What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Finished up Data Mining, And I’ll leave it there tonight.

The entirety of today was messing around with Buck Up, and wow. This skill (other than its obvious bugs) is far more vital to Gaige’s survival than I expected it to be. Far too many times when I’m in the heat of the action I feel the need to be bailed out by BU, and in some cases it barely kept me out of FFYL. The only time I’ve seen Buck Up do something funky was when it recharged the shield of a Badass Marauder but the skill has otherwise worked as expected.

Gaige may not be Zer0-style fragile but clearly she needs her shields to be up to be effective. Glad that when I re-specced I put some points into Fancy Mathematics.

Equally as glad that that Badaboom dropped when it did because it made short work of Saturn (with pre-stacking Anarchy of course :stuck_out_tongue: ), and the Lady Fist puts a few hard bullets in the eye of that BA Constructor on the bridge. As far as shotties go I have had zero luck tracking down either a Thinking or Projectile Diversification via chests or mob drops so I’ve had to buy a white variant of the former, with a less-than-desirable Bandit grip.

No COM boosts (because while I do have a Prodigy Mod, I don’t have it boosting the one skill that actually has points in it – The Better Half).


I am one of the few who likes it. But currently I am running a DT build so it’s a no no.


Maliwan Mechromancer rolled Sawtooth Cauldron and went after the Race to the Top challenge (all she had left) and then cleared the map. She was built for full shock damage except a Magic Missile for slag.

Shock Storm in action. I love this skill with some UCP love… if you really build around it and otherwise max it out, it’s quite capable of killing things (but it also looks cool).

So I ride the elevator up, step out, and send it back down when I’m surprised by a Heavy Nomad (or not surprised, really). I immediately jump down the shaft onto the descending elevator when my shield goes off. The singularity drags this poor schmuck into the shaft with me, and the nova kills him as he’s falling down on me.

One Two Boom, a shot from the Storm, and Interspersed Outburst are lighting this guy up.

A guy came at me with a Flakker (no prob), but a Goliath Blaster later came at me gunzerking Hives (sketchy).

How to handle Rift Threshers easily.


After some time spent in the past, on both Pandora and Elpis, I took Maytastrophe on a stroll at Digistruct Peak (half-hearted shot at unlocking OP8). 3 attempts, 3 failures. First a close one at D’s mom, second a close one with the Scorches after the surveyors were gone, and the third not even a close one to a bandit before the Scorch two step. All avoidable, I am once again my own worst enemy. But I’ll be back, and next time I’ll stretch first.



Warrior and Jack rekt, Conference Call GET. On top of a stronger Prodigy COM. And a stronger Bandit Launcher too.

Problem is, I finished 2 levels behind schedule. Too bad, I was planning to hit up The Dust but now I have to be shoehorned into the next mode.

Actually I did decide to toil around more in Normal prior to truly entering TVHM, which was to mess up Lynchwood, help out a pup skag in need, and actually bother to find out what makes The Bane tick. That SMG would be top gear if not for that movement speed nonsense because WOW, it’s a mass murderer with Gaige. Also went and actually used Moxxi’s Endowment, so that I could actually keep up in level with the areas this time around.


Steve the $6m Army Man today became Steve the Bandit Specialist!

it all started so innocently

@IceCat763 posted this about his new-found appreciation for the Specialist COM and the Lascaux.

The Specialist’s passive is increased SMG accuracy (seriously GBX, REALLY?!?).
It also boosts Duty Calls (+damage for non-elemental guns), Ready (reload), and Forbearance ( -status effects / +health ).

So I got to thinking, other than the Lascaux, the Tattler and Bone Shredder are perfect candidates for this : extra reload and the accuracy increase from the COM is actually perfect for Bandit :


I went with a modified version of @Piemanlee’s Jakobs build :

…and equipped the necessary gear : non-elemental Tattler and Bone Shredder , Slagga , Badaboom , purple Specialist COM , Bandit relic (+damage and fire rate) , Quasar and Blockade.

The test run with the Mighty Morphin’ mission was a success, but what do you do when you’re a bandit??

Rob a train! All the Lynchwood quests were open, so he tore the place up.

This has got to be the first time I actually truly completely happily joyfully enjoyed the Tattler and Bone Shredder ( @Hattie :laughing: ). Accuracy, fire rate, damage and reload all significantly improved ; and ammo never became scarce.


After a week off doing some landscaping for my sister. (Basically shoveling rocks at 30 C under 85% humidity.)
I’m back home with 2 weeks off left. So i started by playing an old favorite I bought for cheap not long ago. Destroy All Humans! 2. Fun jet pack action but you CAN’T slam the ground. I know. I kept trying! :smiley:

So back on BDL2 to work on my Veruc vs Lyuda stats. …I kept trying to fly the jet pack, of course!
Nothing worthy to report beside Killer Cat (70) COM going there. You might get a picture IF I can find where I put my %$"??$%&?* USB key…


I decided to take another shot at the Sorcerer’s Daughter in UVHM today with my 65 Axton. Previously, It did not go well at all. This time I felt prepared except for needing an upgrade of his Bee. So I went farming in the Forest as usual to get one. On the second run I had a big surprise. I saw the Treant drop orange and when I got to it I saw something I did not expect. A Lvl 65 Rapid Infinity (with Vladof grip). I had no idea those were in their loot pool and as many times as I farmed Treants to update my Bees, I have never seen them drop any other legendary. Not that it will help with the Sorcerer’s Daughter, but it certainly was a welcome surprise that come in handy.
After I got the new Bee , I went after her and somehow managed to defeat her without ever dying. Since the session was going soooooo good, I decided to take it to the end and do Dragon Keep.
Managed to kill the first 2 Sorcerers without much trouble, but the Demonic Sorcerer was a different story. After dying a few times I finally got him but it was getting ugly.

Does anyone know of other legendaries, besides The Bee, being dropped by Treants?


AFAIK only the bee. You might be interested in this loot pool spreadsheet


Thanks, I have this but didn’t think to check it. Looking at it now, I see only the Bee for Treants, but I do see the Infinity as a drop from the Gold Golum in the TT dlc.


Looking around the web for an answer to why I got an Infinity from a Treant, I found the following;

“Any legendary has a 1/1000 (.1%) to be found in a chest, random drop, or in a skag/stalker/whatever pile”.

I believe I made the wrong assumption, it has nothing to do with loot pool, it’s just a random drop.
Lucky me.


Welcome back to Pandora and the forum :+1:   I had quite a break myself, but you obviously came back for this …

No? … oh, ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:   Sorry i did leave all of you hanging there didn’t i, and thank you for all of these questions regarding such a playthrough …

Again thank you, but no, it’s not Dahlvador but something far more challenging, in fact it may never even get started it’s so challenging :astonished:

I will be attempting to do a playthrough using only the rarest weapons in the game … yes, that’s correct, the Maliwan barrelled non-Maliwan smg’s.   Of course the coveted Diamond Weisenheimer will head that list and seeing as only two have ever been found, and, sadly @bew_ accidently dropped his into the lava in Hero’s Pass (i know this still hurts mate :sob:), there remains only one known to this day and the owner of that weapon has never ever used Cheat Engine in any of his gaming on Pandora so you know it’s 100% legit :bowing_man:

Yes, i know what you’re thinking and your probably right, it’s crazy and i may never find any of these guns and this playthrough will probably never even start because of it being such a demanding challenge just trying to find the gear to do it, so to add to the challenge i will be farming the toughest Boss and most difficult one to obtain said weapons from … “Butt Stallion”.   (and many thousands of ADoD kills for Rid-Rock)

That said, if through some miracle i do manage to find even a few of these ultra rare weapons and can get this underway, it will undoubtedly be one the most overpowered toons i’ve ever played, so there’s always hope.

I’ll try to keep you all updated over the years as i search for this gear, but if you don’t hear from me again you know where i’ll be, and if this is my last post it’s been great so thank you all :hugs: and goodbye :beers:

ps: Having some kb & mouse issues atm (intermittently not working) so actual gaming is a prob so it looks like farming will be a good thing for now until i can resolve it, so i went and did a bit of practice on Henry for some heads and skins, and got him some strange death poses …

And my findings …

Lets hope my luck continues :grin:


I’m just a simple Bee farmer.


That was one heck of a post. :clap: :clap: :clap:


So about last night…

Wow, I hate SBA Psychos. They’re usually not an issue in Normal but at True+ they are a pain. They move far too fast for Deathtrap, and they hit like freight trains. It’s infuriating.

Also infuriating? The fact that when you kill Spiderants (provided the final blow comes from a non-elemental attack), they’ll actually flip over. Like they’re mooning you for some odd reason. That’s a not too subtle middle finger from where I stand. INDECENT EXPOSURE, MAN.

Anyways, more importantly, after acquiring the Lascaux again, tore a bloody swath through Frostburn, did No Vacancy, then stopped at the Bloodshot Stronghold. It wasn’t until that point that I realized… both Three Horns sections do not level up past 8, and they’ll only periodically drop anything above level 8 (in the case of TVHM, 35). So I am basically doing No Vacancy well above its intended level and I should be doing it in conjunction with Assassinate the Assassins.


I also need to re-spec into Fancy Mathematics, since now that I have Discord and The Nth Degree the dependence on Cooking Up Trouble and The Better Half are significantly lowered.


Jump. If you get the timing/direction right, you can jump over their attack, then cheese them straight into DT’s waiting warm embrace.


Ultimate Krieg!! has been farming the LLM in WEP and so far has come up crap, although there were a couple of Pimon & Tumba sightings…


Continued my long delayed return to Pandora, now trying to finish the slaughter arenas on my Zer0 UVHM playthrough, the only regular non-raid boss missions I have left. Yesterday I managed to finish all five rounds of the bandit and creature slaughters. Man, my hand hurts so bad and I got a bruise on the digit of my left thumb from gripping the controller so tight. I’m still rusty, but slowly getting back in the groove. Today I attempted the one thing I was dreading to do with this character: The Hyperion Slaughter. I’m using only non-elemental, non-unique, non-automatic Jakobs weaponry, mostly pistols and shotguns, so I already expected it to be even more difficult than usual. I managed to complete up to round 3 using that loadout, but started to fail miserably in round 4. I’m gonna have to break allegiance and use at least a corrosive Lyuda and some other non-Jakobs weapon, I’m afraid. Maybe even re-spec into Critical Ascension and out of Velocity to use a corrosive Pimpernel, something that I really don’t want to do. The worst part is that ammo management has been a nightmare. Not a single enemy in that damn arena seems to drop shotgun ammo! Or any significant amount of any type of ammo, for that matter. Even more so than using only Jakobs weapons, that’s what’s been making completing that set of missions so difficult.


Never would I doubt words I could ascribe to the prophet @SomeRandomGuy11. :wink:

Seriously though, missed you. These posts are the tits!!!


Gaige joined some random games who is playing Tina’s DLC, I joined in time for the Hatred Shadows we ran through it until we finished the DLC.

I am liking the Deathtrap Playstyle so far, here is how it looks.

current build is this http://bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#550005100541050054100551010000000000

I am running a L19 Slagga, L20 Rubi, L52 Harold, L56 Good Touch, L50 Hide of Terra, +4Legendary Mechro, L50 Chain Lightning and 8% moxxi’s endowment relic.

Then Sun and I do coop runs and we are just trolled by Gee’s worms (Sun executes just passing right through them, is as if he is lagging while being a host),

Then Dragons, Boost landing without being shot, if he don’t want to land he is aggressive in slagging. Incinerator already landed but decided to take off again. Healianth loves to land on the edge giving us a hard time to backstab. Brood is the only submissive one.

Best run we got is a 2:03 run. so close to being a sub 2 minute kill.