What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I still have one in the left ear of my other head - I also still have my towel. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh right, that book made a joke about Yahoo’s machine translator. I fondly remember reading it - it was the first book written in English which I read. Felt like a brick wall at times (it isn’t exactly the ideal book to start English with :wink: ), but I made it through, and my English skills greatly benefited from the experience. :slight_smile:


“We apologize for the inconvenience.”


I think it might be more fun to let the contestants punch each other? No matter who the character is, a hit will be a kill, so as opposed to just being a footrace to the gun, there’s a lot of thrust and parry trying to hit without getting hit yourself. TWO MEN ENTER…

Shouldn’t matter if our health is at one. They should be banned because maybe we put on one that generates health, and now the combat mechanic is broken.


On her 4th attempt of the night Dee Lightful got this

Not the best reload speed but as I plan to give t to Lord of Death to use vs. Doc mercy it shouldn’t be a problem :grin: Dee is now at Mangy’s Lighthouse waiting to get betrayed by the ‘good’ captain…


Spent some time last night hitting Stinge Mong for skins, but all he wanted to drop where purples, blues, greens, and whites. Oh, and a slag Badaboom. Then spent a little time twinking my spare gear onto a mule character and updating my trade post.

I also checked my skins just for @Adabiviak, and it turns out I do have the purple one. Undecided though - I’d like it better if the colour extended to the pants. I’ll post screen shots elsewhere.


Finally got Nisha to drop a sherrifs badge on OP8, only it was OP7 AND its #s were all lower than my level 61 Sheriffs badge I currently use. Kind of ridiculous too, how low they were… 19.9% pistol dmg, 45.5% pistol fire rate on the OP7 one, compared to 23.5% pistol dmg, and 55.5% pistol fire rate on my level 61. So needless to say Im done farming her in an attempt to upgrade that relic. However I did get (yet another) OP8 Gunzerker COM (Beserker) that I gave to my friend who has an OP8 Gunzerker. Then we proceded to farm Saturn and the tubbies in the Badlands some more. Got nothing from the chest or Saturn but did get 2-3 tubby Skags to spawn and got (big surprise) more Gunzerker COMs, none of which were better than the ones my friend already had.

Didnt get to play as much as I wanted but hopefully I can get more done on Saturday when I think Ill have some more free time.


I saddled up (Im)Patient Zer0 and rode him at a hard gallop to and through the Warrior. Notable occurrences: Marcus gave him a 72 Fast Gatling Gun which he used to break the Warrior’s chest plates fore easier bee-fisting, A five minute session of tag with a surveyor at the end of the fight to open Hero’s Pass, And one of two legendaries I seem to get from the moonshot: a Volcano (the other being Impaler shields, I’ve only seen a conference call once this way). Back to Sanctuary and Moxxi’s cold ale and warm embrace. To quote the mostly silent wonder-
The Warrior rose
Only to bid me farewell
Digistruct Peak waits

The prospect makes me a bit nervous, but we’ll see what happens when respawns are no longer an option. :wink:


Started uvhm with my character for the unofficial hunt. Found lilth, will probably start the torgue dlc soon


I was trying to B0re BNK-3R in TVHM (Melee Zer0 had to give up a lot of skills for this) with a level 30 Pimp - it happened but BNK-3R still had half of its health left…

Too hard to have a clean run in Sawtooth Cauldron (TVHM), because almost every time I spotted Heavy Nomad / Goliath Blaster, it was already too late. I had to spam Topneaa for second winds, which made me feel bad. Decepti0n cannot protect me from E-Tech launchers, especially when I was trying to MMF 3 Heavy Nomads (what a crazy spawn) :roll_eyes:.

AND I HATE BUZZARDS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Dee Lightful finished off the Leviathan (and DJ Tanner) and will now try her luck at Hyperious (and at getting a ROM). Lord of Death and Ultimate Krieg!!! will both make Peak attempts this weekend while Reverend Pain finally resets UVHM…


Zer0 finished TVHM and this was his first attempt at Terra :joy:

(Let’s see if I can make it within 50 deaths :smirk:)


Unlocked OP5 last night with Greg0ry, my gun-build Zer0. Ran through the Scarlett DLC up to getting a corrosive, OP5 Pimpernel for fun with Saturn. Tried a couple times to unlock OP6 with my buddy (Melee/Explosive Meat Man), but we were unsuccessful. We had one run where we should’ve gotten it unlocked, but the slag Centurion Spiderant I was destroying with my Badaboom for a second wind met up with a wonderful SBA Surveyor, and that was the end of that run. Yey.

That death pissed me off enough that I called it a night right there.


0ri0n the L00t Hunter has managed to conscript Brick. That’s about it for the story line.

Otherwise he’s been farming the CSD for tubbies and the WEP for midgets. Here’s something weird : in maybe ten runs at the quartet , I’ve gotten exactly one legendary ( a Fire Bee ). Not that I’m expecting much as I’ve found most of the game’s drops, but weird to see such a pathetic drop rate. Usually I stop when I’ve got a Bone so I don’t really remember how generous / stingy they are with legs.

He’s also unlocked OP2. He was well underway to unlocking OP3 , but when you get downed by a cluster of surveyors and they all fly away, well that’s that, innit?

My Pun-chee felt a bit soft for that run ; so since I had enough crystals, I farmed a new one and got a Grounded w/ 3.5 second delay after three tries :smiley:

Then a quick run upgrade my Chain Lightning.

I suspect I’m wasting my time with BL2 loot hunting and could be better served point-wise starting on TPS. Decision time :thinking:


Took Maytastrophe out to the WEP to hit the Doctor’s Orders midgets hoping for a launcher ammo blood relic for Kriegtopher to try the javelineer build. No dice, but my new favorite game is open all 4 boxes, Thoughtlock one and spray the Harold willy nilly until the area looks like a gaudy Christmas display. I’m sure I’m not the first to do this, but boy howdy is it a blast. :fireworks::grin:


My Jakobs weapon allegiance Zer0 in UVHM found the FireHawk. Getting to her went smoother, but I realize now I did not run the fight with Lilith very wisely.

FireHawk Fight


Farmed eridium for @Kurtdawg13 this morning for a bit. I was thinking “what am I going to do with all this erirdium?” Then I discovered that my mule character had three 100-eridium ammo upgrades still to purchase. Problem solved!

Then after lunch my daughter wanted to try getting back into BL2, so we both ported characters over from the 360 and picked up where we left off. A wild Kurtdawg briefly appeared (Hi Kurt!) although neither my daughter nor I were entirely sure where he actually was.

Anyway, stuff happened and things died and it was fun!


Am I completely dense? I thought you couldn’t transfer eridium from one character to another.
I fully expecting to have a face-palm moment…

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Been busy with the unofficial loot hunt so not really posting here recently. Decided I’ll keep her at 72 as lesser gear,ed lesser difficulty Maya to play. Got her to 72 with a good chunk of the gear I’ll want long term.

Breakneck Banshee with 6 in fleet
L cat with +130% dmg
25% binder
blurred trickste with 6 CR 5 life tap and 27% fire rate
L Nurse (lvl 65 so subpar passives)
L Siren 47% gun, 32% cooldown
Set or Bones, max health relic, smg ammo relic

Still need a 72 bee and regular shield and working on my pimpernels and eventually sandhawks. After a couple hours I ended up with these. plan to do more farming eventually, particularly on the fire one but it’s a solid start

Shock, maliwan grip, monstrous, vladof stock, best (imo) scope
Shock, Jakob’s grip, dahl stock, gentleman’s, second best scope
Fire, Maliwan grip, fashionable, hyperion stock, best scope
Corrosive, maliwan grip, barking, dahl stock, not good scope
Slag (probably not needed), maliwan grip, bladed, dahl stock, not good scope

Had a couple (otherwise) perfect part no prefix ones.

Undecided on which shock one I should go with. Any suggestions?


I’d say they’re actually equally good - some prefer the Jakobs grip for extra damage.
I prefer matching grip for reload and mag size ( plus you have the mag size prefix / and that Vladof stock is ok ) - that gives better DPS imo as any time you’re reloading, you’re not shooting…