What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!

Zero went and died vs OP8 terra a little. He was already low on cash and became even more broke, think it got down to 1300 for the respawn charge which won’t let you buy anything. So I decided to do some shooting with him, first abusing OP2 Pete with OP8 gear. Pete decided to be generous and dropped this.

That’s being passed to Axton. After filling up on money, Zero went to Washburne to do some robot shooting on (admittedly) one of the easiest sniping maps. After the first SBA it went well. Nothing spectacular but built up more CA than I usually can.

Speaking of Axton, unlocked OP1 with him, no real trouble although it sucks not having a way to one-shot the spider and bar tanks (like Maya and Zer0 have) but the Lyuda wrecked things. I found that the assassins will jump up and try to melee your turrets if you place them on the walls which threw me off, I preferred them standing still and shooting at the turrets.

Was doing some peak runs with 72 gear, working my way up and Sun joined, after one run we got a double legendary: Fire bouncing Bonny (near) and Madhaus (far chest)



You managed to maintain ~40 stacks by mid-run, which is great!
Just for gits, I re-watched MoLMF’s run - it was…uh…more. Like a lot :scream:


Because the Hornet is much better than the Stinkpot, and serves a different role from a Sandhawk. The Sandhawk is a Bee delivery system, the Hornet is for killing things when you’re wearing a real shield.

Oney says hello. :slight_smile: You’ve probably also noticed that constructors laugh at grenade damage. There are probably other examples as well.

Interesting! But you miss out on the red chest that way. And for those of us who suck at grenade jumping it’s just as fast to solve the puzzle. :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic:

I attempted Maya’s OP5-6 run. Surprisingly, she made it to OMG. Also surprisingly, she died. Still, given that she’s still using the level 72 Pimp I’m happy it went so well. It’s been a long time (six months? more?) since I’ve fought a major boss with her, and I didn’t adjust for losing Elated, Life Tap, Sweet Release, and Wreck. I almost think she should spend most of that fight plinking with the Grog and letting Cloud Kill do all the work. Maybe switching to the Maggie or Pimp if her health and shields are both at full, but with all the rocket splash and the fast-moving enemy chasing her around the building that was rare.


i believe you cannot get to the other side with grenade jump, you need rocket jumping method which i suck. that chest also has not been good to me, so i usually left it behind.


A nurse Maya with three ninjas? @Sun_Tsunami @nat_zero_six just saying (time zones would make it tough to do, but still, just saying)


A Nurse Maya with two Ninjas and a Sickle = mayhem


I usually InfiniBee him, unless I have a caustic Lyuda. Stand near the 2 green ammo chest near the edge and peek over it- there should be enough clear space to hit him and even use your AS, depending on the character…


So much this that I want it now!

Edit: I’ve always wanted to run a playthrough (not necessarily just the Peak) with a Maya and Krieg, I don’t even mind which I was in this arrangement, I just always saw them as being a perfect pairing.


Maya gives Krieg the things he wants the most : mass Slag and crowd control (things he can’t have in Buzz Axe Rampage).


Plus someone to talk out those pesky surveyors :slight_smile:


I still don’t understand why the loot system insists on dropping trash loots more than good loots even on tubbies / LLMs / bosses rather than the opposite.

Come on, even if they only drop good stuff, there’re still a ton of variants (parts / prefix / elements) to shuffle, which takes time to acquire. And sometimes tubbies don’t spawn at all.

Not that I need a full set of legendaries to play, neither do I want them to drop all over the maps. But farming hours after hours and get nothing useful doesn’t seem healthy gaming to me because: a. no instant rewards b. no long term benefit either since RNG events are isolated…

(sorry for rants)


You’re talking to people who have been playing this game for five years and counting, we’re all drugged by the game to the point we don’t even question this anymore :slight_smile:


One or two years on me (I’m a youngin)


This is what we were playing on my only successful OP8 BA Magic Slaughter run. It is as awesome as it sounds. lol

edit: and if anyone is doing PS4 Peak runs and wants a Ninja, Necromancer, Siren, Reaper, or Soldier, hmu. (sorry Sal players, he’s the only one I don’t have at OP8)


Well i’m on PS4. It’d be fun to do it with 3 other people for sure, as long as there wasn’t lag. I’d probably want to be either a Nurse Maya (to play support, as I said I really want to do this with a full team), or I could be Deputy Sal. I’ve only had the PS4 since September so only have those two at OP8 right now


I wanna do 4p Peak runs with everyone on the same class. 4 Kriegs screaming crazy s*** at the same time would be awesome.


If I can get help getting him to OP8 (struggling on OP3 right now, Yes, i’m pretty bad!) i’d be up for trying!


uh…4 ninjas?..just sayin.:smirk:


Woahh i just beehawk vorac with maya at op0. That was a first. Op8 next.


Quick question, because health doesn’t scale after 72, is it worth me trying to farm for an OP8 Leg. Nurse? I have a 72.

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