What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Oh look, while cheeseraiding Hyperius in TVHM, a Casual Ravager dropped.
This game is trying its hardest to make me use Torgue weapons.


That’s Rustyard, right? I didn’t know enemies could use DLC weapons elsewhere. Interesting. Wonder if it’s possible to run into a random Hyperion or pirate sniper just waving a Cobra casually around.

I decided to continue my long overdue Axton journey. Looks like I parked him at lvl 50 at the start of UVHM. Some of my guns weren’t exactly up to date so I though I’ll go get a TVHM Pimpernel to ease it out at first a little since it would only put me at 51 (got a corrosive one, boooooo).

It seems I’ve gotten some pretty lucky chest earlier as he was wearing a lvl 33 legendary soldier. I was just wondering if maybe I should start UVHM by going to Gingerton and upgrade my guns and shield and fish for a lvl 50(+) legendary soldier there and like 15-30 minutes later this happened. I’m not complaining.


I’m using some UCP magic that lets enemies spawn with red-texted gear (among other things). I have been shot at with a Cobra before too. :grimacing:


Well that was fun.

After twinking over a Corrosive (Rabid) Hail from E-Techie to Gaigetrap, went around and did the Bandit Slaughter. Holy crap is mobbing ever fun with my loadout:

Rabid Hail, Corrosive
Scalable Conference Call, NE
Action Fibber 3, NE
Big Badaboom, Corrosive

Magic Missile (also from E-Techie)
Chaotic Good Necromancer (+6 MoSS, +5 So5G), Reload +29%, Fire Rate +27%
Resistance Relic (Incendiary 21.9%, Corrosive, +21.3%, Slag +23.3%, NE +19%)

Not one single death in the Bandit Slaughter with this, mostly using the Fibber for big mobs, CC for Badasses/Goliaths, and the Hail for anything armored (mostly those annoying buzzards), and the Badaboom as a Second Wind tool (only used about once or twice, did get FFYL several times but got out of it with the Fibber). Within the course of all 5 rounds of the Slaughter, I actually did manage to cap out at 350 stacks – because as you’ll remember, I have 4/5 in Preshrunk --, but reloaded because it really was getting hard to hit stuff effectively.

So now I have a pair of Hail ARs. Got an Incendiary variant for the purposes of Tinder Snowflake and other fleshy stuff. During the course of two hours worth of Dashboard farming, the only Rabid I managed to get? Came in frickin’ slag. So I got impatient and took the Incendiary variant as soon as it became available.


Started Hatred’s Shadow at level 69. Picked two side quest to help with the leveling. Ninja loot and the one where you slap the “King”. This time I thought of bringing gears for that %/$%$%?%% Handsome Dragon.
Loaded with my Slag Sloth. Level 66 and still shredding stuff. (Ok, CloudKill help too. :wink:) A 66 N-E SandHawk and a newly acquired Corrosive Pitchfork. With of course the Lascaux for when things get messy.

Made my way to the top, with some back and forth doing side quest (Ninja loot) and such. Was a lot of fun. The Sloth and Pitchfork duo took care of those pesky BA Archers as well as the other armored Knights. But using these two you have to keep an eye on your ammo count. Not that it’s really an issue in TTAoDK but… So when I found a Bandit Corrosive PC I was yeah!! Not DAHL but no one’s looking so…
Nope! :grimacing: With the Leg Cat accuracy penalty they get really bad. I did had a 67 DAHL one in my backpack so I gave it try. Worked perfectly.
So yeah. Slapped Jeffrey until Tina ran out of ideas. Parked Mia on the gear selection menu and took a break before tackling the Dragon.

Came back later and… OPEN! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Eh no. …and “error encountered” or something like that. urgh. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Had to start back from the bottom. Everything was saved so I didn’t need to pick up the side quests or do any back’n’forth but i was closing on 70. Sure ■■■■, just before the last big fight “DING”. That won’t help.
I tried to be fair play but that stupid Dragon and his Dragonettes didn’t want to collaborate. Was doing ok with the Emperor and Bee but survivability was an issue. Just wasn’t fast enough. I was not going to cheese him from behind the gate with a Siren so I cheated. Picked my secret Lady Fist to combine with the Bee. hehehe.

I was a bit stomped after picking Converge as where to put the last few skill points.
Ward, Kinetic Reflexion, Inertia? :thinking:
Finally went for More points in Mind’s Eye. Which was at 1(+5).




Axton started UVHM. Picked up TVHM Sandhawk while I was still there since all it took was turning the mission in. Should be good on Flynt. I found a nice green 0 fuse, longbow fireburst too.

Did shielded favors just because and thought I might as well try rolling once for a Ker-Blaster since that would be very good. Rushed to the top of the Blackburn cove barely killing any enemies. Realized I don’t have anything in slag but got about half of Midgemongs rides health down and when he jumped to that one balcony I thought I’d toss some firebursts there to keep him company. That slim ropefence has a wider hitbox than it seems and I ended up tossing 2 right in front of my face…

Axton found himself standing on a lone cliffside with Claptrap doing whatever it is Claptraps do before my shield was fully down.


Buttstallion farming today, and she gave me a slag invader today


tried spawning Vermi…didn’t happen.

Picture isn’t as good as I thought it’d be. if the Super Badass Varkid wasn’t shooting acid turds at me, you’d be able to see all the Badass Varkids I was kiting around.


Frustrated with Bloodwing in the low level NVHM challenge, and decided I’d start a new Axton just to satisfy my sidequest compulsion. AxTNT (I’m aiming for a Geminuke build with an emphasis on Torgue and Tediore gear (not exclusive, though) this time) got a Hornet from Knuckledragger (first time on the mission kill for me), and did all of the southern shelf sides. Stopped just before grabbing Clappy for the sprint to Flynt.


I didn’t pick up the challenge where i had left off. My Axton is sitting at level 14 and at the WEP. battling level 20 loaders to get that damn door to open was frustrating. I saved/quit knowing I’d have to take on those loaders and stalkers just to keep progressing, but at level 14 with a level 11 shield, I’m not going to make it. lol so, I’m kinda brainstorming while doing other activities on Pandora as to how I’m going to get through that area? I know I need an upgraded shield, but with no money from all the dieing, this is turning out to be rather difficult. lmao :sweat_smile:


I didn’t lose all my money to respawns until the SBA loader before the LLM room. I was wearing a low level (I want to ay 9, but it could be 10) shock spike shield and invested to the hilt in Ward, so that worked out okish. I even tried to glitch outside of the arena, but emptied my ammo pools and made barely a dent because every time she lands her health comes back when you do the glitch. Mayasochism may not get past there, although I’m sure my stubborn self will try again.


that will be brutal. I haven’t really attempted to get through there yet. I am assuming I will need a better shield. most of my money loss is due to keeping up with onlevel shields from the vendor. I had a handful of deaths on that Thresher that holds the beacon. that damn thing had my number. couldn’t glitch it from behind the buildings. it kept landing hits on me. I couldn’t hide from it. It took sheer tenacity on my part just to pass thru it. RNG landed on my favor on my last run. The thresher was aggro’d by the Loaders on that particular run so I could just unload my level 9 DPUH on it. lol that was lucky. Then, getting to overlook and the travel station back up was insane. I kept dieing…so I ended up getting into a vehicle by the bar, and got through it that way. so cheesy. lol


DahlaMia made it through Lair of infinite Agony with much troubles. Painstakingly long and tedious Definitely my best run there and my best Tiny Tina’s dlc run overall so far.

The Bearcat served its purpose. Not with the Skeleton mages thou. These proved once again that Sirens are Master of Mobbing. (MoM. That’s a thng now. :stuck_out_tongue: ) As they almost never appear more than one at a time. One easy Phaselock and poof! They’re gone! The Crystal Skeletons were more a nuisance this time. Only two respawn overall. Both to my stupidity.
I know there’s “Thing you haven’t done yet” thread but is there a “Thing you just did for the first time”? Not once but twice I passed Tina’s :skull_and_crossbones::space_invader::japanese_goblin::japanese_ogre::skull::snake::right_anger_bubble::thought_balloon::bone::brain::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::skull_and_crossbones: puzzles on first try. The moving platforms that I did on my first journey in Bunkers & Badasses. Only to fail miserably every, single, time, since. So ok, that wasn’t truly a first.
But that one was. One first try! Yeah. Finally!!! :partying_face:
So happy I saved a clip. Left in the room after it. Not pretty. Should had got rid of these archers way sooner. (Missed an easy shot too. :confounded:) But I made thru alive. :slight_smile:

So yeah. 25% done on my way from 71 to 72. Whole point with this… “toon” was not having to farm. Might end it on a different note and farm for some of Tina’s grenades. Sandhawks are getting low for The Sorcerer and new ones are available. Or at least farmable by other characters at 72.
Or I’ll just start Cptn. Scarlet.


When you get to level 16, farm the crap out of the red chest that’s by Old Slappy. That chest saved my butt with decent on-level gear (and plenty of crappy gear to sell off at the vendors at the start of the map to rebuild my funds!)


Did a bunch of runs in WEP on the LLMs looking for a Legendary Psycho COM. No luck. Was only getting one or two relics each run, not the Blood I need and no Legendary drops. The last run I got only 2 LLMs that dropped nothing but cash and ammo. WTF was that about! So I decided to leave and try somewhere else. On the way out got mauled by a Tubby Stalker, a strange looking thing. took him out, saw color which turned out to be a Legendary Assassin COM. Gave it to my Zero mule for future use.
Went to Thousand Cuts to look for LLMs since there are currently no bandits there. Thought I’d take a shot at Terra while there. Bad idea. :weary: Couldn’t do enough damage to him fast enough and was having trouble taking out his tentacles for second winds. Found 3 LLMs around Thousand Cuts and all just dropped cash and ammo.
I think the RNGods are telling me it’s time to take a break from Pandora, and they are not the only ones.


I can definitely relate to bad RNG. We farmers…we have good days, and a lot of bad days. :sweat_smile:


Spawned Vermi today after the 3rd attempt. I system linked the wifey’s XBOX to mine and brought in a mule on each so there were 4 players. Had everyone in the basement of the farmhouse in Tundra Express while I cheesed him with the PimpDerp combo. Only dropped the Blacklight skin for my Zerker which I already had. :confused: I then decided to continue bringing Axton through UVHM. He was parked at the Bloodshot Stronghold waiting to do A Dam Fine Rescue. Killed the warden and his buddies and went back to Sanctuary. I then took my Mecro out for a few farming runs in the WEP in an attempt to get a better Legendary Mechromancer COM but no dice.


All I got were two E-Tech Relics, on my second go at farming. One Incendiary Bone (which helps my Heart Breaker shotty plenty, and stacks with my Legendary Hunter Mod for a whopping ~+71% Cooldown Rate - heck)**, and a Corrosive/Explosive/NE/Recharge Rate Skin.

Even though my Hyperion Zer0 is 62, I’m still going to try to conjure up a Butcher (which, as I think about it, may be the best H-Corps shotty for him, we’ll see) and latter hunt Tubbies for a Legendary Killer Mod.


Started playing with the Community Patch and started with Gaige this time as I already took Maya to OP8 and wanted to try everything out.

Overall, not having too much fun with Gaige, I don’t care too much for having a “Pet” fight for me and while Anarchy is strong, it overall just doesn’t feel that fun to play as so far. Just got her to Ellie at about level 11. Debating whether to keep trying her and hope she improves or move to another class. Just mindlessly relying on a pet or spraying and having the bullets richotte even if I miss to hit them just doesn’t feel that fun. Very strong though, just not all the thought out.

Thinking about trying Zer0 or maybe take another Maya up with the new patch. Either that or maybe Krieg but not Sal, that guy was boring as crap and mindless. Not sure how I would feel about Axton.

Edit: Was thinking about taking Gaige up as the middle tree with Electrical damage, but from what I have read, not too good that way.

Edit again: Also thinking about learning to mod to try and create a class I thought up a while back.