What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

@Dr_Do-Little - here are three Jolly Rogers :

No accessory

Mag size accessory - increases mag size by ~17% / increases reload speed by ~11%

Reload accessory - increases mag size by ~4% / decreases reload speed by 20% / fire rate no change (bad gun to test for this anyways)

I also confirmed your OM findings : both Sidewinder and Texas OMs get a mag size of 4 - so long as it has Jakobs grip. If it has any other grip (other than Bandit), it remains 2.

Conclusion : I have no idea why you get a mag size of 4 with a Texas (reload speed) Orphan Maker. The game should normally round down.


Going by the weapon parts guide it’s supposed to increase fire rate but it doesn’t seem to be a significant increase.

But there is a base damage decrease apparently.


A better gun to check for this is a Butcher

Looks like a 5% fire rate increase.

Yes - I didn’t bother to point that out.


Edit : I’ve found weird percentage variations depending on grip manufacturer. It’s my unprofessional opinion that these guns don’t actually have mag sizes in round numbers - but rather have a hidden decimal value.


So I was right then. The increase to fire rate from the shell holder (in this case the Reactive prefix) is insignificant, so it’s more of a reload speed thing.

So if anyone wants a fire rate increase they’re better off with the vertical grip still (Practicable). I am not sure about the accuracy accessory (Potential) which is also supposed to increase fire rate…


Guero El Superbeasto has achieved level 50! He’s just reached the Arid Nexuses (Nexi?)
Gear roundup time :

  • Bee from Hunter
  • DP Devastator from the Oasis Seraph vendor (courtesy of Hoyt Axton)
  • Evo (ditto)
  • Lady Fist w/ matching grip (no accessory) - I may continue to farm for a slag version
  • but most importantly :

…I wish I could see your faces…

@SomeRandomGuy11 - next time you’re in game…I believe we have some gear to swap :wink:


Just a quick shout-out to a "Top Local Bloke" @Kurtdawg13 :man_farmer:

Cheers for doing some runs for me the other day mate but this comes as a little P.S.A also, because recently my Sal aka "The Chunky One" found a patch of quicksand up there on Boot Hill having a few runs at the lads, so just be careful mate … he only just survived :anguished:

Speaking of Salvador …

White Tank COM … Awesome choice :+1:     The only COM you’ll need!

Whoa whoa whoa, they sound like … skill points?     Pretty sure Sal doesn’t need them?

Seeing as i’ve played Sal for over a week now i’m pretty sure i know what i’m doing with him :lying_face: + i even read @DeputyChuck’s How to : Salvador and i’m sure he said Sal doesn’t need skill points and hardly any gear at all until OP2 (i’m sure i saw that down the bottom of it somewhere :+1:) and apparently Deputy Chuck made it to OP6 with just a starter pistol, with no skill points, and no Gunzerking at all because Sal is "soooooo overpowered" in his words :lying_face: and that’s what i based my Build on, because as Sal would say …

“One Gun Bitches!”

When my Sal aka "The Chunky One" graduates i want him to be just like @tdh199886 aka “Waty:point_left: click it!

FYI Waty started playing Sal only 3 weeks ago and this was the first time using Skill Points :wink: :lying_face:

Hmmm … maybe i should make a guide? :nerd_face:

ps: @Jefe I’ll be on very shortly for a little while mate :+1:


Oh my god I’m dying!!! :rofl::laughing::rofl:


I don’t know how, but I almost mistook a sinking Salvador for Terramorphous. Both have roughly the same level of photogenic beauty (read: not much).


Exceptional post Random! :+1: :+1:


Random acts of violence bestowed upon the bar room brawl patrons. As recent as an hour ago.


21?! Push harder, maggot! People are gonna think you don’t even age!

Happy birthday, man. :slight_smile:


Spent most of my time farming Lyuda’s for @SomeRandomGuy11 and not much luck either. kept getting OP7 drops. Started of kinda funny, first 10 runs yielded me 8 verucs. lmao it was strange. first 5 runs were Veruc drops.

How funny is that^ Mobley didn’t drop it, but he must have hid it in the trash bin. :sweat_smile:

the only matching grip ended bein OP6. pretty crappy results for my weekend actually. Sorry SRG, I’m still gonna keep at it.

last 2 drops were the right element, but wrong level. damn OP7. :roll_eyes:


So the Iron Zerker completed his trip to Sanctuary last night, and attempted to help (but ultimately failed with) trying to get the sky airborne. Afterwards, it was time to speak with Hammerlock once more about two pressing matters:

  1. give the Bullymongs a better name, and
  2. hunt down a special Bullymong mounted by a midget

Sounds fun.

The badass thing about this session is that thanks to one of the drops from the mobs whilst undertaking Symbiosis, I got to witness the admittedly funny euphoria of GUNZERKING WITH TWO THINKING SHOTTIES AT THE SAME TIME. It was pretty effective too, since no mob got within 50 feet of me before succumbing to the power of Hyperion death-by-accuracy gimmick.

(It’s too bad I already have a Hyperion representative in Zer0 because I bet an Allegiance playthrough with the Gunzerker would be of little issue at all.)

Next session: Talking to Claptrap and Zed, taking down the Assassins (pray one of them drops a Doggy), and Hunt a Firehawk.


:smirk: @Kurtdawg13, are you in Gunzerk with dual Norfleets and wearing a Sham? :rofl:

On topic: Did Trailer Trashing and Wakey-wakey with AxTNT. I put myself in FFYL with a slag Tediore dart reload and then got out of it with a Rolling Thunder off the balcony. (That never stops being fun. The whole room in 2 nades.) Maybe I’ll just finish the main questline and see where that leaves me.


yep, I have many RL challenges to chip away at. lol Was getting bored of ROM’ing Mobley and Gettle in the face. Besides, Gettle is a S.O.B. and jumps around, making it hard at times to land a good shot. Poor Mobley gets bombarded as he is exiting the Wheel-house, or whatever it is. He never has a chance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Truth be told, I actually died on a couple runs with fleets. never died using the ROM. Food for thought… :thinking:

edit: No shame in my game! I farm everything myself. These fleets aren’t even keepers. I plan on farming matching grips eventually. I actually only have Fleets for powerleveling. I thought of farming Gettle and Mobley with them to see if it would quicken the farm. When RNG is in my favor, it’s very quick. but it isn’t fullproof or very consistent mostly due to Gettle being an arse!


Speaking of ROM-ing, @SomeRandomGuy11 hopped into my game for a bit with a stunning collection of them. His toon just belched them out into a giant pile - it was like trying to view gemstone guns in Butt Stallion’s poop pile. So I had to sort them into grip type.

  • Torgue and Hyperion grips : discard.
  • Tediore grips : assess for Zer0 usage based on stock and sight.
  • Bandit grip : assess for Sal - as above.
  • Jakobs grip : discard any with Tediore or Bandit sight.

SRG grabbed a bunch to test on Sal and Zer0 ; I grabbed two level 50 J-grips and a perfect level 72.

This was just before doing the Talon of God, so Guero El Superbeasto equipped Rubi / ROM / Lady Fist / ROM and went to frickin’ town!

I farmed the Warrior a few times for eridium - managed in a couple of occasions to take all his health in the the first rising.

UVHM starts tonight.


Wouldn’t ever insinuate such a thing. I don’t think anyone enjoys being out tilling the fields more than you. It is funny that such a vulgar display of power might be anything other than consistent.


Veruc,used to be my favorite ar,then I discovered the kitten. Such a noob,been playing from day 1 preorder with every room but Maya. Probably next.


Edit *toon. Stupid ac. :joy:


Decided I missed the Borderlands, so I picked up my level 46 Salvadorable again, did some gear shuffling, and took him for a spin through Guano Grotto etc. First off, finally got my “Critical Hit” BAR choice to get everything up to 21.0%, even though I’d had to accept a couple of others:

Secondly, I’m rusty as all get out as you can see from the following clip, but the combination of Shredifier and KerBlaster on Sal is extremely broken. Also, if anyone is wondering if it’s worth upgrading from regular BL2 to the Handsome Collection edition, I think this clip answers that question really well - this would have left my 360 a smouldering charred blob: