What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

I pretty much only farm the bloodfruit treants now. If you take the Tree Hugger quest only two orcs spawn in the camp. (Don’t take the sapling! If you do just plant it and let the orcs kill it, and start over) Exit out to Immortal Woods and reenter, and when you restart you’ll spawn right there above the camp. Makes farming those two treants quick without having to slog through a bunch of stumpies and other riffraff. :slight_smile:


Hey all :wave:     Thanks for all the great suggestions, quality stuff there but the choice is obvious i think …

Solid start sir thank you.   I think “Siren Mayachine Gun” would be my pic :+1:

Again very good suggestions but i think VH is correct as i will be trying to use all of the brands.

Very tempted indeed :rofl:

Very cool choice and would be very fitting …

Hmmm … maybe? :thinking:

Solid contributions and thanks.   @Carlton_Slayer this has Malliwan allegiance written all over it but unfortunately she won’t actually be using any Malliwan weapons.

Maya Pologies™ :grin:

Sorry @VaultHunter101 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:   You can remove the space but i gotta lock that down.

Thank you @Singlestone :beers:   Outstanding!

Great to know and @Rumplebunny this is the method i remember being discussed somewhere here in the past so i’ll give these a shot :+1:


How is this going? Are you seriously trying this character/playthrough? If we aren’t counting Bandit ones I have a few purples and 2 or 3 blues.

Lvl. 28 Kindle
Lvl.32 Bladed Eel
Lvl.50 Scorpion
Lvl. 56 Chaff
Lvl. 61 Backburner
Lvl. 61 Emerald Jackal

And if we include Bandit I have 2 Burnys and a Shocky at 61. Xbox360 tho :frowning:️.

Farmed Butt Stallion with easily 1000 Rid Rock and have only gotten the Jackal so far.


Took my Deputy Sal 3/4 through another playthrough and got this on Where Angels Fear to Tread part 2.

On to the Warrior tonight!


I quite certain @SomeRandomGuy11 is aware of this EPIC drop , but still worth re-posting :


Yeah i’ve had a bit of success so far and have gone and restocked on Rid-Rock so i’ll update the haul as i go.

Thanks mate i appreciate the offer but on PC myself, and yes i am seriously doing this playthrough, though in a very facetious manner :grin:, and as @Jefe pointed out i am fully aware of the so called rarity of these weapons but i’ll be trying to obtain a full set of each manufacture so it may still take some time yet.   I might even have a different brand each day but it should be fun i hope.

I’ll also need to brush-up on my SMG prefixes :confused:   This should have me covered :+1:


These too :grinning:

and … I think I should just attach this link to my tag :


2,000+ new posts?! I AIN’T GOT TIME FO’ THAT!

So err yeah I’ve been a bit absent. Had some health issues that knocked me for 6 (a little snick-et for you there :smiley: ) but I’ve bounced back and found myself lost wandering some kinda wasteland in what was a bad FPS game and a bad RPG game all rolled into one!

30 minutes later I was back on Pandora and everything feels a lot better all of a sudden. Shooting feels fun, upgrades flow logically and the game explains itself properly!

Still I was several months out of the game so couldn’t face jumping right back into UVHM so rolled a new Krieg. Below is a short recap of OHGODIMONFIRE and his adventures on Pandora!

After accompanying a funny robot to his house he went on a quick tour of all the fast travel locations to gain a little XP. Crushed his way through the early missions with his enhanced health and ability to use some better weapons!

Bewm was kind enough to drop him a Bonus Package (Lobbed, 10x child grenades!) and he headed off to Sanctuary. Nothing else of real interest happened but he’s all set up to chase the mysterious ‘Firehawk’ person.

As you can probably tell by the name OHGODIMONFIRE he specialises in burn damage and is specifically going Hellborn from level 1 up! I’m probably going to die. A lot. It’ll be fun but a bit messy. Good to be back though! :slight_smile:


Toward the end of the night decided to see if I could get another 25 moonshots on the Warrior. Just when I thought I had seen everything it has to offer, it proved me wrong. In one moonshot It dropped an Impaler, Hornet and a Jack mask. I’ve read about 2 items, mask or head and legendary (haven’t seen it in 450 + runs), but didn’t think 2 legendaries was likely much less it and a mask (purple). The Hornet had bad parts. No pure Practicable CC on these runs but did get a decent Railer.
I’m chomping at the bit to get Krieg out the Warrior vault and back in play. He’s been locked up there for almost a month now and I’m eager to get him into UVHM. About to throw in the towel on the pure CC


I hope nothing too nasty. So…,

Welcome home!!! We worry about our prodigals when they go on a walkabout. Now get out there and burn some bandits. :grin:


Now we just gotta get @Ninja_Mrrr , @Worblehat and @Kuolemanlaakso back and we’ll have the band back together :grinning:


Finally landed an Allegiance Relic.
Good for a 15% uptick in H-Corp Damage. Still going to need to deal with that reverse recoil but eh, it’s a start.


The Grand Forum Reunion Tour, with special guest @Handsome_Dad. Coming to, and subsequently destroying, a Bandit encampment or Hyperion installation near you in Fall 2018. :rofl:


Or at least in time to swoop in to start up What Did You Do…Pt 3!


Maliwan Mechromancer in Tundra Express was on the dice tonight. She had everything done there, so just went to clear the map.

Found this thing in a dook hut… that Vladof exhaust with the Bandit grip basically gives it nine very fast shots.

So I go to the Buzzard Academy, ring the doorbell, run to the roof, and play sniper Gaige… she’s got a (buffed) Volcano and a Legendary Catalyst COM, so she’s doing the “Direct hit to slag with Interspersed Outburst, indirect splash to add fire damage (and not consume stacks), upon kill, direct shot with IO and now Evil Enchantress (so faster kills)” routine. It’s totally working and I’m cleaning them out. Buzzards are being one-shot from Infection shots (it’s binary, which just means the range is even shorter than the projectiles already limited lifespan, but I can get both shots on target if my Anarchy is low enough without issue.

Then a couple of Badass Buzzards come out. No problem, I think, I’ve got a Hive; I’ll just let it work them over. But! One of the passengers on one of the Buzzards has a Chopper. I’m able to dodge it, but it’s making me throw my Hive shots wide enough that the little guys aren’t pursuing the Badasses, and I die.

When I respawn, I see a guy at the gate, looking out. I shoot him and he lays into me with a Chopper - he jumped from the Buzzard and ran out there; totally killed me (without cover, you’re dead in seconds). Alternately, a second guy spawned with a similar slag Chopper, but I think it was the same.

Lower on funds than I like, I took her to Hatred’s Shadow for a chest run. Deathtrap is wearing a Flame of the Firehawk shield, and Shock Storm is enjoying a buff from the UCP. For a few moments, the shield and Shock Storm AoE damage (and slag from a barrage of Magic Missiles) were killing everything that came out of that door before they knew what hit them.


Honestly wish I knew! Completely exhausted (could barely stay up for 10 hours a day!) so off to the docs (not striker sadly!) who just throws anti-depressants at me. Felt better less than 3 weeks later - too fast for the pills to work so came off them. Been fine ever since :slight_smile:

Weird one tbh!


Dahl Commando met with Tannis and picked up the Doctor’s Orders and Hidden Journals missions. The Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and the Highlands come with a variety of enemies, so (wanting to stick with a single loadout for both missions), I loaded as follows:

  • Dahlminator (for the PWR and BUL Loaders)
  • Sandhawk (fire, for flesh enemies)
  • Railgun (slag duty, plus it’ll kill flesh enemies if I unload the entire magazine on them)
  • Scorpio (corrosive for non-reflective Loaders)
  • Dahl Allegiance relic (mag size and burst delay)
  • Booster shield (fire resistance in case some big Loader tries to light me up)
  • Legendary Soldier (I try to avoid leaning on this, but for loadouts that incur some extra difficulty, it’s great)
  • Bouncing Betty (slag, as I don’t have Double Up, and the sniper rifle eats ammo fast)

Dahl gear (particularly this set) is pretty rough at close range, so my combat technique was to engage everything at range. Enemies that came close were diverted/killed with dual Nuke turrets; once engaged with those, I’d drop a slag Betty in there, get to a comfortable distance, and just spray the mess with the Sandhawk until everything was dead.

I only died once, when I was trying to get Pimon and Tumbaa cornered in a room (after having painstakingly killed the rest of the mobs around them and kited them over and let myself use my fire Bonnie) for the Ride Together Die Together challenge. Dual Nukes cornered them in the room and I unloaded like six Bonnies in there, then tried to slag them with the Railgun. Tumbaa went down fast, but Pimon’s shield was still up, so the grenades weren’t hammering him too bad (and the turrets couldn’t see him). I ran in to slag him when we both died from the grenades.

I’ve been practicing barrel jumping on the fly (when explosive barrels spawn in strategic places, run, jump, and fire down on them to do a free grenade jump). I got onto this roof in one shot only to find out that while the rim and walls were solid, the roof was false. Trapped, I used my third-party software action skill to fly out of there (not wanting to run back through all of this to get the journal here).

What are the odds that UVHM+ would throw red-texted Dahl weapons at me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
One guy had a Sandhawk (and he’s firing from a distance, not aiming down the sight, so it’s no issue) and a Loader had a slag Bearcat which was, shortly after this screenshot was taken, a very serious issue (he’s still not aiming down the sight, but he’s fanning that hammer).


I have been up all night farming TripleO. I went to bed at like 7:30am and my wife woke me up just now at 11:00am so we can do the family thing. Squeezed in one more farm before we go get our son and my vigilance FINALLY paid off… FINALLY!

My first Twister. I can’t wait. Will update with new build runs soon. I don’t even care about parts I’m just glad it dropped. This is the only thing that has been harder to get than the Ogre. On to the Cobra I guess.


It’s got a Jakobs grip - the part that matters!

( Torgue stock is great too )


Ugh. Bandit Slaughter can get real tedious at times. When you get jumped and have no real chance at attaining Second Winds.

Needed to level up to at least 46 to get on level with Where Angels Fear to Tread. I did the first two round which were a breeze (granted, they were both at L41, does it not scale in TVHM like it does for Normal?). The third round, while I did finally beat it, got spiked with difficulty quick.

One of the mobs plopped down a Roboteer Mod, green rarity, Potent prefix. Good start.

Also did a brief re-spec again, now no Cooking Up Trouble, maxed out Potent as a Pony. And in the mission that followed, Hell Hath No Fury, dropping Foreman Rusty resulted in actually getting a Black Hole as a first-time drop. Impressive.