalkers and a tubby skag yielded two WTFs, a cracked sash, and a bunny. Pimon/tuumba were also there and dropped a transformer. Got through the WEP with ease with the new com. Took a couple knees when I made some stupid decisions. Bloodwing fight went really well except for one FFYL which I still can’t figure out how I went down. Does the corrosive divebomb attack ignore healthgate?

Went to the tundra express and robbed a train, shot some miners and helped setup a tea party. Madame Von Bartlesby dropped my first babymaker, non elemental and slightly underleveled but it’s still been nice to have. Off to thousand cuts next so hopefully the snider and pistol stay a good level for Opportunity and bunker.

Undecided on what I’ll do after bunker, may just power through the story depending on drops but that won’t get me close to 72. Are any of the HH packs (besides the snowman) any good for XP? Don’t really wanna do the tina dlc and definitely don’t wanna do torgue unless I’m looking for a big Boom Blaster. Really wanna unlock OP8 before a UVHM reset so I can’t go too deep in the pirate DLC since beehawking will be good for an OP level or two.


Zer0…who’s ■■■■■■■ surprised let’s be honest


SiiiiickBurn did some side missions around The Dust because it’s easy work whilst drinking and waiting for new year to happen. Finished off The Good, The Bad and The Mordecai and the whole Clan Wars chain.

Died (and lost anarchy to) a poorly placed Fireworks grenade which kind of stunted my enthusiasm to keep playing.

Ready to farm for a Slagga now though :slight_smile:


Back to Pandora again. :slight_smile:

Gaige did Tundra Express and Wilhelm. Turns out I misremembered, she was 52, not 53 (and is still just a hair short of 53). Rust accumulation was the only real difficulty. One stupid death and several close calls from fumble-fingers pressing a different key than I told them to. Brain: swap to Rubi. Fingers: press key. Brain: Umm, that’s the ROM… :roll_eyes: Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve played… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, some fun shenanigans in places. I was pleased by the performance of the corrosive Vladof :dart: against buzzards. Slow projectiles means she still requires a head-on shot, but otherwise the homing ignores anarchy’s accuracy loss and once they finally arrive, :boom: dead buzzard. The bridge fight on the way to the train had some fun bank shots too. Gaige vs. goliath blaster - no problem, just hide behind a pillar, and bank Fibber shots off the other pillar to kill it easily. Random dudes on the far side of the bridge - shoot :volcano: in their general direction, and usually Close Enough will bank the shot onto them and kill them. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

She Flakked Wilhelm, as is traditional when I have a Flakker available. Not the fastest Wilhelm kill I’ve ever done, but it was pretty smooth going. I forgot to swap her relic to the Deputy’s, which would have helped noticeably. Did I mention I’m pretty rusty at the moment? :frowning:

Then I looked at my bank mules, determined that Zero needs to get moving to free up space on them, and ran him through Lynchwood to grind some xp before Sawtooth Cauldron. He didn’t gain a level either, but is just short of 48. That was a better de-rusting session, since he outleveled the enemies by 3-4, and the mounted deputies are pretty much made for Bore (I’m guessing buzzard pilots are too - I don’t think he’s faced a buzzard since getting Bore). We celebrated the new year :fireworks::tada: by killing Nisha a few minutes after midnight.

Specifically for xp, I don’t think they’re any different than anything else. Wam Bam can be better than most since it’s another place to pop varkid pods, if that’s something you like to do.

I find them essential just for the variety - finally something to do that I haven’t already done twice over on that character, and well over a dozen times overall! :slight_smile: So I always do all the HH packs and the three non-Scarlett DLCs early in UVHM, either after reaching Sanctuary or after Bright Lights Flying City.


The first time I went into WEP, the only difficulty was opening the dock gate: had to damage loaders without killing them (later I learned that is not necessary :roll_eyes:).

So yesterday I went there again at lvl. 41, and the experience is quite “refreshing” - I’ve heard about these horrible rabid creatures, but at the time I saw two lvl. 44 rabid skags running towards me, my only instinct was “Run! Forest run!” It was like Dead Space: Pandora.

At the end, this quest forced me to level up to 43…


This might not be a popular opinion, but Rabid Skags are worse than Stalkers in my opinion, look forward to those later in your playthrough :slight_smile:


I’m with you on this.


Ha ha! Once I figured that out, I just waste them all and let Mordecai get all mad about it until the doors open. :laughing:

Note to any developers reading this - I don’t fault the mission for this; I actually think it’s an interesting design, and wouldn’t change a thing… it’s just funnier to listen to Mordecai get mad about it now. :+1:


I too approve of the mission style. However, the less I have to hear Mordecai moan, the better :slight_smile: