What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

And you had me liking the Hail. Pfft. :stuck_out_tongue: jk

I have one question, if one is to do a Hoarder-style playthrough, would Bandit work in that case? I’m asking for a friend – and if you’re asking, that friend is me, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: If not, I suppose I can just utilize Salvador’s ammo regenerating skills and dual wield Spiniguns. =|

Suppose if I do a second Salvador that’ll be my definitive Brawn build. Again, FLEXIBILITY.


I never really played him as a Hoarder but I don’t see why not. They’d certainly be better with ammo consumption than the usual (Vladof).
Bandits - with their huge mags, slow reload and slow fire rate - will really benefit from Keep Firing which is almost impossible to not spec once you’re in TVHM. That with the other ammo skills (5Sor6, Inconceivable, F2tB, AitR) will keep those things firing forever.

@Carlton_Slayer would be better equipped to answer that if I’m spouting my usual misinformation.

Edit : managed to unlock OP7 with level 72 Ninja gear. That was freaking tough.


Started back up by taking Ultimate Krieg!! to Pyro Pete’s bar to farm Torgue tokens for an OP8 DPUH- he only has 28 so he’ll be there a while- also, it seems as if ol’ Pete has been working out :grin: Wonder how my Hellborn/Mania Peak build will do? As for Sal and Bandit weapons he can do fairly well with them with a Hoarder build, depending on the parts of the weapon of course and the Hoarder build you use…


90% sure I got the melee kill on Reeth (Southpaw S&P) from DT. I looked at the BAR challenges and they (DT melee) don’t seem to add but I’m pretty sure I saw the optional objective box checked. Which would be nice because I was in no position to attempt it myself. Right out of FFYL, shooting like crazy. (Ain’t she’s always? :smiley: ) And my DT rarely score kills. Barely any points in it. Found yet another Fremington’s Edge. I remember a time when I was excited to see one! :flushed:
So I now have it open to farm… Nope. Learned about a new thing today. The “Oney doesn’t spawn glitch.”
Anyhoo… Started a few things with her. Bane, Clan war. Not even sure why I’m still playing with her. I think I’ll go Kitten farming before attacking the Bandit Slaughters this week-end.
Not going to farm the Kitten with her thou. Too much good sniping to be done there. Time to load a Fremington on Shadow and go head’Sploding!


Since I’ve gotten to OP2 Reeth has been very stingy with these things. At 72 I had a full set and in very short time.

Several days back, after not so careful consideration and one too many beers I reset UVHM. So I’m now playing through the story at OP2. I’ve been suprised at how easy its been, that is until it was time to kill Jacks double, then it was like someone flipped the difficulty switch.

Anywho, in my last session it was time to go after Bunker. I was going to put this off for a bit, but after killing Jacks double, my voice changed and I just couldn’t take hearing another haiku in that lame voice any more…

Everything went well(RIP Roland), and I ended up back in Marcus’ storeroom. Didn’t find much of interest to steal.

Had a brief session in which I continued with my farming of Pimon at WEP. Very first kill I got one!..but it’s a 72 and a bad one at that. My current 72 has considerably more capacity. I have an OP1 and normally I would just accept that and move on, but this has been great practice for killing rabids.
I tried several more times, but no more Transformers. Tumba did give me an OP2 Gentle Deliverance non elemental.
My method for killing rabids is using the blockhead. I aim for the ground beneath the target and the pellets ricochet up and shred their soft underbellies. If I get it right I can kill em in as little as 2 shots. This is very similar to how I use the Pimpernel on spiderants.
As I’ve said, I’m doing this in preparation for the Peak. My concern here is that the Blockhead may not really be suited for the Peak being a fire weapon and all. I’m going to have to do some testing. Even if it’s not, I’ve learned how to keep the critters from over powering me so that’s a good skill to have.

Lastly I did a couple runs at the Outwash. After watching a couple vids from both MoLMF and Derchlands where they talked about the Gatling Gun, I remembered that one of my mules has an OP2 Purple Gatling. Wow…I had basically disregarded this weapon and it turns out it’s actually quite good. Not a fan of the reloads, but when it hits it hits hard. I think soon I’m going to Southpaw using only Purple Jakobs. I think that would be fun.


Besides some gun swaps to test the Conference Call, I’ve been testing the crit counter in the Morningstar (with the actual counter shown on the HUD provided by a bit from the UCP). As shown in this post, the stack doesn’t behave quite as I thought (or as shown in the wiki, unless the HUD is displaying this inaccurately, but I’m inclined to believe this more than the wiki).

Specifically, each stack lasts for 24 seconds and has a 5-second cooldown before another stack may be added (approximately… there’s some slop in my analog timing rig, but this is pretty close :stuck_out_tongue:). Therefore, you can get up to five stacks, but the fifth one A) only lasts for a moment, and B) may only be added during the tiny window between the most recent stack’s cooldown timer and the oldest stack’s life timer (one, maybe two seconds).

I didn’t check the damage math (described as 20% per stack), but you basically wind up hitting for a bit over double your non-stack critical damage with four/five stacks on deck.

edit - in combat, I saw the counter get to 10… not sure where that’s coming from. Slipping in free stacks from Chain Reaction? Mis-representing the actual stack count? Interesting.

2nd edit - saw a single shot add two stacks… was using an Amp shield, but otherwise should have been just one? Weird.


So between a morning session and my current evening session, Salvador blitzed the Flesh-Rippers and allowed a never-ending chatterbox in Claptrap to escort him to Three Horns. There, despite not having decided which direction he would go to (yet), he managed to land an Apparatus AND Impact pistol whilst mucking things up with the Bloodshots at the Windbreak camp.

He is now at Sanctuary, on the verge of dinging 8. And with that ding will be (in all likelihood) his 3/5 in Inconceivable.


Random shots from running around earlier: this Enforcer was gunzerking Choppers when I Thoughtlocked him so he could turn that death machine on enemies. Works great! :grimacing:


I couldn’t help but notice that massive shield capacity on what I assume is The Bee Shield. Rocking a Skin of the Ancients relic or are you playing on OP levels?

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Heh - that’s my OP8 standard (well, high-end, super-awesome, purple rarity) Amp shield; it (like all my shields with the exception below) gets a full five-level OP buff because 1) all shields are softer than I like here at OP3 (I want them to tank at least a couple of shots before failing), and 2) all shields’ offensive capabilities don’t hit as hard as I want them to (amp, spike, nova, whatever). I also play with 20% BAR on, so there is some shield capacity from there too.

My one actual Bee shield is only level 68 (with a capacity of 204633); a sixth of the capacity of this one (it’s basically non-existent, given the damage output here; all but the slightest hits eat into my health). The damage output is around 20% less than this Amp shield. I think the Bee is game-breakingly strong when on-level, despite how fragile it is, and this is about where I like its damage/protection ratio.

Here’s Maya showing off this year’s latest fashion in Hyperion amp shields (the numbers above are for combat values, not the shown card values):


An evening of no duties meant lots of stuff :

OP0 0tt had a stab at unlocking OP8 with 72 ninja gear. H-O-L-Y crappers was that a big jump in difficulty. The last run was challenging but this is craziness. It’s possible to do, but I think it’s going to take like an hour of Execute and hide. The beer was definitely not helping.

El Mariachi farmed Vorac for Interfacers.

Beelzebubba finished up the Talon of God and the Warrior (with a Blister COM instead of the Leg Torch). Got a fire Leech - wheee.
Then he went to Terra and did a modified version of @LexAnarchy’s kill. Lex did it with a Toast and no Bloodbath ; I chickened out and went with Bloodbath and a Leg Torch. Also it was OP3 and not OP8 - so it was pretty straightforward and a definite success. My first raid with Hellborn if you can believe it.

Then he took to tubby farming in the Creature Slaughter and finally got what I was after :


Jakobs Assassin went elemental Zer0. Specifically, he went to light up Southern Shelf Bay with a Greed, Slayer of Terra class mod (customized), Fire Bone of the Ancients, and a slag Transfusion grenade with Neogenator shield.

Incoming Twister fire!

The Greed is, I think, a great gun. This guy isn’t going to burn to death, but headshots on a slagged enemy will do the trick.

Got lucky with some B0re. Those stacks of Rising Sh0t decay fast with this gun.



Sent Zer0 to get some random stuff from Tinder. Always looking for purple Jakobs and the occasional legendary. Finally got a 0 fuse time slag transfusion grenade. Lobbed instead of the prefered longbow but whatever, It’ll work.

Then it was back to WEP for more farming of the Transformer shield. First two runs went very badly… couldn’t figure out why I was having such a bad time downing the rabids as I had been doing previously. Realized I was using a Deliverance instead of my new Blockhead…duh(thanks beer!). You would think I would had noticed almost immediately as the Blockheads projectiles are pretty unique. I guess I wasn’t paying attention amidst all the chaos(not to mention the beer).
Unfortunately the two Transformers I got where worse than the one I currently had. Tumba gave me a slag Deliverance…bah. I also got a Tubby stalker who dropped an OP2 Leg Sniper. It wasn’t only 2% better in Crit Damage and had a considerably higher shield penalty than my current 71. I needs all the shields I can get…so…
Finished up the night at the Outwash. Wanted to test drive my current Transformer since getting an upgrade is starting to prove tiresome. Killed Slappy half a dozen times, killed lots of loaders and surveyors.
Did get a Purple Deadshot Gatling that I like better than my Flush…so that was a plus.

Tonight I believe I’m gonna try again to unlock OP3…upgraded transformer or not.


Tediore Siren went to the Badass Crater to finish up some map challenges, then did repeated Death Races to the tune of maybe $100 Torgue Tokens. This guy came at me with an Omen on a Grinder Bike… pretty sure those shots would have destroyed me if I stayed put. :grimacing:


So let’s take Salvador back from the top.

Main reason I’m doing so is to actually level properly. Considering I almost never return to Southern Shelf with most players I realize it’s of no point to try to level the quests involved to 8 anyways.

So I had him walk through Knuckle Dragger and reach Liar’s Berg. Upon starting my new session an hour ago I didn’t know This Town Ain’t Big Enough was already ready to turn in. Doing so netted Sally a Spinigun. Vladof grip, Dahl stock, Ferocious prefix. Much better than the Guerilla from the previous start. So the agenda now is to do Handsome Jack Here! and Shielded Favors, then if time permits try to do at least one or both of Bad Hair Day or Symbiosis.

Plan is still t ogo with a Hoarder style build. Whether it will be with Bandit or Vladof still remains to be seen.


Shadow was given the task to plaster some posters for Tiny Tata’s Kitten. Armed with a good Slag Fremington. Slag was not awesome but reliable enough to work. Even thou I used it mostly on its own. A Storm took care of those who didn’t want to play. Except for the Badasses. Even with a crit it was severely underpowered for them. Maybe aim lower? idk. A Skullmasher discarded the ones trying to get too close or when I closed up on chickening Badass. All fun.

Tiny Tata’s tested her new assortment of Kittens on a few places and cleared round two of Bandit Slaughter. Now that’s a gun I can see myself using Moxxi healing with. Switched the lvl 66 Quasar for a 72 (or OP1) Chain Lightning and for the first time I was actually efficient at it. Much easier than the Groog.

Mia finally ended the Handsome Sorcerer terror. Something she left for later at the time as she wasn’t equipped for it. The climb proved difficult. I was a bit rusty with her and the Crystal Skeletons got me twice. :rage:
The sorcerer was served a Leg Cat BeeHawk with a side of Schok Bone and Quasar.
The light has returned! Got a (on lvl, bad parts) Kerblaster for my trouble. I decided to help myself to a Gemstone treat for the cherry on the sunday. That’s the one I got.

I knew it had potential but didn’t thought that much of it. So it was the mandatory Frostburn tour.
With 30 in the mag (Foresight at 10/5) and the fire rate accessory, on an Hyperion gun. It hit pretty hard. Add Wreck at 10/5 and :smiley:


Whoa. Dual wielding assault rifles can be fun.
I literally got a pair of Vladof ARs, both Angry prefix so matching grip, one has a Bandit stock, another a Torgue stock. For Vladof guns that love to kick (probably not as much as Jakobs barring someone correcting me), it sure can give the enemy no slack as long as the shots keep landing.

Otherwise no real notable drops this time around fighting from the start of the game to, now, Three Horns, where Sally dings 8 on the first bullymong taken down. Same 3 points in Inconcievable. The only legendary thus far to drop has been the KerBlaster and I’m not sure how well Torgue guns go with the 'Zerker.


Took a few stabs at OP8 with Maytastrophe, and failed each time. I just wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to hit TVHM with AxTNT. All the way to Thousand Cuts. Got a Hornet from Knuckledragger, a couple of Fastballs from Boll, a Harold from Lee, a Blockhead from the Badass Creeper, and cruised through most of it. About to hit Thousand Cuts at level 43 or so. Respecced so that I’d be starting UVHM with Gemini and speccing Longbow and Mag lock shortly thereafter.


I don’t think I ever considered the combination of Jakobs parts (for damage) on a Hyperion pistol (to overcome the recoil issues) as a weapon before. :thinking: The Gemstone crit bonus is just icing on this cake.

To this day, I still come across part combinations that I’ve never seen before that really catch my eye.


I hate Doc Mercy.

More specifically, I hate his transfusion grenades and apparent explosive damage reduction. That or I’m doing something wrong because I had a Spitter at L7. What makes that fracas frustrating was that everything after was a breeze: looting Split Skull Bay was a breeze, taking Doc’s E-Tech gun for a ride was easy enough, and Southpaw S&P came and went like it was nothing.

Next up:. Frostburn Canyon, leveled at 9 thanks to actually doing the Southern Shelf side quests early on. Sal dings 11, which means not only is Inconceivable maxed, it’s time to decide! All in the Reflexes or Filled to the Brim. Decisions Decisions.