What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Went to go bloodsplode Pete with a Krieg that hadn’t bloodsploded Pete yet, so yeah, Pete got some bloodsplode, and then I hung out at Moxxi’s bar for a while and played the Torgue token slots for a spell (since I had almost 999 tokens and there was nothing I really wanted to farm out of the Torgue vendors)… and of course I won the jackpot lol.

Edit: oh yeah, Pete dropped a fire resistant Big Boom Blaster, the first elemental-resist BBB I’ve ever come across in six zillion BBBs I’ve seen over the years.


Moved some more gears from ps3 mules to ps4… Almost done with that crap! lol
But I did found an explosive fastball of appropriate lvl for Mr.Die-A-Lot the psycho. I’ll have to try it because the shock one was useless on that %/$%?%* Duke of Orcs. It was my first time really trying the “Moxxi’s healing”. Something I always avoided so far. With a Ruby and a shock fastball. Let say I need more practice…
Almost got it on the first try. Almost. On respawn, without the mobs for revive and Bloodslosion it was atrocious. I did had a somewhat good run so I know I could do it. With on level (or close to) Flakker, DPUH, Kerblaster, Badaboom and Lyudas… I’m afraid the problem is not the gear! lol :smiley:
Probably just need a few more points in my Bloodlust tree. I’m still missing the 5 I put in Embrace the pain since I’ve equipped the Rough Rider.

On the other end. Motor Mama was a cakewalk. I simply Badaboomed her! One of the perks of saving your gears from previous play-through.

And after that I gave a shot at the TPS… hmmm. Look like I’ll be busy for a while! lol


Day 43 - Gaige dropped to normal to farm heads and shield and grenade challenges for a while. Found out that Wedding Day quest heads can drop from any boss kill - sometimes two of them.

15 runs got me Krieg’s skin. Back to UVHM for a quick run through 1K Cuts, advancing the story.

Level 54 and two thirds. 1121 AR kills to go.


Tuesday Kills is working her way thru normal and is now at WEP…


I had the day off today, so I ran the Peak with Kali and 0tt…a lot.

My ninja skills are thankfully returning - especially since @StrikerZidane and @Sun_Tsunami helped me over the Scorch hump ( still no vid guys! ). Actually I don’t have any specific problem areas now - it’s just a matter of bringing everything up incrementally. Scorch is ok , surveyors ok , BQ’s ok , constructors ok , Saturn ok, Assassins ok , and OMG I can Pimp-Bore in one or two shots. So a bit more practice and I’m ready for the big time :grinning:

I’ve settled on the Pimp as my go-to gun for him rather than the Interfacer which is otherwise standard fare - it just works much better for me.


What did i do? This

and I thought that shamfleeting the dragons at OP8 would be easy. LOL.

I think i need a 5 mag norfleet, slag transfusion, sniper ammo relic, alkaline turtle, gunerang, tediore relic for the dragons and vorac. So will do Loot management first to see if I really don’t have them and then will pick up my farmer sal to farm them.


Started the Mongolian, my new idea for a Genghis Kahn themed axton build. Which sadly might be my last character, I’m about burnt out on bl2


Oooh pretty! Nice!


For some reason I felt like starting a new Axton tonight. So off I went!

Boom Bewm was kind:

And Flynt was also kind enough to drop one of his skins I actually hadn’t laid my hands on yet:

And now to set sail for Sanctuary. Toot toot!


Day 44 - Gaige seizes Opportunity. To die. Repeatedly. As usual, she completes Statuesque by hanging so far behind the constructor that enemies never spawn to threaten it. Then she proceeds to diefest continually against that 3.0 constructor in the east corner of the map. First time was understandable. The next five times were pure rage. Neverending waves of respawns, including respawns on the way to more respawns on the way to restocking her damn ammo, kicking off even more respawns. Everything from engineers walking around with E-tech (that wouldn’t drop if she killed them) to angelic loaders carrying Vladof snipers for some reason, with 100% hipshot accuracy, tagteaming with WAR loaders that would jump in front, and ION loaders spamming their stupid globes, ensuring nothing actually quite died until she was forced to retreat all the way to the damn entrance. Twice she got that constructor down to 5% health before some dumbass thing would send her into FFYL just as it died. Twice she had to fight the constructor that respawns at the history tour. I swear the timer on that thing is set to once every five minutes. And the only way to get into position to kill it is to kill… yet another respawn wave. I’d damn near had it by the time I finally chewed through the whole thing, like a loaf of pumpernickel you’d found out was stale after you’d paid way too much for it.

Perseverance ultimately won. And with 360 stacks, I decided to leave the game running overnight.

Level 55. 916 AR kills to go.


LEAST favorite side quest in the game. Possibly in the entire series.


I didn’t like the constant respawns, for sure. But I always love listening to Jack going gradually nuts at each statue. “Here’s your PRIIIZE!!”


And he kind of spits it out so it sounds like “Here’s your FRIES!!”

Now I want fries!


It’s a good quest for that alone. Nice to hear his confidence shaken.


Ultimate Krieg!!'s first attempt at unlocking OP7 this weekend ended at the dual Scorches- mistimed RtB and both Scorches had too much health to take out in FFL. Dee Lightful is now taking on Bunker in the hopes of an on level Sham and heads/skins, which means she may move on sometime in the next millennium :grin: Mike Irons still searches for an OP8 Torgue grip DPUH and I tasked my original OP8 Zero Zeromass (named for my Xbox 360 original GT) with hunting Terra for skins/heads- no luck yet there either. Tuesday Kills finished WEP and is now set to recruit Brick…


That one time when you see OOO for the first time in, like FOREVER and kill him and then check every last blue item at least four times before accepting that he did not drop a Twister. O for 3, to date.


Took Axton, level 53.01, with about $8M, into Southpaw Steam & Power to kill the assassins. Emerged 90 minutes later at level 53.33, with about $4M. Oy.


Tuesday Kills finished normal and is now in TVHM Liar’s Berg. She also picked up a Bandit grip Reactive CC from the Warrior on her first moonshot attempt- not the best prefix/grip but eh- at least it wasn’t a Leech. :grin: The next mule to finish normal will be a Sal named Lucky Meme. Ultimate Krieg!! once again fell to Dukino’s Mom- had a nice rhythm going there (somewhat) avoiding her beam attack until she started tossing shock balls. Hit Rtb too soon and didn’t have it back when it ended and got kacked by the ball lightning. At least one more attempt remains before calling it for the weekend…


Would you say you’re… 0 for OOO? http://instantrimshot.com/

OT: Vlad0f, my very cleverly named Vladof-allegiance Zer0, climbed a ship and sailed to Sanctuary. Using a Woeful Renegade and an Angry Anarchist at the moment. Fun stuff! Next time: opening up Doc Mercy in normal mode for the first time in forever.


Both of these are awesome :laughing:

Would you post your build?