What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Completed more challenges :stuck_out_tongue:

And… how rare is this Runner skin? Never seen this skin in all my hours of Borderlands 2. Now I finally have all 69 Runner skins :grinning:


I had the same feeling with my first few skill points. I avoided the mania tree until TVHM. I know it’s viable, but early game felt more like gunplay for me, and the Bloodlust tree seemed to work best for me. I specced Blood Filled guns first, and continued up the left side of the tree until Buzz Axe Bombardier. After that throwing axes was a reliable way of getting kills and tackling larger enemies. I definitely felt like I was hitting FFYL too often in the beginning. I read somewhere on the forums that the best timing for his AS pre Release the Beast was to trigger it when shields went down, and once I started that I began having less survivability issues. In the beginning I packed mainly elemental smgs, which helped stack Bloodlust, and made my bandit smgs have seemingly infinite clips. After I hit Bloodbath I started to throw some Torgue in there and use a lot of grenades because Torgue guns help replenish your grenade ammo. I finished NVHM with Blood Trance and Bloodsplosion, and then respecced for Release the Beast at 31. Slag grenades are always good openers, at least for my somewhat inept playstyle. I learned a lot about Krieg reading through pt 1 of this thread, @hattieinduni sang his praises often, to the point that it was the reason I tried him. Starting out as Krieg - Some pointers? I’m not fluent in the art of linking, but this url was where I started my research. The choices definitely pretzeled my inner lobe.:smirk:

This is the build I had at the end of NVHM, I usually rocked a Blood Blister com for extra grenades and the bonus to Bloodbath. http://bl2skills.com/psycho.html#50500510540100000000000000000000000


Unique weapons might be a little tough for a low level Krieg.

I usually go down Mania first (though I have gone down Bloodlust and enjoyed that too). As you’ve discovered, Hellborn can be a little scorching when you don’t have much health - and without a good range of elemental weapons its full potential isn’t available.

Mania is high risk, high reward in a way no other Vault Hunter demands. Unlike say Axton - who has lots of fairly small perks that assist in keeping him healthy and damaging - Krieg has some massive buffs that come at a price. That includes being more likely to die - hence the bittersweet promise of extra xp if you do via a grenade kill (it’s very satisfying to watch a badass dancing on your corpse get their commupance).

In terms of strategy, Mania is designed to privilege shield down play supported by very high health (hence the skills which increase shield recharge delay - grab an adaptive or roid shield if you can). This can take a bit of getting used to - as does assessing what you can get away with when brawling so that you get the kills which refill your health. Going into fight for your life isn’t a sign Krieg is failing - it’s kind of part of his gameplay, and when you get to Light the Fuse you may find it rather enjoyable. This all took me a while to adjust to but I like it as a twist on usual combat style!

Like most of the VHs I find his first tier skills a little dull, but they get more fun as you progress (and his capstones are orgasmic). I usually start off with Empty the Rage, then go into Fuel the Rampage, then Thrill of the Kill.

Let me know if you’re interested in coop. He goes great with a Maya and I have a few in NVHM.


for the Anniversary I Dashboard farmed a perfect OP8 ROM. Still don’t have it. :persevere:

And I did it…

…all night long! :sweat_smile:


Hey y’all, silly question time, you’ve been warned. Can you dashboard farm quest rewards on ps3? I hear lots of youse guys talking about it, but I’ve always just dealt with what RNGsus deemed me worthy of receiving. Is it a game I can join in on, and if so, how? Thank you for your patience during this display of my noobishness. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like you might need the Meat Man Hotline :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad to hear you took the leap, as he was also my last toon and i didn’t quite know what to think up until i hit UVHM and then it just happened. He made complete sense and became one of my favourites.

Both @Enderborn1 and @xmngr helped me a lot and i’m sure they would be willing to offer up some of the knowledge they have accumulated, including with the UCP that you use.     Have fun :+1:


Yes. Quick Google search provided this:

dashboard out of the game via PS home button. There is no need to turn off the console.



I feel it’s probably a bad sign for our own sanity when we realise Krieg makes complete sense :grin:


All this time on computers and smartphones, and I missed the obvious solution.:man_facepalming: If it had teeth it would’ve bit me. Thank you Mr. Dawg. :fist_right: Fist bump?


ok… :fist_left:t2:


Yes perhaps i should have said that i started to understand that you just need to wind him up and let him go …
or is it that i just turned into a raving psycho during this period in leveling Kreig and forgot about needing certain gear to kill things, and where do my next skill points go because none of that played any importance when he has a head of meat flavoured steam up. Just who do i kill next and can i make you all explode in a squelching ball of fiery meaty goodness :grin:


Double post because … well just because that’s why :grin:

I’ve noticed a few of you blokes and blokette’s have changed your tags lately, very cool but noticing Enderborn’s and seeing as the Meat Man is a hot topic figured i’d share this with you people from my latest Kreig. He’s only at 72 but i couldn’t stop myself from trying this after i got the Reaper com.


Far be it from me to offer Krieg advice, but I think advice to @Adabiviak should be based on his particular approach.

Hellborn is really an all or nothing tree, so it should probably wait until UVHM.

Bloodbath is my first target in the Bloodlust tree. I don’t recommend going into Bloodsplosion as it’s completely OP ( until UVHM ), despite being ridiculously fun.

Salt the Wound and Strip the Flesh are good targets as well.

I think ultimately Ad would fit a Hellborn/Bloodlust build, but that might be because that’s what fits me :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : Ad, DoTs are what build and maintain Bloodlust stacks so at your level that’ll be Maliwan guns ; then AoE grenades.

Feed the Meat is the Flame of the Firehawk skill. Krieg seems to be specifically designed around the FotF and the Rough Rider.


Also good to have the quest saved on an USB stick before turning the quest in. This way you can dashboard farm several flavors and prefixes if you want.


Maytastrophe had a nightmare about the shining city in the distance. Jack’s double fragged her once, turrets on some buildings fragged her a second time, and one unfortunately timed LLM fragged her 4 times before she finally put an end to his shenanigans. She woke up $2,000,000 lighter, so she may have to go to a sleep clinic about these somnambulistic tendencies. To shake the anxiety it gave her she decided to do a few Dust runs. She got a legendary Sickle from a Tubby spiderant in Bug Gulch, a slag Lyuda from Gettle, her first Maggie (trick shot with a telescope on it,:face_vomiting: ) from Mr Zaford, and a Sapping Gwen’s Head from a box at the Lynchwood station. She dinged 65 during this whole rigamarole. She decided that the next step before tackling the BNK3R would be counter propaganda for Lilith, followed by the strange tale of Lilith’s misguided followers. Knowing that the next bit would be more of a marathon than a sprint she hung up her spurs at Ellie’s for the night, where they plan to do each other’s nails and crush bandits into the wee hours.


For me, Krieg doesn’t become KRIEG! until you get Release the Beast at L31. You can basically get whatever until then, but definitely try that out when you get to that point. You don’t need Silence the Voices until deep into UVHM.


This is an interesting skill, to say the least. It definitely encourages you to play somewhat on the edge. Still haven’t mastered it yet - between it and all the Bloodsplosions I easily lose sight of the one enemy remaining (or find out it’s a buzzard :blrage: ). But when it works, oh boy… :fire: :boom:


Then at level 57 you can get RTB and Bloodsplosion. Awesome.


I killed Voracidous and the Ancient Dragons at level 72 yesterday with Maya, Yehey. and they said Maya is not a raid boss killer, and stupid of me to believe that.

The kills got me these…

Perfect Tesla, where were you when Im levelling my Zero.

I set aside Maya for a while and continue with Axton, currently Level 13 in A Dam Fine Rescue Mission.

I joined a random game and drop these (my bet is gibbed items), i pick it up so that I can screenshot it and show it here.

A pearl at Level 9, ummh possible.

Magic Circle of Slaughter in Normal mode. Level 9ish? I dont think so.

I know I get my Rapier at Level 20, not sure if you can get it at Level 9?

Dexidous at Normal? I wonder if he can be one-shotted.

This. Unless Roland is killed in the A dam fine Mission rather than in the Control Core Angel then you can get this.


All I can think of is, anyone who actually needs those weapons to get through level 9 must really, really, really SUCK at playing Borderlands.