What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

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Jakobs is your best friend for Quickdraw. I like to take the Law and just knock out the climb up to Flynt on normal. Over 100 kills per run, plus you can try to get yourself a nice, shiny Thunderball Fists for a new character, and you get a shot at Flynt’s character skins.


Never tried that Bull :poop: so will have to take Kurtdawg’s word for that :+1:

Once again, never tried it so don’t know, but maybe someone else can answer that for you ok.

Can i ask what this Q is referring to?   or is it just a “general” Q?     I don’t mind what people do in there own games, that’s completely up to them and not for me to be judgemental of, so please don’t take offence to my answer ok :smiley: but my guess is that if it’s not on the console it won’t be on PC either. Sorry if this doesn’t help.


Not from me there wasn’t :wink:

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Naturally. Thing is, UH’s too much fun. (I imagine I’ll find a fun Jakobs pistol further on. There’s lots of time before Salv prestiges.)

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Main reason I asked is because that’s what that guy used to kill Terra in the video you posted a link to.


If you meant Tinder Snowflake and not Terra, then the mechanic shown in this video is what they call “weapon swapping” which is different to what they called “weapon merging”. I just had a quick look and it was done to add health return and stacking attributes and other bonuses to your weapons. With the “weapon swap” it’s done in this way much like shooting any enemy with a Harrold, and while the projectiles are still in flight you switch to a Rubi or Grog to get healing and tank the novae of enemies like Hyperious and Vora for instance. In the vid with Tinder he is first shooting the Sandhawk, then swapping to a Lady Fist before the projectiles hit Tinder for “crit’s”, and by swapping to the Lady Fist just before those projectiles hit, they are getting the extra bonus of 800% that the Lady Fist has and is the reason why it is used in many of the speed kills that you can find here along with the rules and a link to all the records as they stand at the moment.

Apparently one of the most popular “mergings” to do with weapons was with the Lady Fist and stacking the “crit” bonus to achieve a bonus of 2400% … so yeah, a bit broken and definitely a good thing to remove imo.
I hope that helped answer any queries you had and if not just let me know, but what is show in the Tinder vid can be done anytime, by anybody. Here is one of @DemoniteBL 's WR kills for you …

You’ll notice that Demonite doesn’t go into his inventory to swap weapons like in the other vid, but just normal “weapon swapping”, something anybody with any toon can do. VH toon’s like Maya and Gaige do suffer from slightly slower swap speeds and that’s when “swapping” in your inventory can save a bit of time and maximize the efficiency of this mechanic. If Demonite see’s this and i’m wrong, hopefully he’ll set us straight :+1:

Once again hope this helps differentiate between the two mechanics at play here.

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Hopefully I wasn’t coming off as mean. I didn’t know much about the merging or swapping thing. Is swapping patch along with merging?


Not patched. Merging was just plain bad but swapping is something that I find interesting even though it can break the game.

Another common one is the Flakker / RL swap. Fire the Flakker then quickly swap to a Derp, Ahab, et al - the RL’s card damage is added to the Flakker pellets.

I don’t generally go in for this kind of thing, but it’s interesting.


No not at all. I certainly didn’t get that from your post that’s for sure :ok_hand: That’s what we’re all here for, to help fellow VH’s wherever possible as together we will have most things covered i think.

From what i’ve read “weapon merging” was patched out on the 29th Oct 2015 -     “Weapon abilities will no longer be retained when using the inventory to swap weapons during the weapon-swap animation.”

That’s taken from the patch notes i found from that date and presume that this is what you are referring to, as i said i never did that myself. The “weapon swapping” via inventory or just normally can still be done at any time as can be seen in Demonite’s vid, so feel free to give it a try :metal: It’s different in the way by which you can’t stack attributes or give the Moxxi healing to weapons any more, the latter being one of the ones you could still get with Sal, but he’s just broken anyway so we’ll not worry about him :smile:

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Thanks man. I was just interested in it


i clicked on that ■■■■ and just felt empty inside right after

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Day 18 - Salvador rescues Roland, reaches level 37.

Fun fact: I’m up to four level 72s and two more done with NVHM, plus a level 16 gun mule, and only now have I turned on PhysX. And I’m using an Unkempt and an Omen. On Salvador. While gunzerking. What a mess.

And it’s pretty slow go when you’re farming skin achs. Shields knocked out with a rare sniper rifle. Mobs killed with rockets whenever I have the ammo. Omen for shotgun kills if I don’t. It’s silly, but it keeps me from being bored.


Try dual Omens with different elements - it’s like Christmas.


I leave it off. Too much visual clutter getting in the way with it on. Granted, this opinion was formed while mostly playing Maya, so maybe it’s not so bad with other VHs. :slight_smile:

On topic:

Krieg robbed a bank and blew up a train in Lynchwood. Didn’t quite reach level 69, but he’s close. I vaguely remember these last few levels being slow with Maya too. I am seeing more of an effect from the Blister with Blood Bath - several times the Slagga ripped right through an enemy, instead of the normal Slagga-painting, Fastball kill, Slagga-painting cycle. :slight_smile: He also revisited the Happy Couple to see the loot balloon - thanks SomeRandomGuy11!

Sal took a vacation on Wam Bam Island, reaching level 60. Son of Craw dropped loot commensurate with its difficulty - nothing noteworthy. How long is this level 50 ROM going to last?! :astonished: No Vermi, because Sal was better able to quickly kill pods than Krieg was.


Are we putting this thread on hold and going back to the original until it’s done?

Tonight’s activity: What was Gaige up to before Sal lapped her? Right, visiting :blrage::crown:. Ding 43. Pretty good run, thought about continuing on into Opportunity, but decided not to. The big constructor by the supply beacon is fun to snipe, and that requires low stacks. Plus there’s a fair bit of level 44 gear, including a Striker, to move over to her.

Gear-shuffling reminded me that my Transformer is level 61. So that settles what Sal should do next - beeline through the main story in the Hammerlock DLC, and try to beat Jackenstein in a relatively non-:cheese: manner. He made his way to :blyoohoo: so far. Bypassing sidequests and map challenges kind of goes against the grain, though. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like the ROM will probably retire at 61 since he’s got a Triquetra on deck at that point. Hmm, should probably grab a new Rubi then too.

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Not sure what you mean.

Day 19 - Salvador rescues Roland, finds Mordecai, loses Sanctuary, and stops for a few sidequests so he can wrangle level 42 loaders without using all his ammo. Level 40 for now; still on quests. Four achievement skins acquired in the meantime. Almost got the rocket achievement unlocked; no idea how close he is to getting that one. (I’ve been running around with a Logan and an absorb shield to farm rockets in the wild.)

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Ah, gotcha. Six o’ one to me. I’ll go ahead and post there until it locks.

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Never watch Youtube vids on an empty stomach :wink:

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Man that hit me in the right spot. Cracking up…literally. :laughing:
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