What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

@Jefe, I did see that post, and it’s definitely a thought. But I always figured if I was going to do it I would go all the way. If you’re going to go down the rabbit hole why wear a bungee cord, am I right? :smile:

@Lammas’s build isn’t too different from what I run now except for the points in Sniping below Bore. I might just sink those points into Bloodshed and take the Leg Ninja I have in the bank for a spin. That’s an experiment for another day though. And probably the beginning of another thread. But we’ll see.


A great starting point is Love Thumper + Rapier + slag betties + Pete’s Bar. Not even a Rubi. At level 72, only badasses need kunai. MMF chains for days. It’s easy and awesome.


I think I have easy access to all that gear at 72 or possibly low OP levels. The slag betty might be the hardest part. That, and taking Zero through the DLC to get there may provide a little excitement. Or maybe I should grow a new Zer0 for the experiment?


Interesting. So don’t be aggressive, and add some healing. Good note for play style.

The latest thought is here. He’s in Thousand Cuts, about to make the Bunker run.


I died three times to get this picture.


Great :+1:   And i like your latest revision on the build with both @paulothead and @Jefe offering some great advice, so for what it’s worth (probably nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) i used to run a build like this …

With this gear … (That’s a Leg Ninja COM)

… and this is a slight change to @dotanuki’s Pimpslapper build from years ago which in this form has no Moxxi weapons or transfusion nades for recovering health but can be quickly swapped in and out if needed in a pinch but does make for some exciting gaming especially at the Peak and other areas where enemies keep you on your toes and have you making quick decisions during battle.

I would however take the points from Fearless and share them between (or put them all in one skill) C0unterstrike and Unf0rseen to make it to Death Bl0ss0m and in the sniping tree the points i have in Precisi0n which are to help with hip firing the Pimp, and that is a usefull skill to learn also, could be spent in Kill C0nfirmed especially as you can then swap between the Leg Ninja and Leg Sniper COM’s, but the man himself dotanuki used to use a ROM and these points my be best left here … @Jefe could maybe tell us more there.

Food for thought, speaking of which here is a video from dotanuki explaining his build and showing a Peak run which is the method to his madness.   There is a lot of great info in it even if some things are a little out of date as far as matching Elements on the Peak etc, but still great info … you just need to pause the vid to read all the little tidbits of info that he’s added throughout it :+1:

You really have to give it a try and i understand as will anyone who has tried to play Melee Zer0 at high lvls that it can be a daunting process, but like most things, given the time and if you just find that “Aha moment” when it finally clicks and you chain kills together, it’ll be one of those moments in BL2 that you’ll remember and I bet you’ll have a satisfying grin on your mug also :yum:   It’s addicting though :wink:

:point_up: Great fun and a great way to get the feel of MMF and prioritising certain enemies as melee Z :chains::chains::chains:


still farming the Beatdown…

thought this was cool, all Torgue parts.
…no Cobra yet.


More BRB murdering.


Wilhelm is dead. Long Live Wilhelm. It did not drag on like I thought it would considering I was Zerking with a Roksalt in the main hand, and that vertical gripped Bangstick in the offhand.

So after dealing with that overgrown excuse of a Hyperion loader, Iron Zerker went back to Sanctuary to trigger the plot twist of Angel being a Devil in code. Stopped for a quick gas break at the Happy Pig Motel – and by ‘break’ I mean bust some bandit heads in a small encampment in Three Horns to try and fish out some good loot.

Nothing doing on that front unfortunately so that meant continuing onward in The Fridge, causing a ruckus with the Rats and again cursing myself the mere prospect of thinking Love Thumper works with the very low amount of health-stacking. Iron Zerker fell yet again trying to get a FFYL kill by any means.

He did leave The Fridge with a blue Tank Class Mod though. +3 Hard To Kill, +2 Asbestos. +~180 Shield Capacity, +24% Shield Recharge Rate


Correction: The Hulking Tank (blue) Mod had this:
Shield Capacity: +181
Shield Recharge Rate: +23%

It was from the Med Vendor just before the entrance to the Highlands - Outwash.


AxTNT was initiated in the ways of the Slab today. He got there and tossed reloads and magic missiles like confetti, and soon met the original heavy. A quick trot to drop some mortar beacons, and back to Sanctuary. Then off to try for a new Fastball and/or Harold (no Fastballs, 2 Harolds, both DP one Tediore scope and one Malliwan, not what I really wanted, but it’ll do for a spell). This led to playing around with my Gunerang, and that’s it for today. Tomorrow I will seize the Opportunity.


Spawned my first Triple-O. Finally was able to squeeze some time to do something else than farming mission reward or sit in menu. I used this route/area.

From @alex4r who himself got it from here by @eonblueserenity .
A long setup but you go by a few mini boss with possible drops.
Killed the first Badass Savage I saw from “the third wave”. Shoot first, ask question later… Was a bit disappointed
by that but when I came back there was a full complement of 2 UB Witch Doctors and 3 BA Savage so all good. Seem like if you don’t kill em all, or just one. They respawn. Took a bunch of go and forth but I got him. Managed to kill only Triple-O so I was back against the full team. Awesome I thought. That mean I can respawn him over and over… Not so sure anymore as I didn’t got any other spawn.
Only one Triple-O per game? That would be a setback.
Machine on rest mode for the night. Ill think about that tomorrow.

Iron Zerker officially has his first Adaptive Shield.
Vladof body, Dahl battery, Hyperion capacitor.
422 Capacity
82 Recharge Rate
2.24 Recharge Delay
+28% Elemental Resistance
+142 Max Health

Health Stacking Commences!


No, you can spawn him again in same game, but that can be difficult with the remaining UBA’s trying to kill you. lol While I take out Triple O, I usually end up taking out the other UBA’s too. That is for convenience so I can search the loot. it’s hard to look for the Twister when the remaining enemies are still after you. I usually Save/quite, rinse/repeat. You can get more than 1 spawn simultaneously. @Stouty22 and I had a double spawn a while back.

Thank you Stouty, for helping me push through the Pirate DLC so we can start farming Hyperius again. Stouty was carrying me. @Jefe joined us for a bit. My ■■■■■■ router cut out and I was alone… :unamused:

I ended up stopping here, for some farming.


Sorry man, I lost all my stacks on gaige and it’s a real mood killer. I don’t like having to build them up a second time in a play session if I can help it lol.


no worries, it happens, unfortunately. :unamused:
I’m stuck farming the Sandhawk till I get all elements. Only have fire and slag so far. FYI…Once thats done I can progress to Hyperius. Hopefully, that gets accomplished tonight.


Took AxTNT through Opportunity to get a voice changing pocket watch, which went quite smoothly. Tediore reloads never cease to amaze me. The only rough spot there was the constructor by the history sidequest, and that went down to battlefront juiced Maliwan sniper rounds. Then the climb to the BNK3R, followed by busting said BNK3R, and a fracas in the Control Core. Nothing great in Marcus’s storeroom, did the Bearer of Bad News and BFFs, and then hit the snowman thrice. Got a Storm Front, a Volcano, and a corrosive Tediore plasma caster. I never would have believed how excited I got over that plasma caster, but excited I am. Will pick up with Sawtooth Cauldron and beyond next time.


I remember finding a Fastball there on my second playthough, I can’t tell you how shocked I am when I threw that thing for the first time. XD


Wow, I got lazy. I had effectively enough time that I could have charged the Iron Zerker through getting the band back together and clearing the hurdles to get to Handsome Jack (Wildlife Preservation, The Once and Future Slab, and The Man Who Would Be Jack… of the three, Wildlife Preservation takes some time, but the latter two missions are a breeze by comparison). Instead I kept letting my 360 sit there and run as I was getting lazy surfing the Web.

But I did do enough to complete the “The Overlooked” questline after returning to Sanctuary. In which I had to fight TWO Badass Pyre Threshers. IN FRICKIN’ SUCCESSION.

Even the Adaptive Shield the Zerker was wearing could not hold up against that much cheap factor, and during the fight it became clear that I need better shotties as the RokSalt and Stret Sweper combo. Don’t feel like dropping more Keys trying to get them so I’ll just have to persevere.

But he did take them down. Which is the important thing. And during Shields Up, for the first time ever, required only buying one shield as opposed to five since I usually never collect shields and keep them long enough to throw them in the Grinder.

Time for a new session: finish up loose ends in the Highlands, then onto the WEP!


Let me know then, I’ll gladly rejoin and help ya progress.