What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Guy asks for help with OP4, I join his game and he’s a Siren. Two things immediately strike me. He’s using the Slayer of Terramorphous class mod (red flag number 1) and he’s using Blight Phoenix (RF2)… I educated him and sent him on his merry way. I did the run with him of course.


the Badass round of the Magic Slaughter hands down is the hardest.


I’m not an expert on your model, mine predates it by 9 years and is the :mens: version, but sometimes a little change-up helps me. Working through a language module on Duolingo/Rosetta Stone, a spatial relations or logic puzzle like Minesweeper or Tetris, or reading a good book, currently Our Ancestors by Italo Calvino but I also have a book or two by Haruki Murakami in the queue. If I don’t post for a day or two it’s usually because I am stuck somewhere between the covers of a good book (my last break was to read the Sprawl trilogy by William Gibson and The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick). But I am now, and likely always will be, something of a nerd. :nerd_face:


Well you’re alright with me then ( as a Vancouver native, Bill is required reading :stuck_out_tongue: )


So I have some exciting news. Next week I am coming into possession of a PS4, so that means I can start Borderlands The Handsome Collection all over again!!! :smiley:


I managed to get in 1.25 hours last night, which is quite a feat for me these days.

Did a bunch more OP8 melee Zer0 practice with 0tt, doing the Peak. I killed myself when I forgot to swap from a Pandemic ( which I use for DoT healing with D’s Mom ) back to a Chain Lightning. oops :flushed:

I consoled myself by taking OP4 V0iv0d to Wam Bam Island for the storyline. Killed SoC but stopped there before dealing with Sparky or raid SoC.

Lastly, a bit more gear experimentation with OP4 Trey Manos, doing half of the crumpet mission for Tina. With some tweaking, I could get my Triquetra up to a mag size of 15(!) and still maintain a ROM at 4, so that was completely OP. I’m not a big fan of the general appearance of the ROM and much prefer a Citrine Coach Gun. It’s so pretty :heart_eyes:


Decided to finish off the handful of achievements I don’t have on the Xbox One version. Starting with Hammerlock DLC. Doing it in TVHM so I can just breeze through. Now those tedious side missions to do :confused:

They are. Although the Game of the Year disc doesn’t include the headhunter packs because it was released before they were.


Hey guys sorry ive been gone all this time but im back and back on Bl2 after a month or 2
Anyway a friend and i went and finished the Hammerlock DLC and never have i hated a boss more than jackinstine (spelling error) ■■■■ the dragons ■■■■ vorac and ■■■■ vermi i hate that thing more


Since PsychoNaut was sitting just over level 62 with a level 61 corrosive butcher, I decided to do the run up Thousand Cuts and through Control Core Angel before things got out-levelled too much. Actually had a pretty good run, and picked up some more plasma casters, darts, and spikers along the way. Got through the whole thing back to Sanctuary, unlocked Sawtooth Cauldron, and called it quits - major head cold is making it hard to see straight and focus. Time for a nap.


Ended last night’s rather unique coop session with wisdom by deciding not to fight the Warrior accompanied by a Gaige 6 levels above me, so I took Torgue Krieg back today and fought it solo. No legendaries but some nice drops. I also picked up a Rolling Thunder from a mule, and unleashed it on the Caustic Caverns.

That map is great for Bloodsplosions - not much stood a chance, though Blue gave me a bit of trouble (eventually got him with a pull the pin kill - a mini crystallisk walked over the Rolling Thunder and triggered it, taking the big guy down). On the cusp of level 62, inching up there. Can’t wait to get to endgame and finally dust off all my stored Torgue gear.


Thanks Sun- exactly what I was looking for. It’s amazing how much of the game has been fully figured out.

On topic, went and got a PS4 and the Handsome Collection. Got the important saves transferred over. The game looks great and is running a lot smoother, get framerate drop a lot less often. Unfortunately, the elemental challenges got glitched so I’ve gained a bunch of fake BAR and the Maliwan elegance skin a lot. had to re setup BAR, after about 50 tokens I gave up and just selected randomly. Out of curiosity, I tried stripping my problem shield with BAR on and it worked perfectly. I guess a mix of the extra grenade damage and elemental effect damage (or does that just affect dots) balanced out with the added shield capacity. So off to the peak.

OP4->OP5: the turret run

Worked through it fairly well, went down at bonehead the first time. As a side note, Bore on the spider tanks is a lot easier and looks so much better on the new system. Failed at the assassins to the second wave of turrets and being ill-prepared, went down out of stabbing range of a turret with an Pimpernel that needed reloaded, about the time it was reloaded a full health Oney decided it would be fun to stand in the way.

Had some not so good runs, but definitely never felt like I was out of my element like I did with OP2->OP3 run. Got to where I could consistently clear the assassins, but died three times in the Saturn Area, kept getting surrounded by UBA and War Loaders. Might start carrying a bee for that part and just snipe it like I do with Maya, seems safer.

On my 4th attempt in the Saturn area I got through and cruised the rest of the way. Ended up with a Hellfire, another infinity and way too many bone shredders.

With Maya, I think I had nearly a 100% success rate if I got past the assassins, but died a lot to them. Zero so far is 7/9 in the coliseum the quad spawn is the only one left that worries me knocks on wood. Next session will be to reset the controller to defaults (L2/R2 as aim/fire vs L1/R1 on PS3) and get re-adjusted. Firing a gun at the ground when you mean to throw a grenade in deception is dangerous. Maya accidentally picked up a Drs Orders echo so maybe she’s due for a reset and trip to Washburn.



Goes to getting an OP8 shock Fibber with the CORRECT barrel type on the


I don’t care that it has a Bandit grip, I got what I wanted/needed, so I am ecstatic!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!


On a more rational, normal human note;

I just discovered that if you beat a mission at OP8, but don’t turn it in before quitting, and then drop down a few levels;

It Will drop the quest reward’s level down to whatever you dropped to. I just farmed my Fibber and Beat Mal on OP8, but had dropped back to OP0 for something else before turning it in. And when I went to turn it in, it said 72 in the bottom left corner instead of the desired 80. So yeah…almost ruined my Fibber for myself if I hadn’t been paying attention…


My advice is to listen to this and this in a loop until sanity returns.

:star_struck: That sounds shiny! I will have to look for the appropriate Jakobs allegiance relic to try that once my current :man_farmer: activities are completed.

Speaking of which…

Axton, one run, nothing interesting from the LLMs or red chests.
Maya, four runs, “success” on the second - rubberized. :confounded: I predict the next Storm Front will be OP2 and/or have a horribly long fuse time…
Krieg, ten more Warrior kills in NVHM, averaging a bit over 20E/run (305E/15 runs so far). I also learned that opening with a :baseball: makes the kill much quicker, since the Warrior is immediately in its death pose rather than withdrawing under the lava and waiting for a while before assuming the position.


My sessions have been a bit sporadic as of late, and it seems each one always ends up with a post worthy event of some kind. And this time, it caught me and my friend both off guard so hard we both died because we were laughing too hard to play.

We had just finished his (JSlagga) UVHM story missions, despite us both already being on OP8. They had been kind of forgotten right after the part in Control Core Angel for a while, but he decided he wanted to go ahead and just get it over with.

So we’re meandering about in Eridium Blight right where Donkey Mong spawns (he did lol) and I’m still a ways firther back than he is. (I’m at the spot you meet Claptrap and he’s In the area already mentioned). Well, I climb up the rockface right there in front of claptrap’s spot and am just standing on the very top watching him battle it out. As I am surveying my freshly claimed kingdom, demanding that all peasants pay homage to the mighty school girl when, a rather weird shape caught my eye. I started babbling like an idiot in between my laughter, while scrambling to open the camera on my phone, and operate an Xbox controller all simultaneously. JSlagga caught sight of it two and broke down laughing, with his Commando spazzing all over the place due to it. A few seconds passed and we both just couldn’t maintain and died in a swarm of Bullymongs, Demong(s), and Rakk. We rushed right back to that spot and thankfully it was still there in all its glorious awkwardness. I told him to hang back to I could snap my picture. But the insane knucklehead ignored me and just destroyed it and everything else…

What was it? You ask…


And all I got to say is; @xmngr got it right in his loot guide about it’s description. It looks like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo was given wings LMFAO…still…


There’s a guaranteed ‘fake’ tubby rakk in the Gas Guzzlers quest in the Torgue DLC :slight_smile: and yes, they look like flying turds!

On topic… Seriously, f*** fetch quests. I’m stuck on 22/23 eggs found :rage:


Mike Irons unlocked OP6 and OP7 last night- it was a little dodgey with Dukino’s Mom and there were a couple or three FFL moments in the two runs but overall things went smoothly. With luck not only will Mike unlock OP8 today but he can become the first of the Next Generation VH’s to make it to OP8 w/o having to listen to Tannis mention how informative his death was or how pizza exists :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thought it was strange though- isn’t D’s Mom supposed to appear at OP5 when trying to unlock OP6? I got the triple Scorch fight but maybe she’s got got me spooked into worrying about her at that level…


Having tried for about 2 hours to trigger the “Been There” achievement, I can only assume that it doesn’t want to pop up for me. I’ve literally been everywhere. I know I have because I got it on the 360 version. I guess my only hope is to do it on a new character (meaning a non-imported one). Not a big deal, just find this DLC very boring.


JSlagga told me the same. I’ve never done that mission despite having the DLC. In order of most encounters to least the obese species fall in this order for me:

  1. Spiderant
  2. Skag
  3. Varkid
  4. Bones (forgot about that stuffed animal looking bastard :laughing: )
  5. Midget
  6. Stalker
  7. Rakk (1 being hard to beat for last place lol)

(@MeatPopsicle I was just beginning to think my memory was recovering from it’s just recent issues with recall and here you trot, making me rethink it all lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )