What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Is that back by the vending machines as the badass psychos followed me there! If so I’m familiar with that gate since i managed to have a Goliath follow me from the stairs before the 2 x Badass Psycho spawn section all the way to the firehawk vending machines! :open_mouth:


Well, I ganked Bloodwing. Thank Dog for Gunzerking because it’s effectively the only time it allowed me to beat her without dying. And I still can’t get over the Bloodwing head explosion nonsense Jack did. Because let’s not lie: explosive ain’t an elemental damage type (necessarily).

Nothing of note came from the chests in the from after, or in the BA Loader drops on the way back to the fast-travel.

I did ding 21 the second Mordy tranquilized Bloodwing, so I did get Double Your Fun before going out for the night.

Suppose I’ll go fetch Hoarder Salvador (still no unique name has come to mind) a Rubi.


I have to admit, I turn my back and mute the dialogue when that happens. Every time.


Yeah, I think Frostburn Canyon is harder for traditional sniping than Hunters Grotto. Spiderants are rough for this sort of thing, and pulling it off in human-only areas is tricky given the available rooftop real estate, so naturally this is where I went this even to have another go at it.

As much as it damages me, I really enjoy detonating Nomad Arsonists’ fuel packs in my face. Execute is my favorite method, but using a barrel to knock one towards me back-first for a shotgun kill is a close second; the guy below is on just such a journey.

For these two big Psychos, I grenade jumped up here where all I had to do was dodge their axes. The timing of scooting left and right while scoped (and not falling off this ledge) to dodge the axes as well as catching a headshot during their throw animation is still easier than catching a headshot while dancing with them on the ground :grimacing:. Plus, I’m attempting to do traditional sniping, where high vantage points and some distance provide at least a modicum of safety.

For Ashmouth Camp, the ledge where the red chest is works for me… the drag is I either have to run down there and wake up all the spawns, then climb back up here (which I’ve done in the past) or engage the spawns one at a time, climbing back up here each time. Here’s Clayton eating it.

Another fun tactic I use at this particular vantage point is when I see a Psycho charging towards me from far away, where this path will take him next to a barrel, I’ll toss my grenade (longbow slag Transfusion in this case) at the ground between the barrel and the Psycho when he’s next to it, and immediately aim down the sight. The grenade will slag the target and pop the barrel, knocking the enemy into a stagger animation, where I can get a comfortable shot off with a couple Kill C0nfirmed stacks on deck (and I don’t have to dodge repeated axe throws).

I have not yet, as a traditional sniper, one-shot the Spycho (bucket list material though), so I leveled up a Goliath and kited him over here to take care of it.

Also! A rumor I had heard some time ago that I managed to confirm this evening: a Neogenator will increase its health regeneration rate while it’s down and charging back to full (and when it’s full, the regeneration rate returns to a trickle). Like it’s a noticeable increase. :+1:


Gaige and Krieg both killed the Warrior and will progress to TVHM. Gaige had only 175 stacks of Anarchy going into the Vault, but that proved to be plenty - Jack fell down after two blasts to the face. He didn’t even get to summon any friends. Krieg fell down a couple of times on the way through Hero’s Pass, but he had little trouble with Jack and the Warrior.

I’ve been using an adaptive shield on both of them. It may sound surprising for Krieg, but it turns out that I’m not attracted to his shield-down skills. The three benefits of the adaptive shield (biggish shield, +health, +resistance) are perfect so far.

Blood Bath and Bloodsplosion have been great, too. Blood Bath plus Torgue means grenades are EVERYWHERE, and Gaige found him a very nice Shock Fastball in a crate (!). Bloodsplosion has made me think about the order in which I target enemies. I haven’t had any really impressive chains yet, but it’s nice to see three or four explosions in a row.

Gaige doesn’t have any capstone skills, largely because I don’t find any of them compelling. She’s got Discord, of course, and Upshot Robot to keep old Deathtrap up and running. The rest is a bit of a hodgepodge. It turns out, though, that you don’t need a razor-sharp build to be successful with her in NVHM. What you do need is a willingness to stand close to your foe and blast him in his tender bits.

Seems like the nards should be a crit spot for human enemies, but I wasn’t involved in that decision.

Ultimately I think I want Krieg to go with Bloodlust and Hellborn, and as much as I love Deathtrap, I’d like Gaige to at least try Ordered Chaos and Little Big Trouble. Both builds would fill my screen with lots of flashy artifacts, but they do look like a lot of fun.

@Jefe: I’m heartless enough to blast Bloodwing in the face with all the ammo in my backpack and around the arena, to make progress on crit challenges. In my defense, though, I do feel kinda bad about it.

Edit: I never get the wording and typing right the first time. Stupid human brain.


:+1: It’s my shield of choice for levelling gun-Krieg - especially with Hellborn. The Rough Rider is ultimately better, but only at the end.

To quote the wayward Worblehat :

And you probably pick the wings off flies too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup :smile:

My Handsome Collection OP8 Gaige runs a capstone free build and I also run OC/LBT for her build- if you want I can post it for you to take a look at…

When I was a kid I would catch them and either feed them to spiders or stick them on a pin and burn them with matches- flies are disease carrying scummy critters :rage:


The capstones are crap
There’s no point in having one
Just pick what you want

¿Y de los capstones?
Yo me cago en ellos

Flies? Nah. Birds are the real challenge.

Edit: Español


I will fight you and Jefe on Buck Up, Upshot Robot, and Discord being bad capstones. The T6 ones depend on the build.

I agree with the others being not as good.

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Those skills are generally referred to a game-changers.

Gaige’s capstone skills are Sparkle, Claws and Sharing - which most people agree are significantly less impressive than other characters’ capstones.


I agree that they are less impressive than other toons’s capstones, but I don’t think they’re entirely pointless. I think niche might be a better description. They are things that you need to work at to achieve their potential, either through gear/kit (SiC) or adapting your playstyle/technique(MiS and WC), and you may have better success without.

Edit: Just noticed that the initials for With Claws are WC, I thought “How many folks think it’s appropriate that it’s also what’s on the sign of the restroom?” I’m laughing at my own dad joke right now.


You could argue With Claws, like Sharing is Caring, also does need additional gear augments to get the most out of it. Mostly via a Roboteer Mod (+Melee Damage), a Maylay Shield (Melee bonus when shields are depleted), a Strength Relic (Melee/Melee Override Cooldown) or a bladed attachment on any gun. With regards to Gaigetrap I do have one of the three covered (Roboteer Mod), but not the others (Protection Relic, Blockade, and virtually no bladed weapons).


Addendum (keeping it short because this was last night): Ooooh, a Vladof spinigun!

So as I was turning Opportunity upside-down I field-tested my AK with a gatling-gun barrel… I really, really love the fact that 5 Shots or 6 gets my basic accomplishment with Hoarder Salvador done well… SHOOT FOREVER. It also anecdotally prove my rationale to get Filled to the Brim as opposed to All in the Reflexes and/or Last Longer correct as well, since the Spinigun in question started out with a magazine size of 42. The 7/5 FttB offers a 35% size increase to magazines, good for in this gun’s case a size of 56. Doesn’t seem like a lot vs. Bandit guns but the far better DPS more than makes up for it.

All just a matter of finding the right Relic now. I’m thinking Vladof Damage and Recoil?

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Shot up a number of Highlands quests. Didn’t gain a large amount of xp this session, but I did learn how useful Moxxi weapons are. Ole Slappy 2 shot me the first time I ran in there, guns’a’blazin, then I went back, died again using my normal tactics. Third time I just spent the whole time shooting it with the Heart Breaker and only went into FFYL once. The effectiveness is amazing. That and I also learned that Rabid Stalkers are SUCH a huge pita. It’s stupid how little damage they take while staying in your face.


Except that the melee damage bonus from Roboteer mods only apply to DT and not Gaige…



Doesn’t the Empirical Mod Guide for Gaige say otherwise? =|

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Tyrone agrees!


Gave up with MillionBuckMan since apparently I can’t even play TVHM anymore with Zer0 (and he’s down to 80k which ain’t good!) and instead rolled a new contender to earn the big bucks!

He’s a Psycho with no name for now and has punched his way to the Bloodshot Dam on NVHM so far.


That’s actually a pretty good name for a psycho, especially if you made him a gunslinger.