What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Aristaeus has now reached Arid Nexus - Badlands in NVHM. He’s level 26 at the moment, and I may very well farm in this map (as is customary for me on pretty much any playthrough, for the red chests mostly) until 28-29ish. I want to hit capstone during the Warrior fight if possible so it’s ready for the start of TVHM. Here’s the build up to now.

I was probably going to put the next 4 points into Able, and then 31 will be the capstone. Is Crisis Management worth investment? I’m about as clueless with Axton as I was with Zer0 so could use some advice.


The only issue I can see is your fashion sense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As a side note , aesthetically I like the Jakobs stock too. The Hyperion is always held a the best overall but I honestly think it look silly on a Jakobs.


It’s clearly his best combination :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all. He has great shield skills and crisis management only works when shields are down. It’s probably his 3rd worst skill


Thanks, I thought i’d seen something about it not being worth it but didn’t want to rely on a vague memory :slight_smile:


This may or may not help you

Edit: also this unfinished unupdated skill guide
[Guide] Axton Skill Guide


Thanks for both. I guess I should consider a re-spec then :slight_smile:


Your spec looks fine to me


Bookmarked along with your Jakobs build. My New Year’s resolution is to get my Axton in gear.


Oh, ok. I was referring more to the level 27 build you suggested was better, in the Beginners Guide, if what I have is ok, i’ll keep it. I know Onslaught isn’t great but I love some movement speed, I can’t help it :slight_smile:


That guide isn’t 100% my work, me and the co author had a few varying opinions, but since he wrote most of it i used what he wrote. That’s not to say that guide is bad in anyway. All the info is very good


Maliwan Mechromancer rolled the Dust and toured the map. I learned that Deathtrap does take damage from grenades that spawn out of slot machines. I also leveled up this Loot Goon Goliath to max and set him loose on Mobley and Gettle (whom he promptly destroyed). They didn’t drop anything, but I did get some orange from a couple of tubby Spiderants.

This is how the Storm one-shots a Bandit Technical in Gaige’s hands. Note that the actual shot is right in front of the vehicle, but counts as a hit, so Interspersed Outburst will proc. Interspersed Outburst fires on the driver, as you can see by the beginning of the secondary explosion on him in the cab. The vehicle and passengers (and more importantly: the slagged driver) will continue through the shock nova and orbs, who will get zapped and trigger Electrical Burn. This will finish off the driver, causing the vehicle to explode. If the shock damage only hit the armored vehicle itself, I don’t think it would be enough to destroy it.


Aristaeus has now completed NVHM, and my planning worked perfectly to hit 31 as I finish the story!

As stated earlier, the build so far is this

Now, i’m not sure if I want to do a few side missions and start TVHM at 33ish, or if I should just do it now. We’ll see!


The only thing I’d change is put one point in Preparation for the out of combat health regen. I spent that point at level 6 and have never changed it. Otherwise, looks like a pretty standard Axton to me.

For future reference once you start UVHM, I strongly recommend switching over to Gemini at that point, and regaining Double Up at level 68. The two turrets made a huge difference, and Axton swaps well so slagging with the Slagga instead of Double Up is no big deal. (If you’re thinking, why 68 not 57? Answer: Longbow is mandatory by then, otherwise your turret(s) will explode when any enemy gives them an unfriendly glance).

Do the full Tina DLC, so you can go back and farm the dragons later on whenever you need eridium. Starting TVHM at 35 is totally fine.

+1 to this too… :scream:


I don’t like starting TVHM later than 33. Preferably earlier, I decided to just start at 31. I hate that DLC anyway so would rather just do it once :slight_smile:


Finally got Axton to OP8. A full-corrosive buildout + Bee shield + legendary engineer did the trick, but not without periodic swearing at the TV, followed by a revive kill. Now a little burned out from Axton, started working on a level 23 gunzerker that I started a while back but put down. The “shooting 2 guns at once” thing is weird but getting a bit used to it. And been trolling the Gearbox site and Youtube videos to understand how to play the Gunzerker, with which hand to hold my Rubi to get the healing, etc.


Hyperion Siren rolled Sanctuary and picked up the Poetic License mission. I’m always loathe to pick up the Won’t Get Fooled Again mission because I love the banter between the Gutter brothers and the marshal.

This guy came at me with an Interfacer (at almost the sweet spot, too). Also, a Goliath came at me with a pair of shock Kittens. They hit pretty freakin’ hard, so I wasn’t open to doing an experiment to see if they healed him faster then the baseline healing from UVHM.


Aristaeus is calling it a night, he’s just returned from dealing with some assassins. He sits at level 35, I will continue with TVHM tomorrow. The build so far (with thanks to @Worblehat for the tip regarding Preparation)


Hmm, he’s gone from looking like a hippy to looking like a Nazi, not exactly an improvement. :stuck_out_tongue: (If you switch to the turkey head, I promise I will stop mocking his appearance :smiley: ).

On topic, short day today. Started out well, one more :snowman: kill for Gaige, and she got her Leg. Mechromancer upgrade, along with minor upgrades to shield, grenade, shock PC, and RL.

Off to Wam Bam Island to celebrate. Fighting pirates for Earl, one of the Coxswains tossed her off the map; OK, that kind of death doesn’t cost stacks, not a big deal. But then they overwhelmed her and the real kind of death does cost stacks. :frowning: Apparently the pirates despawned since Earl had said to come back, so she couldn’t even get revenge and start re-stacking. Onwards, doing aggressive ROM fighting since that’s the fastest way to stack, thus she had several yo-yo instant second winds. Witch doctors are also super-annoying for her (as they are for many VHs).

Finally, Craw, let’s see how the Fibber does. Umm, she died instantly in a quick FFYL because she’d had too many yo-yos getting there. :angry: Back to Marcus’s shop to stack up for the third time. :unamused: Back to Wam Bam; oh look, the path to Craw isn’t entirely clear, there’s a freaking Witch Doctor, who kills her. :rage: Back to Marcus to stack up for the fourth time. Kills the freaking Witch Doctor. Starts Craw again. The Fibber is pretty decent, as usual, but her defenses are suspect, having to rely on the transfusion grenade for heals since CuT rarely applies (and we all know transfusions suck because you always drop just before the trails reach you…). Eventually she gets tossed off the map, like happened with Krieg when he first tried this. OK, Craw isn’t doable at this point, good to know.

Unlike Krieg (who just needed Bloodsplosion), it’s not terribly clear to me when she will be able to handle it. Maybe doing the fight with the Crit, so she has shock damage plus Moxxi healing? I don’t know… Probably won’t be doing much with Gaige for quite a while now, since I’m so pissed about her losing-all-Anarchy-on-death mechanic.

Weapons testing: the shock PCs (Bandit and Dahl) are both good, but not nearly as good as the Fibber.


I’ve just had some of the most fun ever in this game.

While just finishing up at work , I got a text from the wife saying she’s at her sister’s place and she’d be a while. So when I get home and settled I start the computer up . With my new SSD, I’m ready to launch the game in about 20 seconds , so by the time I boot my cat out of my chair and sit down there’s already a Steam-chat from StrikerZidane sitting :

  • ‘cha doin’? OP0 raids?
  • uh…did you send that just now??
  • yep XD
  • well ok then - let’s go!

We did quite the tour : Pete , Hyperius ( several times to finally get him in one Execute ) , Dragons, Craw , and finally and most awesomely Gee. Pretty cool with two Ninja’s ( Ninjae? hmmm…no…Japanese not Latin, Jefe ) : one to take out the worm, the other to Execute Gee into the acid pool. Worked like a charm until we both went down at the last sliver of his health. Somehow Gee died from DoTs before our FFYL timers expired and mission accomplished.

I didn’t do a full accounting of loot, but we got this on Hyp’s first death :

I did a quick card comparison with the PBFG that’s just below it : the OP0 Norfleet has more damage than the OP8 PBFG. Madness.

And after a respawn , I went to see what Gee left me and this is what I got :

Also got a Sledge and a Pyrophobia from Hyp