What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

:point_up: You’d get it sorted on your own, but this is the proverbial fast track.

Decided I would knock out some Headhunters for XP before I started updating my loadout.
AxTNT went to Haunted Hollow today on the search for XP. Again I have been impressed by Tediore reloads. The Pumpkin Kingpin went down real quick to a couple of Nukes and a series of Tediore plasma caster reloads boosted by a shock bone and Battlefront. Also saw my first tubby here just past the Blacksmith’s shed while trick or treating for TK (a legendary Torch. This might come in handy for Kriegtopher, seeing as he sold his because he thought he wouldn’t use it. Talk about never say never.). The search for XP continued in the Dust to do The Good the Bad the Mordecai and Too Close for Missiles. Highlight: I dropped myself at the same time as the last Marauder with my own reload and laughed as the FFYL timer expired. Headed over to the Friendship Gulag and stopped there for the night.


I’d take a look at your build/gear being used…

Here is some food for thought:

and this member has been posting some good stuff with Dep Sal. Take a look over here if you have time and take from it what you can. If you’d like to discuss, lets discuss. :innocent::cowboy_hat_face:


This is the first thing I’m going to do. If I understand correctly even a low level rubi should work, so I can farm that with Zer0 and then get an at-level one with Sal.
As far as my build, I’m looking at a number of options I’ve found here. I’m leaning toward the Deputy build eventually.

Yes sir! You know I will.
Like I said, I’m not giving up just yet.
I never in a million years thought I’d be playing Zer0 as well as I am currently. I give most of the credit to these forums and I have no doubt I can do the same with Sal if I decide to do so.


As do I. Best place to be if you’re looking to gain knowledge and how to be a better Vault Hunter. :wink:

Nor do I. I believe in you. :acmaffirmative:

Edit: You know who knows how to BEAST with every character: @nat_zero_six


Thought some of y’all might like this, put a lot of effort in the editing :


If you haven’t found it yet, this will undoubtedly be helpful. The Community Salvador Guide - All you ever wanted to know
The Deputy build is like being able to just casually use the nuclear option. A look around that thread may bear fruit of a different, but still delicious, flavor.




it wasn’t discarded. I never picked it up. :wink: I have been leaving them on the ground. I’m maxed out on money, so i’ts pointless to keep grabbing items I don’t want to keep.


That was pretty good :laughing:
Krieg noob here… how did that kill work?

edit - last night Jakobs Assassin tore through the Lair of Infinite Agony just because he could, and then did one of the Appetite of Destruction missions. While this guy with a railgun is all fun and games (though I might have been hurt badly here, he died a moment later), one of the Arena Goliaths came at me with a pair of 12 Pounders (and someone had a Sandhawk). :grimacing:


It’s kinda broken to be honest. :joy:

Basically : Bloodsplosion’s Damage is based on Overkill Damage, and it is boosted by Grenade Damage as well. By triggering Fuel the Blood just before the fight, I get a massive +220% Grenade Damage boost that essentially comes twice in the damage equation (once in the Overkill Damage itself with the Fastball, and another time in the actual Bloodsplosion damage).

I hope you don’t mind some math : thanks to this awesome website I could find how much health does a Sewer Spiderant have. They have 1.81 million health.

With Fuel the Blood active, the Fastball does : (base damage * Fuel the Blood) * Bone of the Ancients * Elemental Multiplier * Slag

Replacing the values, we get : (27081114 * 3.2) * 1.39 * 0.9 * 3
= 260186677

And multiplying by the 20% Damage Reduction Level 75 enemies get, you have an actual damage of 208149341 (which is close to what you can find in the video, it’s not exactly so because I didn’t have 100 stacks of Bloodlust) :


Knowing the Damage we deal, we can determine the Overkill Damage and multiply it by the various bonuses it takes advantage of :

A Sewer Spiderant has 1.81 million health, so we can directly substract it from the damage we dealt to it : 208149341-1810000
= 206339341.

Then, we can calculate the first Bloodsplosion chain’s damage on Pete :
(206339341 * Bloodsplosion multiplier) * Fuel the Blood * Bone of the Ancients * Slag * Elemental Multiplier

Replacing the values, we get : 206339341 * 6 * 3.2 * 1.39 * 3 * 2.5
= 41300882494

And with the Level 82 Damage Reduction Pyro Pete gets, you get : 41300882494 * 0.45
= 18585397122 > 999999K !

And then the second chain kicks in …
(18585397122 * 6) * 3.2 * 1.39 * 3 * 2.5 = 3720053087939 ; 3720053087939 * 0.45
= 1674023889572 !!!

So that’s it. That’s why you can waste some of those Raid Bosses so easily using Bloodsplosion. I had to calculate all this beforehand to know if I could pull off the kill with only one valve opened, but I deleted the file like an idiot so here I am doing it all over again ! :laughing:

Edit : just realised I didn’t multiply the Bloodsplosion values with the Shock elemental multiplier, so the damage is actually even higher !


Nice, thanks!

Last night, Maliwan Mechromancer picked up the Everybody Wants to be Wanted mission, and got her sniper on. I wanted to actually kill enemies with the shot (and less so the subsequent DoT as is her usual routine - pay no attention to the Legendary Catalyst COM :stuck_out_tongue:), so she packed her OP- and UCP-enhanced Railgun and went to town.

One Two Boom is something I generally use to polish off weakened enemies for a kill. In this shot, it just happened to catch a few barrels that also lit up some enemies. It was a more satisfying boom to have fire and acid explosions included in the shock nova (and it sure woke up the locals).

I finally figured out how to get up here without grenade jumping. All my “traditional” sniping is done from rooftops, like any proper “assassin)”, and this is my favorite tower in this map.


I knew you could save/quit to see if Gee would spawn with better parts on the Ahab, but didn’t know that just resetting the map does the same thing.

I had saved/quit till I saw matching grip, and this was exhaust too. I then realized I didn’t have a singularity nade on me. so, traveled to Sanctuary to grab it from the bank. came back and the parts had changed. :sweat:

didn’t get a drop on this kill. must have fell through the floor. oh well, moving on…
I decided to farm the first round of the Creature Slaughter for pearls and coms. got some skins out of it too.

ahah, a pearl drop!

Nice! Matching grip. Keeper.

this also dropped from that same Tubby.

I was doing pretty well on the tubby spawns…

got my first Godfinger on PC. Too bad its under leveled. :unamused:

sure is pretty tho.

also got a blue commando skin.

matching grip, another keeper. tho, I’m not sure why. lol

and another under leveled drop. damn. I need a good hoarder com.


If gee drops an ahab it won’t be based on the one he’s holding. Unless I’m missing why you wanted a matching grip


Actually he does, if he drops the Ahab. Just because he’s holding it, doesn’t mean it will drop(if that is what you meant). But, if he does drop the Ahab, it will be the one he’s holding. That has been my experience anyways.
I found this out by a youtube vid quite a long time ago. iirc, it was a Bahroo vid.


Learn something new everyday. I figured since he technically uses a different gun it wouldn’t matter


We do this (simply exit and re-enter the arena) to avoid him spawning a Maliwan exhaust :grimacing:


I think I may have had the misfortune to have not noticed the Maliwan exhaust on at least one occasion. It did not go well…


I would also avoid the Maliwan sight. :wink: for the same reason.


Today I Learned the Jolly Roger (L30, no accessory, matching grip, Hyperion stock) combined with the Lady Fist can one-shot Constructors – or at worst, put them near critical health status.

I can only imagine what’s in store for that overgrown mass of rock and fire known as The Warrior.

I’m off work for the next two Thursdays and Fridays – that should allow me to get either one (or more) of the Iron Zerker, Hoarder Salvador, or Krieg to completing TVHM provided I don’t get all out lazy. XD


Oh right, whilst in the Nexus Iron Zerker got him a blue Vengeful Beast Class Mod.
Max Health: +582
Reload Speed: +21%
+4 Incite (don’t have this specced because of Asbestos)
+3 Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Warrior dead.

Not gonna lie I couldn’t tell whether the Lady Fist or the Roger made the killing blow but doesn’t matter, Warrior dead.

Got a new Head for the Zerker, Marshall Mustache! Not much in the way of gun improvement, or really shields. Found another Adaptive Shield and while the shield stats are decent, there’s a near half of a dropoff with the special stats (the max health increase and elemental resistance).