What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Decided to go for Peak Runs. Starting with Shadow’s OP1 -> OP2.
I’m having troubles with “usually flesh” ennemies. That run is Loader heavy with Spiderants to start and in between. I started with a shock Pimp/Lyuda setup. It was… ok. Just can’t shake up the big Spiderants. With Armored ennemies getting the load of the spawns I switched to a corrosive combo. It worked but I was wasting way too many ammunition.
Bit rusty playing a sniping Zero. A tad different than carpet bombing Retsam. (Commando.):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
After trying different options I settled around a Slag and corrosive Pimp, DPUH and a corrosive purple Diversification for Surveyors and backup.
Made it to the Assassins where for a strange reason I decided to change everything. Homing shock singularity instead of slag transfusion. Added a Groog… Yeah… No.
First few “rounds” were hard enough. I didn’t stood 45 seconds against the first Assassins pair.
Not exactly my idea of fun but…
Second run ended abruptly in the first area…
Why am I doing this again?
Third run was slight;y better overall. Made it to the Assassins again and this time I didn’t went for a stupid improvised idea. Only switched the corrosive Diversification for a N-E Crowdsourcing.Purple with Hyperion grip and stock. Which proved to be a good idea.


Then I decided to die repeatedly on the OP2 ->OP3 run…:rage:
There’s a (actually, multiple) reason I haven’t played fps since… Wolfenstein 3D.
Dying and starting over, and over, and over again is not what I call entertaining. Very little patience for that.
I did made it past Scorch once… :roll_eyes::frowning:
Not all that bad but I’m just too slow at dispatching the Surveyors and can’t find a decent solution for normally easy (flesh) prey.
… and the Rabids… The Peak Rabids I mean…
I’ll visit Tinder, get my money back. Then maybe try the same run with Zorg. (Gunz.) I do have a pair of Durp waiting for him at OP3 so maybe.


It’s been 36 hours since I’ve seen my computer.


Ymir’s at level 57 and his level 50 Punchee is still holding up, which is pretty remarkable. I unlocked Slagga farming as soon as Clan Wars came up. After about 8 tries got a perfect Bullets Faster : Dahl stock and sight and Bandit grip. Still rather have a bladed, but this one’s great. Also unlocked Gub farming : got one with the stability prefix and matching grip after a few tries.

Next in line is getting a Sledge. I have to save the Splinter Group mission til 72 to get a RokSalt which is killing me - it’s my favourite Bandit shottie. I’ve got a great Jolly Roger sitting at around level 65 or so - itching to get my hands on that.

Anyways, that’s a few days away. Out of town for Christmas. Have a Merry one everyone!


You’re not alone. Zer0 vs creatures, and especially rabid variants, is a steep learning curve. Zer0 is all crisp, precise movements leading up to a devastating burst, and rabids are quick and violent and unpredictable - so easy to waste all your build-up because of one random jerky movement from one of these buggers. Or coming out of decepti0n to find they didn’t get slagged. Yay.


I feel you pain. I still have at least 53 hours before I’ll be back at my machine.


@paulothead I don’t really mind prestacking, I had just hoped I’d be able to make it down to the bottom of Sawtooth Canyon without needing to, heh. I do keep around some Jakobs shotguns, aye. I’ve got a 2 ammo mag shotgun with just 1 bullet per shot for quick stacking, but it’s fallen off level-wise and a replacement just hasn’t shown up so it’s not good for killing things anymore. That’s mostly why I didn’t put it in my weapon list up there, I’ve only been using it when I need to prestack. That said iirc I have a more updated Bushwack, I’ll have to check.

Grenades I’m starting to think I should do what Kuolemanlaakso said and swap to shock. I’ve kept my grenades slag in hopes that when I do use them to drag mobs around it just happens to slag as a nice bonus, but as you say it just doesn’t work often. Almost 100% of the time I rely on the Slagga to do the job, not the grenades.

For the relic, I was really hoping that the added shield capacity and the NE resistance would help me live longer, but based on my assault of Hero’s Pass, it doesn’t. More Cooldown reduction is probably a good idea. I might have one of those, I’ve been keeping whatever Ancients relics I’ve gotten from the loot midgets. Lastly, for the money, actually I cannot do that. Gaige is my first character to get into UVHM, the rest are somewhere in the middle of NVHM or early TVHM. Heh, I remember trying to decide what Vault Hunter to try and then watching the Gaige trailer. Hammerlock sold Gaige to me really well, as it turns out.

@RobCheap I do have all the DLCs, I just haven’t entered any of them yet, heh. I saw a lot of people saying “Make sure you get to UVHM as close to 50 as you can” and when it became apparent that I was going to end NVHM somewhere around 30, I’d need to just do the base story in TVHM and ignore a lot of the other stuff to make sure I was 50 around UVHM. Figured once I hit level cap I’d do them.

Respec’ing to make use of WDT would be difficult to do, but possible. I’d probably have to end up dropping Nth Degree to reach it and cap it since I’m heavily invested in the other two trees, which I’m not sure is that helpful anyways since mobs regen HP quickly if I’m not focusing on them. A Punk mod would definitely be easier, heh.

I had hoped to not have to farm until I had hit the level cap, but I might have to. It certainly feels like it. That’s why my gear is so jank, I haven’t tried farming anything. I’ll have to see what I can do about it I suppose.

@Dr_Do-Little Yeah I’m planning on swapping to Shock Singularity grenades. Hopefully that does good work. Unfortunately though, it’s a little too late for the Fibber. I finished that quest before I went to do Toil & Trouble. I figured that since I was eventually going to reset the game eventually to get level 72 versions of all the important quest weapons I wasn’t going to worry about it too much and just pick it up then. Poor decision? Most likely, but it’s too late now. No sense worrying about spilt milk, as they say.

It’s amazing what some 250-300 stacks of Anarchy, an on-demand tank, and a lot of stubbornness can accomplish, isn’t it? hah!

The turtle shields just seemed like the way I was supposed to go as Gaige due to having BSS, FM and UF all on one character. That’s mostly why I’m using it. Killing something and instantly getting around 550k shield restored seemed really strong. Based on my run-ins with mobs only 1 or 2 levels above me though, it seems like it doesn’t matter how big the shield is, heh. It might be worth looking into an Absorption shield or something in the meantime while I try to find a legendary of some sort and get my HP back.

I’ve been linked that guide from Derch before. I’ve looked at some of it, I just figured I’d hit the level cap then go over it in full to decide what I actually wanted to farm up and use to lower the amount of time spent farming. In retrospect that might have been a poor decision. With Claws might be worthwhile since I’m specing into Strength of Five Gorrilla’s for DT anyway, now that you mention it. I wrote it off as not a great talent, but maybe that’s not right.


Didn’t mean to turn this into a double post, but I may as well have. This was going to be one gigantic post if I just made it one, heh.


@Carlton_Slayer I’m beginning to see it your way on this about FM and UF. FM I’ll keep until I get my hands on another COM, but shifting UF into the Better Half seems like something I should do in the meantime. I always meant to go back and cap Nth, just around the time I got to 4/5 Nth I started really feeling it when DT wasn’t around, so I started trying to dump points into the BFF tree to get 20% Cooler, SiC and the few extra shield buffs that were there as well for survivability. As for More Pep, I mostly started taking it because even with the Slagga some things just took awhile to Slag. I didn’t really have plans to go deep into the LBT tree. Uncertain if that’s a good use of even just 3 points though, so I was considering putting those elsewhere.

I wouldn’t say I’m entirely leaning on the shotguns and pistols, as I do like using the assault rifles at range as well, but this is also a good option, looking at the badges. The shotguns are definitely the work horse if I need things dead and they’re in my face.

I’ve tried the Love Thumper but DT tends to put me into FFYL when I have him use that, heh. Now that you mention it, I failed to put it in my picture but I do keep a rather strong, updated Maylay shield that I put on before summoning DT. I just put the Turtle back on after bringing him out.

@Adabiviak I never actually tried the Stare, I was referring to Explosive Clap when I said the damage thing. I just saw this thread say the Stare was bugged and assumed it was right.

I’ve got about 20 gold keys on me, and there appears to be another code for a set of 5 on the BL2 Twitter right now, so that’s probably a good idea to burn some of those. I had hoped to save them for when I hit 72 to start with level 72 epic guns, but uh…if I can’t get there in the first place there’s a problem, heh.

Whew, that was a lot to reply to. There were many responses to my post while I was away at work. Thanks for the advice and suggestions everyone! I’ll get back into the Borderlands later and see if I can make some changes for the better.


A disastrous day for Zer0 trying to get to OP2. He died three times in the area just after Scorch.

I don’t (much) mind dying when it’s my fault, but I do mind dying when I don’t know what the hell happened. In each instance today, everything was fine, then just as with the assassins, I heard BOOM BOOM and went into FFYL with no target to recover with. Not fun, and not even an opportunity to learn.




They can be a good option. (So I’ve been told.) Just not the green ones.

That would be several hours! Very informative and Derch is my favorite Youtuber for Borderlands but.
I wouldn’t say they are extremely entertaining…:sweat_smile: Would be like reading a dictionary. Sure you’ll learn many words…
So That’s why I suggest it paired with the Wiki. Take it one bite at a time. Look for what interest you at the moment. I learned a lot from it not only about red text guns but about guns mechanic in general. Each ones is compared to their non red text counterparts and that. Is very informative.

In the mean time I tried one OP2 ->OP3 run with Zorg. Sooooo different! :joy: Cruised all the way. I did put a knee down a few times but you expect that when you’re constantly in their face. Made it to the Assassins. One Surveyors just didn’t want to cooperate. Gunzerking ran out. Rouf got me.
End of story.
Why am I doing this AGAIN? :thinking::roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:


If you do decide to farm for Magic Missiles, I’d repeat the Magic Slaughter: Badass Round in NVHM until you get one. I just did this couple of days ago until I got couple x4 Magic Missiles for my Gaige and Maya. Lower level doesn’t matter for slagging and it’ll make completing the Badass Round a worry/stress free affair. If you need to complete the Tiny Tina DLC, you can run through it fairly quickly since the mobs won’t really hurt your Gaige in NVHM.

As for the Golden Keys, Gearbox releases them for BL2 every other week or so. I use this Twitter feed - https://twitter.com/dgShiftCodes to keep track of them. I think the wiki also has a list of some still active ones.


Damn nat! Look at all that hair your boy has! Seems like he was only born a couple months ago…


I often find myself needing to get a break from the story in around level 60 or so. The vanilla will rarely get you to 72 on its own without grinding for XP on Saturn, Slappy, and the rest of the mini-bosses. So I’ll pop into one or all of them to get some decent XP and also a distraction. I’ll obviously stop before accepting “Whoops” but I think that’s the only story-related mission reward. It’s fun to blow through the Headhunters too - naturally you want to unlock the Loot Train as soon as possible.


Yeah, the Stare is, damage notwithstanding, one of his most reliable attacks. I’m not sure if that poster actually used The Stare, given that it was posted with the stock incorrect description (it’s not swept across the battlefield; Deathtrap picks one enemy, and hammers them with it for, what, five or so seconds? Seriously - can’t miss.

To use it effectively (like most of Deathtrap’s specials), watch for its broadcast. Specifically, you’ll see him zip around an enemy in a weird way and at a distance (definitely not something you see him do with his regular melee attacks). If that enemy is fully shielded or armored, it’ll probably survive, but if it’s flesh, get slag on that thing, and it should die. It’s literally one point - give it an honest try, and see if it doesn’t work for you.

I’m not sure if I’m getting a better return on Deathtrap than someone at what is one of the peaks of the difficulty curve in UVHM (if I’m OP8 but playing at OP3, is Deathtrap still OP8 and_ does this translate to higher Stare damage?). Give it a spin and let us know!


My Gaige is OP4, but I play her at OP0 with level 72 gear (she’s OP4 because I wanted to see how far I could go with 72 weapons in the Peak… I need to try for OP5 at some point. :wink: ) When I call up Deathtrap it says he’s level 72, but that said, I guess a little testing might be in order to see if his damage output is indeed at level 72. There is at least one definite scaling peculiarity in the game in regards to OP levels: the golden chest. When this Gaige, for example, opens it, it will spawn OP4 gear even when I set the game to OP0 as I usually do.


I’ve also vaguely wondered about skill-based elemental damage at various OP levels. I was at one point concerned about one or two of my characters unlocking unwanted OP levels lest my kunai or Cloud Kill does excessive damage.

For example : my dedicated 72 ninja started climbing the Peak using level 72 gear. Now he’s OP7 - does he now do more kunai damage regardless his OP level?


Yeah, I think that ship sailed with that patch. :smile:


A requested gift for Christmas :grin:


WDT is one of her best dps skills since it’s moltiplicative with anarchy, and even if Nth degree is a good tool too, it needs kind of specific gears to perform properly, like the pimpernel or the sawbar, it goes wery well with that kind of projectile which splits on impact. WDT on the other hand helps with shock grenades, it’s like having a elemental relic built in.
The fact with gaige in general is that she tends to rely on specific gears to be really effective, since not all weapons synergize well with Anarchy at all. Look also for a topic on this forum which goes over Gaige top gears, that might be helpful.


JSJ hit level 69 after defeating the Handsome Sorcerer’s daughter and is now waiting to loot the loot train before going to save the Queen. Will either grind out the last few levels against the HS or Ancient Dragons before trying the Peak (still holding off on some quests such as the Sword in the Stoner, Everyone Wants To Be Wanted and the Slaughter Domes, etc.). @Singlestone- sounds like you might have been hit by a Heavy Nomad or a SBA surveyor. A good tactic would be to throw Deception out and then take a look around to see if anything is highlighted- a great way to check thru cloaking enemies or even behind cover on occasions…


Krieg Klaus met Brick, and moves on to Opportunity soon.