What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Ladies and Gentlemen… we got 'im.

Hoarder Salvador, after trashing Piston’s cowardly-arse with every weapon in his arsenal (Kitten / Badaboom for the B-Rex, Rubi / Fire Anarchist for the Coward Himself)… went to the Savage Lands. Not before picking up a shock Vladof Spinny from the Vault opening in the Crater though. Ferocious prefix, matching grip, Dahl stock.

First thing that happened to show its hideous face was those Wetland Drifters which, not gonna lie, brought back memories (not precisely good ones) of Borderlands 1 playing the General Knoxx DLC. One toasted my Runner like that and I believe I downed it with… I don’t remember which gun. LOL

I gotta say I am actually impressed with the storyline of the Big Game Hunt so far (just completed Professor Nakayama, I Presume?). Just like Krieg, I found it was worth a try eventually and it’s good to have a fire weapon in that DLC because the combo of slag and incendiary makes swiss cheese out of drifters… and that’s without landing any critical hits. Finally got around to the one sidequest needed for necessary farming. Keeping distance, lighting a certain bullymong up with the Fire Anarchist, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND…

Well, got a shield. A shield. Maliwan, Tediore, Hyperion. Yay.

Last item on the agenda: The Sham. Let’s see if that big bastard BNK3R decides to fork one over.


More gear shuffling, then Salvadorable tackled Arid Badlands and Nexus. He was underlevelled with a bad shield, so it was painful at first. But once he hit level 48 things improved a little as better gear was unlocked. Face-tanked Saturn and almost face-tanked the SBA constructor, but didn’t quite pull the last one off. Eventually got to the tower and the rest was fine. Shredifier, shock Tediore PC, Homing Caustic Leech, and a few other goodies got me through. Finished by running around Sanctuary getting gifts from the locals.


Hey, well I’ve been stuck… for a while… op 2 with really good/really good 72 gear but I finally hit the wall… in op 2 so after having my fill of farming finally faded… I took out my OP 8 Zero to do some farming for his buddy Sal at OP2 and after a whew of time … I was happy to present sal with an on level op 2 full set of pimps all colors, a nice slagga, and a DPUH as well… so Sal better not complain anymore about crummy gear problems… yadayadayada… :acmferro: Taking him out tonight still looking for a better shield running a 72 rough rider… we should have a fun time! … hope you all are having fun… and a weird thing happened to me a player traded me for a 72 cobra but… what to do with a 72 cobra… Peace :v::acmsmirk: out :boom:


Well in the spirit of the soon approaching Halloween I report that the effort to upgrade gear payed off… I was able to come away with these… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::boom::acmquaint: lol

(I am not superstitious but it sometime feels like when I have posted here… something good often happens in the game…) :jack_o_lantern::ghost:

Yes… I got these down here…

Peace :v: :acmwink:out :boom:


Tagged the BNK3R to end this session… I wanna say four times? Felt like more than that tbh.

No Sham. But got another Bitch. Also Corporate prefix. LOL


Being a bit closer to the level of most enemies Junior Senior Jr completed Symbiosis and now that he has Law & Order, is set to complete Bad Hair Day before leaving Liar’s Berg with Claptrap…


Jakobs Zer0 finished the Scarletts DLC and got himself a Greed. Unfortunately, due to dumb user error, the greed he got wasn’t exactly what he was going for. Ended up with a Torgue grip so not too bad. It helped to kill the Leviathan so theres that.

Now Hyperius is unlocked I decided to give him a shot…a bore shot…killed him…about a dozen times, but he’s killed me plenty too. It appears if he kills you that it locks you out of his arena until you save/quit…or am I missing something? He keeps giving me a thing called the Retcher and he also gave me a Tattler. No norfleets, but Jakobs Zer0 don’t need no stinkin’ norfleets(but I’m sure my other Zer0 or Sal would appreciate it).

Planned to move Sal closer to 72 but killing Hyperius is too much fun…“Boring” fun. Actually I think it’s spelled boreing…but who cares?


It’s a bug. It doesn’t happen every time, maybe 30% chance of locking you out. The slightly better method is to backtrack to Wurmwater and re-enter. That will reset the gate to Hyperius but not reset all the loaders.


Checked out Salvadorable’s gear and, although I got given a bunch of stuff, much of it was actually level 49! So my initial thought was to head out to the Dust and start Clan Wars in the hopes of some better gear, but I forgot that the Dust doesn’t level in TVHM for some reason and it was all level 40. Then I decided that since I was over-levelled, I’d go grind challenges in Fink’s etc.

The first few rounds of Fink’s were up to level 43, CSD was the same up to round 4, then I was almost level 49 (thanks to some of those SBA and UBA varkids and skags) so I hopped over to Ore Chasm and Hyperion Circle of Slaughter, which was level 48 at this point.

Round 1 completed without too much aggravation and easily dinged level 49 in the first few kills, but didn’t get any drops - I managed to get all the surveyors by simply damaging a WAR loader enough, keeping on the other side of a pile of junk, and sniping the surveyors as they showed up for repair duties.

Not sure at this point how I’ll continue: round 2 of Hyperion, or just suck it up and head to Heroes Pass. I do have a couple of extra level 49 items on some of my other level 50 characters I could twink over, so I may head back to Sanctuary and do that first.


Did you off the Warrior yet? Probably why your maps haven’t scaled.

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In NVHM, the Dust scales up periodically as you go through the story, so it’s a good place to hunt levelled gear while progressing. I was hoping to do the same thing in TVHM, but the Dust doesn’t scale in that mode. I still haven’t found a decent shield for this character (although the most recent find is better than what I had before), and I could really use a better fire weapon for the final encounter. I might just burn some golden keys, since I have way more than I’ll ever use in BL2 at this point.


I’ve taken a little break from my latest normal mode challenge lately to play more with my main Zer0’s reset playthrough. I think I’ve finally decided on a Zer0 build I’m comfortable with, having experimented around with pure gun to pure melee and everything in between. Zer0’s always been my least-played character and I wanna get gud with him heh. :smiley: Anyway, basically going with a hybrid, with a bladed Quad as my primary weapon, lobbed Quasar as my main grenade, Legendary Hunter com, shock Bone for Unforseen madness, and my shield alternating between a Hide and a Blockade depending on what I’m up against in the map. I was using an Antagonist for a while, but I kept self-slagging since I’m up close and personal a lot of the time. I may swap that Blockade out for another one on another character; I have a few I’ve collected from various Dragon kills, but my ‘worst’ one ended up on this Zer0 so I’ll probably swap it with my main Axton’s who can overcome its slightly crappier stats (specifically recharge delay) with his skills.

Anyway! In the story he’s about to visit Slab town and recruit Brick. Or he would get there if I could keep him out of the Dust and constantly playing with the spiderants and bandits there.


IMO that’s wise. It’s not like it’ll serve you up Legendaries, so it’s best used for keeping your gear on-level. You can’t get away with underleveled gear in True as you can in Normal.

Hoarder Salvador splotched the BNK3R a few more times, still no Sham. Hell’s bells, man. That oversized sheet o’ scrap metal can be stingy with that shield (I’ll try to farm him again, watch him offer me another Bitch).


My slightly higher level MayaHelpYou had some nice blue and purple hand-me-downs for Salvadorable, so back to Sanctuary and, much swapping later, it’s off to Heroes Pass at level 48. Defending the gates was easy, what with Caustic Leech for health and a nice purple corrosive Hyperion shotty, along with a shock plasma caster for shield removal.

Running through the rest of the pass was similarly straight-forward for much the same reasons. I face tanked both constructors (got a last-second revive doing the second because I didn’t clear the loaders and surveyors out but ran past them) And somewhere along the way I picked up my first ever Hive:

First attempt at Jack I almost had him, but I missed a jump chasing him down the causeway and went in deep to the lava. Came back, and he did that thing where his surveyor vanishes (I think it actually spawned into the lava) and he becomes invincible. So, quit and restart and this time I nailed the sucker. Then on to the Warrior. Again, I almost succumbed to a prolonged fire DoT, but I shaved the final health off just as I was about to lose my last health, so that was it. No drop :frowning:

And that’s Salvadorable to level 50; just Psychonaut to go, then I have two characters in UVHM I want to get to 72, and then everything will be clear for the next major Borderlands announcement! :crossed_fingers:


54 Zer0 has made it to Bloodshot Ramparts. He died once (0nce?) when a rocket-equipped Nomad blasted him into the whirlpool. He took a knee to Mad Mike, but managed to kill one of his minions and get into Decepti0n fast enough to recover.

It seems like I have two modes: snipe the best I can, or use Decepti0n and a shotgun. At medium range I’ll retreat to snipe or close to use the shotgun, depending on my ammo and stomach acid level. I think it’ll be good to develop a strategy for medium-range fights as well. It’d be useful to find a Longbow Singularity Transfusion grenade mod with a short fuse. It’d also be useful to find a Hefty bag full of $100 bills on my doorstep.

Vladof rocket launchers are usually my favorite - high damage, fast fire rate, low ammo usage, big mags. So far in UVHM, though, they’ve been a bit pointless unless the enemy is slagged. I fired one of them half a dozen times into a regular Nomad’s face, and I didn’t notice his health bar move at all. I’m not sure what’s going on there. Maybe I can think of it as an excuse to try some other FFYL weapons.

Edit: Englishing.


That usually happens when you start UVHM… the enemies are not only bullet sponges but they can also be rocket eaters as well. Even shielded nomads, which makes them an even bigger nuisance than they already are. I already know once I take my own Sal into UVHM, the Badaboom he has will not be up to snuff. Worse, it’s corrosive so it won’t be optimal against the fleshies early on.

A Siren is born. Again.

So take 2 of my Maya playthrough in starting her out, I actually left the optional missions Hammerlock had at L5 (anything related to Bullymongs basically) alone this time. As it happens that turned out to be the best thing, as the Gearbox Muckamuck is a fine weapon to start with. I never really thought about Jakobs as a manufacturer; like Dahl I considered their weapons ones where I simply pick up and play with them until I can find something better but not gonna lie, I love the Muck’s one-shot-one-kill capabilities. Bet I could be a badass with any character that can take a Jakobs Allegiance. :slight_smile:

I think the only reason I don’t use Jakobs weapons as much other than placeholders is because I have a penchant of using elemental weapons, which explains why the first and most played Vault Hunter playthrough is my Maliwan Allegiance Gaige, the E-Techromancer.* I guess element-matching mobs has become a thing for me as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach that comes with Jakobs’ never-elemental gimmick (or Torgue’s always-explosive). Guess I’ll have to try a run with only that manufacturer sometime; only reason I had a change of heart on Torgue is because of Krieg. LOL

Flynt was a pain though, since he is armored almost everywhere which forced me to use a Bangstick that came up in one of the white chests. It did its duty after the Muck cleaned out the mobs, and yadda yadda yadda.

She dinged L7 after killing Flynt, and is now on her way to Sanctuary. Hopefully there’s a decent SMG waiting in the gun vendor.


Well i decided to do the scarlett dlc with my lvl 40 axton because he was a little underlvl for the WEP. Plus i figured maybe i could get some decent COMs. Well i finished it and i have a few COMs to choose from now but i got tired and didnt feel like going through them. The real news here was the sticky homing qausar i picked up midway through the rustyards and the bee shield midway through magnys lighthouse. Having just picked up a shock sandhawk and a fire pimpernel i wrecked the leviathon and his worms. I suspect that i will be wrecking those stalkers at WEP next time i play as well. Great night.


Mifune (OP2 Jakobs Assassin) had his night. I wonder why :wink:

He re-donned the Leg Sniper and took a Greed :wink: , Skullmasher :wink: , Tidal Wave :wink: , and Hydra to Arid Nexus. Saturn fell pretty quickly to the Tidal Wave Bore. A tubby skag dropped a Leg Ninja and since he has a Law and Order, I figured I’d try a no-MMF melee build.

So : Law, Tl’kope S’masher, Gat, ROM, Order, shock Bone, Chain Lightning.
Who needs slag at OP levels?

Took that to Wurmwater to clear up a few quests. Pretty tough without MMF (and slag!) but it otherwise worked pretty nicely.

I had a pretty intense course for work today. Now I get to go to bed and dream of acronyms and regulations 25.05(b)(i), et al.


@Singlestone -I feel your FFYL pain. I never had much luck with standard Vladof launchers for second winds, even in normal and true. Now, the etech launchers are a different story. They all do pretty well, although I’ve had my best second wind luck with Topneaas (great for spam). Other popular FFYL options (at least for my toons) are the good ole Harold, and my new besties Tediore reloads (if you can still see them, Tediore reloads [smgs are particularly effective] will end them, in my experience).


Junior Senior Jr reached Sanctuary w/o much trouble and started clearing out some of the city’s side quests before he goes to hunt the Firehawk. Also found out something that I’ll put in the Random Information thread…