What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I’ve never tried tossing Retcher reloads. Are they any good in the normal game? (no mods)


I’m probably going to take some heat for this , but yes! The Gentle Retcher is a pretty damn good gun ( has to have the vertical grip though ).


Had a million of them drop killing Hyperius, but I’ve largely ignored it. lol


Day 38 - Gaige goes to 1000 Cuts. It was a red letter day for rare spawns - Muscles in the Cuts, Jimmy in Opportunity. Nothing exciting drop-wise though. Got past Sawtooth overall.

Opportunity also proves annoying, in that the game crashed twice as I was grinding through the quests, forcing me to do about half again as much work. And then a third time while I was farming Quickdraw kills. That hurt.

At level 48, I’m finding Gaige to be rather fragile - so I got the Overlook questline done to get a new shield. Hope it helps.


Always loved zeros gun and sniper builds and always thought melee was lame because i tried it once with awfull equiepment.
So i copied my zero, did a melee build and started a new op8 playthrough with melee zero… never did the first quests so fast and since i 1hitted flynt i’m in LOVE


For all of your Ninja needs, check out Striker’s YT channel - especially his recent Peak climb from OP0 - OP8 with a level 72 Love Thumper. That’s some of the best, most interesting and fun Zer0 I’ve ever seen.


And Sun’s thread is a great place if you have any questions or any vids to share.


Maybe in Normal mode… I really had to give it an OP bump to make it hit the way I think it should at OP3. With UCP on deck, it’s a proper Seraph in my opinion now.

Frankly, even if it didn’t kill the Buzzard, I just wanted to throw my shotgun into the pilot’s lap. :laughing:


I regularly used a level 72 Gentle Retcher on my crappy-gear / melee OP0 Maya and it was one of her best guns.

I had to punch her up to OP4 though ( because she was too powerful at OP0 ) and haven’t since gotten her a new one.

Edit - I recorded for the first time in an age. Life’s been crazy again, so by the time my butt hits the chair for the evening’s gaming, I don’t have any energy to do anything intense - so I usually just run the Peak with Kali and hit the sack. She’s Top Siren so she’s got all the Top Gear, which means I Beehawk much of it :

I’ll spare you the last minute - I couldn’t find the pearl so I stopped recording :laughing:
It turned out to be a Bearcat - n.e. - :frowning_face:


Day 39 - Soon after Gaige got Deadly Bloom, she got a green adaptive, so I switched to that instead. It’s holding up so far.

Gaige plugs through Arid Nexus. Partway through, I now notice anarchy stacks aren’t triggering from reloads. At all. Regardless of gun. Uhhhh. Enjoy my accuracy streak, I guess? At least that glitch ended by the time she went against Saturn. Which didn’t stop her from dying about four times and then finally almost running out of ammo against him.

Is Gaige supposed to feel like such a glass cannon? With the added detriment of being a glass peashooter if nothing’s around except a giant unslaggable boss with thirty spergillion hit points?

Anyway. Saturn and the rest of the Boneyard is done, and she’s now 50.


Mike Irons continued farming the Torgue machine in Pete’s Bar for an OP8 DPUH with no luck. 2x6 Gaige recruited Brick and now waits in Opportunity to get a voice modulator. @BuddyPharaoh- what’s your build and gear like? I’m hardly a Gaige expert but I’ve done alright with her…


Saturn is one of the fights that can be “tough” for Gaige, especially at that level and if you don’t have the best gear. And once you go down the first time, it tends to start the chain of deaths since you lose your stacks. She steamrolls normal mobs, but without continuous killing and Blood Soaked Shields, she is pretty fragile.

I honestly can’t remember what I did my first time through for Saturn…oh well, you got through it so no worries now. lol


Jakob’s weapon allegiance Zer0 went through A Train to Catch.
It was a metaphorical and literal train wreck.

Two death runs to get the “badonkadonks.”
Then a slow passage to Wilhelm and I’m pretty sure I only survived because he was too far away to acknowledge my existence after my first death.


Finally rounded up the gear to Deputize my OP8 Sal. Yay!

I decided to break him in on an ultimately tubby-less hunt in the Dust, though I did come across this. So weird to still find unlocked skins in BL2 considering how many hours I’ve put into it! (2400+)


The good news- Ultimate Krieg!! got past Dukino’s Mom on the Peak. Bad news- he fell to the Black Queens and their swarm/s. Now that I know that I CAN make it pat D’s Mom it’s time to tinker with strategies for what lies beyond. In other good news 2x6 Gaige made it thru Sawtooth Cauldron and is now parked at Arid Nexus but before she left Sawtooth a LLM dropped her this:

I hope for more luck with UK!! later this weekend :smiley:


Right? I can’t really tell which skins I don’t have, but it’s always startling not to see an unlocked note on a cosmetic anymore.


I’m glad to see the bandits can’t aim with that damn thing either.


Likewise. Although it’ll probably be a while for me. I need one more runner skin to complete that collection. Technicals are 69/69. I could probably see one within a few playthroughs in Aedrus or Oasis though - 4 and 11 skins respectively.

It bugs me that those four vehicles share skin themes… but not all of them. There’s no Half-Shell or Bleedout or Carsick on technicals, for instance.

It also mildly bugs me that so many of those skins don’t really look all that good. Or don’t permit me the customization I could get for cars in, say, Saints Row.

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Day 40 - Needed a little more room, so I rolled a second gun mule. (Yeah, yeah, I only need two so far.) Ran him through several quests to level him to the point where he could farm eridium off the leprechaun at the Distillery. On the way, Assassin Wot dropped the commando skin - score. Got about 30 rid from the chaun before cashing in at Earl’s.

Cleaned of old items and fortified with new handmedowns, Gaige blew through Hero’s Pass and the Warrior, and got a longbow fire leech for her trouble. I’m sure that leech will come in handy in UVHM.

I’m so tempted to just sit there in the vault overnight and let DT power level me…


I saw that just after you put it up…it gave me a few ideas for my next Peak run and thanks for that.

  • EDIT - forgot to say that I tried to spawn OOO yesterday…almost 2 1/2 hrs and zip, zilch, nada. The struggle is real.

I’ve only ever tried once. It took about 20 minutes to spawn him using Darth’s fanboat tour method. Killed him, he dropped an OP8 bladed Twister w/ Torgue grip & stock. I grabbed it and ran for the hills never to return…

If it hadn’t dropped first try I would still have no Twister in my life.